Bit about Karma from new book about PTSD

…And the reason for this is simple. If you turn your face from God, how can God forgive you?
_________By the way… “forgiveness” works a bit differently than what we think about on Earth. Built into the Law of Karma is an automatic “forgiveness”. This concept is explained in the short definition of Karma: As you sow, so shall you reap.

That is, with each bit of Karma one does [act of evil], two things happen. One is that you will receive re-education for that in some Hell, and… that exact same act will be done against you in either this very lifetime, or some future lifetime. This is part of the reason for Reincarnation. Without Reincarnation, it would not be possible for a person to “learn” the lessons of Karma.

And this cycle of Karma will continue until such time as you wake up to the fact that is it you who keeps it going by refusing to assume responsibility for the Karma, and blaming others for what is happening to you.

When you finally wake up to the fact that what is happening to you now is taking place because it was originally initiated by you against another… And what is happening to you now… was originally done to another by you. This awareness is due to Enlightenment, and it is often quite embarrassing and humbling, and when you forgive the person returning your Karma to you… that usually Completes that particular bit of Karma.

And, once again,  people have no idea that what they have been taught is not the Psychology of the ancient Greeks, but is theoretical [Delusional] misrepresentation] by B. F. Skinner, and perpetuated over the last century.

Peace, Brother James

Bit about Karma from new book about PTSD

4 those suffering PTSD…

This portion of my new book is an important point that needs to be known by all touched by PTSD today.

In order to discover ones MIND, one must be Enlightened, and one must have a very keen desire to commit oneself to a most peculiar discovery process. And the fact that one must be Enlightened is not as strange as it might seem… since I believe the only people who experience PTSD are Enlightened individuals.

The proper process of treatment might initially seem to be quite frightening. And the reason is that the natural thing to do is to try and defend oneself against those whose fears exacerbate the paranoid nature of PTDS. Normal people [and the term “normal” fits those trained in BS&bp], since they have no idea that their MINDs harbor a great many fears, just like the MINDs of all people [who have not received proper Psychotherapy].

The key to proper treatment is a requirement that one let go of the habit of thinking, and that one voluntarily chooses to leap into an abyss of unknown darkness. Obviously, there are very few individuals who are eager to risk doing this… in order to achieve psychological clarity.

And the ONLY thing that will encourage someone to do this is ACCEPTANCE and a sense of Trust… that literally overcomes the resistance of ones MIND. And this sense of acceptance and trust can ONLY be provided by someone who has removed the fears from Within his or her own MIND. AND, the only person who has done this is someone who has undergone a successful course of personal Psychotherapy provided by a fully competent, and well-trained Psychotherapist.

Alas, this basic requirement of preparation of a competent Psychotherapist is no longer a part of the field of mental health. And the reason is that the Delusional Thinking of B.F. Skinner has been used by Intelack type individuals to remove this requirement from mental health… simply because the Intelack type personality fears what is hidden Within his/her own MIND.

This denial of the whole of Man by the field of “psychology” began in the early 1900s. It was around that time that the Delusional influence of Skinner was embraced by thousands of people who wanted to study “psychology” without having to subject themselves to their own MINDs. This meant a study of Man from a position of Intellectualism, or a complete denial of the emotionality of Man.
Skinner was quoted as saying this:

“A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.” [Evans, Richard I, Bibliography].

In this quote, “A child of our past” refers to the MIND, and Skinner couldn’t even bring himself to say the term MIND… essentially because he had absolutely no exposure to, nor training in the field of Psychology. Skinner was an Intelack type person.

Of course there is no actual danger of becoming lost in the darkness, since the properly trained therapist accompanies one every step of the way. Indeed, this is precisely the reason I am so insistent that anyone who would engage in the psychological needs of another person… be thoroughly awakened to the many channels of his or her own MIND. To do otherwise is to cheat oneself and others, and will likely harm those who need competent help.

Which is not “legally” the case today, although BS&bp pretends it is by “licensing” people who have no idea what the MIND is… to engage in the practice of Psychotherapy [originally meaning therapy of the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man].

The proper treatment of a person’s MIND is just as delicate as the work of a surgeon, and perhaps even more difficult, since one is working with multiple levels of Consciousness, involving the present, an actual past, and a past that is entirely composed of misperceptions.

