What Motivates the Socialist?

We might assume… since the socialist focuses so much energy on ‘things’ being “equal,” that equality is a big issue for the socialist, right?  Well, we would be wrong to assume this, although most people do assume this.  The idea of “equality” is a rationalization for those who are psychologically fixated on the inequality of life.

In other words, the phrase ‘psychologically fixated’ means a person spends a great deal of time worrying about equality… not because he cares about others not being equal [although that is the outward  behavioral focus of the person], but his focus is on equality because he has a deep-seated sense that he is not equal.

So, in point of fact… the person seeking equality for everyone else… is, in actuality, driven to do so by his own psychological sense of not being equal.  His concern for others is, in other words, a projection of his own sense of inequality… but he is not conscious of his own need, but instead is caused by his MIND to focus on making life equal so that he might enjoy what he [unknowingly] believes he is missing.

Now, this sense of being not-equal is psychological… and the term psychological means [taking place Within a person’s MIND, and that person is not aware that he or she has a problem].  But now you know that person has a problem because of what that person thinks about, and seeks to impose on others.

What causes a person to have a sense of being not-equal can be caused by any number of childhood misperceptions, but primarily it would be one or more traumatic events that take place in  a child’s early life. Take for example the child’s parents arguing about not having enough money.  And one parent,or both parents, blame others for having too much [this is Envy].  So, the child “learns” to view life through a lens of envy.

Now why would I say that envy is a problem… and not a valid assessment of the situation?  I say it’s a problem because of the Law of Karma.  The Law of Karma is this:  As you sow, so shall you reap. And this Law is an absolute Law.  In other words, each of us has what we have because we have “earned” what we have… by our actions in the past [and also, we have what we have to “learn” certain lessons in this lifetime].  And I realize that many do not believe in the Law of Karma.

But, to understand the reason a marxist view of life occurs, one must embrace a larger slice of Reality than what is commonly popular.  Of course if one is a student of religion, then one knows about envy, greed, and not understanding that God provides for each Soul precisely what that Soul needs to experience… in order to grow and gain in Enlightenment.

So, another thing that is common with the Marxist, socialist or communist way of thought is that those who think this way are virtually all godless people. That is they are either Atheists, or agnostics.  Or put another way, the level of Enlightenment of the Souls of these people is quite limited.   And lacking an adequate level of Spirituality, they are vulnerable to being operated by their MINDs, and this means vulnerable to greed, envy, and a sense that something is missing Within themselves.

If one gives time to ones love of God, one’s Soul automatically retains a sense of being a part of a higher Reality, and the sense of being not-equal does not arise.

Peace, Brother James


What Motivates the Socialist?

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