More about the MIND…

It these two illustrations, I am attempting to explain the difference in the MIND of the Intelack [Unenlightened individual], and the Enlightened individual. And this is based on the fact that there are two basic types of people on Earth:  The Intelack type and the Enlightened type person [or a person whose Soul has acquired Wisdom].

The difference is due to one’s level of Consciousness, or the level of C’etc contained Within one’s Soul.  And the symbol ‘C’etc’ stands for the Virtues of Life: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.

Let us look at the normal human being [on the left] who has not acquired much C’etc as yet [have you read about C’etc yet?].

In the left illustration, the invisible MIND operates & controls the physical brain by feeding Delusional Thinking to the brain via a process I refer to as DM=SI [Delusional Thinking equals Subtle Insanity].

The unenlightened person is the typical intellectual [who avoids emotion, and “thinks” emotion is a bad thing]. Fact: Emotional Energy is the energy of the MIND, and is used to create everything Man creates. So, the MIND is not bad, since we can’t operate without it. It is the uncontrolled MIND that is a burden to Man, and creates the attachments which keep us tied to this Earth plane.  These attachments are called Karma.

Explained in the Bible [but not in a way that is comprehendible] are subtle allusions to how the negative desires of the MIND must be resisted. And it is suggested that the best way to do this is to continually focus on the Spirit Within oneself. Spirit refers to the Spiritual Energy of ones Soul, which is entirely invisible on this plane of existence… so we are given a “holy” concept of Christ [as the Son of God for Christians]  to focus our attention upon.  Other religions, or Spiritual Paths have their own concepts [or Spiritual entities] they provide to focus the attention of Man.

As long as one routinely focuses attention upon God [via certain God-realized entities], one retains a certain level of Consciousness that has power to do battle with the negative desires of the MIND.  Only the Spirit in Man has the ability to resist the MIND, in other words.

So, the Atheist, Agnostic, or religious person who has drifted away from his or her religion spends more time “thinking” D-Think than in worshiping the concept of God.  And this simply means one opens oneself to the control of ones MIND.  And this is precisely the reason religions insist upon Man giving time to the worship of God.  Needless to say… if it is not God, or the Spirit of God that one is worshiping… then one is giving oneself over to ones MIND… and this is blasphemy.  Didn’t know this, did you?  Very few people realize this.

Life literally is a case of constant either-or.  One is thinking about God, or one is inviting ones MIND to do its mischief.

Peace, Brother James


More about the MIND…

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