Peace, Brother James

4 those suffering PTSD…

Bit from new book on PTSD…

And the Purpose of Life is for ones Soul to grow and mature by engaging in, and ultimately COMPLETING… Kama.

So, why is the “fact” that there are two types of people not better known? Because the difference in people, and especially how this difference presents itself… is often quite subtle, and neither type [at least in the West] has ever been taught what the difference is, or how to discover which type is which?

The largest telltale of the Intelack type person is that he or she will always tend to be guided by the desires of the MIND, and will demonstrate both Greed and Envy. This means anyone who views Socialism, Communism, or Marxism as a good thing is an Intelack… always. That is, a person with a Soul that is new to the form of a human being, and cannot resist Greed, envy and a desire to control everything.

The fact that there are two basic types of people on Earth is a very important point… But it is also a point that ONLY impacts the Enlightened type person… That is, the Enlightened type person rarely realizes that he or she Knows things, and experiences things that other people simply cannot KNOW, and cannot experience… no matter how hard they try.

Why are so many people drawn to the evil of Sanders, Trump, and Hillary? Because in the End Time, the number of Intelack people on Earth has increased dramatically. Quite literally, Souls over many decades incarnating to engage in evil. Bizarre, but it’s also  true I believe. Likely coinciding with Angels cast down to Earth?  And according to Bible, heading for Armageddon and final judgement.

Peace, Brother James

Bit from new book on PTSD…

People who Question me about PTSD

…And most people, including Veterans, have been told such a pack of lies by BS&bp therapists since the early 1900s, that when I tell Veterans the Truth, they or those who care for them, attack me because I do not repeat the lies they have been told.

How do I KNOW what I claim to KNOW about PTSD?
Good question, and the answer is I had my own Gestalt Psychotherapy, which put me in touch with an event that took place when I was three years of age; when, due to the fear and trauma of the event… I told my MIND to never put me in that position ever again. So, from age 3 to 43, I was completely blocked from accessing my own emotions. And thus, I was also blocked from experiencing my own emotionality. And I had no idea this was even taking place until I had my own Psychotherapeutic catharsis when I was 43 years of age, as a consequence of my own Gestalt Psychotherapy.

And this occurred during the second semester of my two-year Masters in Counseling/Psychotherapy program. And this catharsis greatly improved my experience [although my professors wanted nothing to do with the understanding that my catharsis provided me]. In fact, due to my comments over the next couple semesters, a couple of my professors attempted to fail me in the course. Fortunately they had to cheat to fail me, and I caught them, reported them, and the head of the Department had me copy an answer from one of the textbooks, and he handed that in to them, and demanded they pass me.
What was the question I answered that my professors failed me with? The question was: “In your own words, explain the origin of personality”.
I took that opportunity to actually explain where personality comes from. And that included the Law of Karma, Reincarnation, and a great deal more that they found entirely unacceptable. My exposition was like Greek to them… pun intended.

All my answers focused Within Man, on the Esoteric dimensions of Man, and what they wanted to read about were the external factors found in their own books about the behavior of Man.

That was my most important “lesson” about the nature of BS&bp Intelack people in the mental health field. Intolerance, [unknown fear], and dishonest behavior was quite OK with them, their MINDs rationalized, if it was to protect their own beliefs based on and allowed to them by their MINDs as their MINDs protected them from the Truth, and the Reality of Life.

The Malady of Intellectualism, or “M-I,” became a study of mine, and I learned a great deal about people like my professors over the next 30+ years. Such people are naturally drawn to science,  education [and politics], and they are convinced that there is nothing the brain cannot know about Man. This means, of course, the people in BS&bp today are taught to deny three-quarters of the whole of Man. They are taught to deny both the MIND of Man, and the Spiritual dimension of Man. And they insist that what Skinner said is true: There is nothing Within Man that can explain a person’s behavior.

They are quite unaware of the intense fear they have of what is deeply repressed Within their own MINDs [which they deny as even existing, as long as their MINDs keep them focused in the brain and thinking].  So…  anything about the brain is fair game.  You see… as long as ones attention is focused in one’s brain, one can’t be aware of any emotional energy.  Which is why they must insist that the “mind” must be located somewhere in the brain.  And that whatever the “mind” is, it can’t be very important.  MIND energy is emotional energy!

