Another passage from book…

Why is Common Core even being considered? Take a look at the field that is supposed to help Man identify insanity among we human beings. Why would we expect the field of “psychology” to identify the harm of Common Core when those in the field have no idea what the MIND is, or the fact that the MIND of a child can be much more advanced that the MINDs of the adults who exercise authority over the child? Remember, the limited brain of a child is not the MIND of that child. The child that is a genius… is rarely discovered until the physical brain develops sufficiently so that it can begin giving expression to that genius.
It is at this point that teachers get the child, and those teachers who are Intelack [unknowingly fearful of the knowledge and ability of the child], begin to mock, mimic, deride, and ridicule the child to [unknown to the Intelack teachers] try and make that child cease making use of his or her Intuition. To make the Intelack teacher’s job easier to permanently cripple the child [emotionally], is the UNSPOKEN GOAL of Common Core.

This is surely something the parents of children need to realize, even if psychology and education refuse to do  the work to improve themselves !


Brother James

Another passage from book…

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