The Intellect vs One’s Intuition

The process of Life involves two things:  One is intellectual, and the other is Intuitive.

One’s MIND causes ones brain to search for that which ones brain cannot perceive, while ones Soul uses Intuition to awaken to that which neither one’s brain, nor one’s MIND, can perceive.  The result of this perfectly natural process is called Enlightenment.

To possess  Intuition is a measure of one’s faculty of Intuition, which is a measure of ones level of Enlightenment, the awareness of which is not cognitively comprehendible, discernible, nor discoverable… although, to an Enlightened individual, such possession is obvious, and one’s faculty of Intuition can communicate one’s Enlightenment, via Empathetic Understanding, to the faculty of Intuition of another… who is Enlightened.

This is, or course, maddening to the person whose life is confined to the Malady of Intellectualism, which means … one is limited to use of one’s brain in the pursuit of the understanding of Life. This causes one’s MIND to feed Delusional Thinking to the Left Hemisphere of ones brain that causes one to ‘think’ that, since one uses ones brain so extensively, one must be superior to that person who speaks of things one’s brain cannot perceive.  And one’s MIND then protects one’s self-view by feeding Delusional Thinking [or D-Think] to one’s brain that causes one to think [that the person who insists he can KNOW things the Intelack type person cannot “know”], must be insane, deluded, or just lying.  For example, Christ was crucified. And Saints throughout history have been torn apart by elephants, boiled in oil, burned alive, and so forth… by Intelack people whose fear of the unknown causes them to kill those who knew what they were unable to KNOW.  Nothing much has changed, has it?

And, since the majority of the population of the world [particularly in the West] are Intelack type individuals [who are not Enlightened enough to possess Intuition], the direction of the world, over time, and driven by Intelack type people…is toward isolating the Enlightened people, shunning them, perhaps brutalizing them; [the Quran insists such people must be beheaded], and this results in a gradual lowering of Enlightenment in the world.  If not actively fought against by Enlightened individuals, this activity of the Intelack type people results in what the Bible refers to as the “end time,” and what Eastern Mystics refer to as the Iron Age of Man;  both of which mankind is experiencing now.

And this cycle repeats itself, over and over again, and has done so for eons, or such a long time that none hazard a guess as to how long it has been occurring?

Peace, Brother James


The Intellect vs One’s Intuition

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