They are taught and believe that the term “MIND” is simply some unknown physical aspect of the brain. This is the reason they continue to use millions of tax dollars each year to cut the brain into smaller and smaller pieces, looking for the MIND they believe will be found among those pieces.

Just between you and me… the Lower MIND is composed of energy from the Astral region of Creation.  The Higher MIND is composed of the energy of the Causal region of Creation. And a mystic once said… speaking of the relative size of the Earth and the Astral region:  “If the Physical Creation was placed in the Astral region, it would be like the head of a pin”.  Who do you know that thinks in such terms?

Meanwhile, thousands of Veterans are continuing to be mistreated [improperly treated], and too often these Veterans end up committing suicide. Are we, as a nation, so removed that this no longer disturbs us?

Peace, Brother James []


People who Question me about PTSD

Interesting snippet from PTSD book

And contrary to what Skinner’s MIND caused him to believe, the deeply repressed misperceptions are taken on by the MIND of every single person, at and near the time of birth.
IMPORTANT POINT: It is not the trauma sustained in war that causes PTSD.
It is that the external trauma that was experienced has caused an emotional disturbance Within the deeply repressed misperceptions held Within the MIND of a person… and this momentary stimulation put the Conscious Awareness of that person in touch with the deeply repressed misperceptions… and now that person can’t get that exposure out of his or her thoughts.
This is a state of temporary insanity… sort of, and it can only be dealt with by exposing the person to the fact that what is disturbing the person are MISPERCEPTIONS… Within his or her MIND, and not reality. Even though they are treated as reality by that person’s MIND, and thus seem real to the person; and the emotional energy surrounding them is in fact real. So, this results in a condition in which the person is unable to distinguish between what seems real, and an illusion that most believe is real. And this condition is called PTSD.

Peace, Brother James

Interesting snippet from PTSD book

Illustration of [current]PTSD therapy

___________Do you get my point here? I do hope so, because the point is important. No one can be of much help to a Vet caught up in the conflict of PTSD, unless that person has dealt with the natural fears hidden Within his or her own MIND.
Let me share an illustration of the current treatment Vets are receiving in the VA.

Current Treat

This is the reality taking place today, regardless of what Skinner said in the early 1900s !  It is of course quite natural for a person licensed in psychology today to THINK that he/she is qualified to provide therapy to Vets.  Modern “psychology” is governed by, operated by, and controlled by… Intelack type people.  And the Intelack can be very intellectual, but proper Psychology has virtually nothing to do with the brain, or thinking, or one’s IQ.  Proper Psychology has to do with the MIND, and the MIND is composed of emotional energies, and the operation of the emotions are invisible to the  physical brain.

Were you aware that the disease of Homosexuality was once listed as a mental disorder?  Well, it was. Then a number of years ago, homosexuals in the fields of mental health, psychology, and psychiatry  got together and had the listing removed.

This is a primary reason the disease has spread so widely in America.  My point is simply this:   Unless and Until a person undergoes and COMPLETES a thorough course of Gestalt Psychotherapy, provided by a fully competent Psychotherapist, that person will possess NO understanding of his or her MIND, and thus, no understanding of the MIND of anyone else.

The fact is… B.F. Skinner was completely mistaken in his beliefs, and America suffers needlessly because BS&bp is in control of mental health.

Peace, Brother James

Illustration of [current]PTSD therapy

An interesting bit from PTSD?

This snippet is from Chapter 1, What is PTSD?


So, all the factors that occurred as part of an event are all part of that event… to the MIND. In other words, the whole of what happened is what the MIND deals with… but that event is compartmentalized into what impacts what the MIND holds hidden Within itself… [as deeply repressed psychological material–traumata], and that which is physical, which is not important to the MIND, except that the MIND can use the physical phenomena to beat a person with, and thus, make that person “feel” guilty, ashamed, awful, sinful, mean, cruel, thoughtless, etc.

The MIND is not mean, nor is it cruel, but the MIND is an integral part of the Law of Karma, and it extracts every ounce of Karma due a person from every event that person experiences.  The Law of Karma makes no mistakes, in other words.
_________ This is the Reality of Life that BS&bp has no interest in… Largely due to the Delusional Thinking of Skinner, in the early 1900s.  This was discussed in the Introduction.

___________  “BS&bp” = Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology,’ or modern mental health, which is based on the Delusional Thinking of B.F. Skinner.

Peace, Brother James

An interesting bit from PTSD?