What Do I Mean by [godless]?

It occurs to me this morning that when I use the term ‘Intelack,’ I often use the term ‘godless’ in brackets, like this: [godless].  And although I know what I mean by doing this, I don’t recall ever explaining my usage of [godless].  So let me use this opportunity to do so.

In fact, as I ponder the use of [godless], it occurs to me that a better term, or phrase might be more appropriate?  Although in using Twitter, the 140 character limitation does require one to be inventive and succinct, while it requires others to be as imaginative as they can be in trying to figure out what someone is saying?

First of all, [godless] does not mean lacking a Soul. Every living thing has a Soul. What I mean to imply is that the Intelack type person is lacking in Spiritual Evolution, or that he or she has a low-level of Consciousness or C’etc [pronounced ‘C_etcetera]’. And I am assuming the reader is familiar with the term ‘Intelack‘.

And our Souls slowly acquire  C’etc over lifetimes, not in just one lifetime. This is done by “Completing Karma”… and this  is explained here.  And this, of course, refers to Reincarnation [which many refuse to consider in the West].

The term [godless] is meant to imply that I am speaking of someone whose Soul is new, or relatively new to the form of a human being.   And without some familiarity with Reincarnation, the reader would not think of my reference at all, quite likely?

No wonder I have such a limited number of followers. Many of my tweets just don’t make sense to many people.  Well, that’s life, isn’t it?

Peace, Brother James

What Do I Mean by [godless]?

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