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And this difference, I believe, is explained by where [on which rung of the Ladder of life], a Soul is perched? Or put another way, the difference between Souls is how much C’etc [Virtues of Life] a Soul has been able to acquire by completing Karma over many, many lifetimes? Those Souls that have acquired a substantial amount of C’etc are Souls that have “completed” a substantial amount of Karma. And such Souls will naturally reside on the higher rungs of the Ladder of Life. The term Enlightened applies to these Souls.
By contrast, the Souls that are new, or at least newer to the form of human being, are Intelack Souls, or Souls that have not acquired much C’etc as yet. And such Souls are perched upon the lower rungs of the Ladder of Life. And these Souls are therefore more vulnerable to the negative desires of their MINDs, and therefore more prone to engage in the evils of Life. And I refer to such Souls using the term “Intelack”. ‘Inte’ from Intellectualism, and ‘lack’ from lack of C’etc.
C’etc = Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Attention and Empathetic Understanding, or my labels for the Virtues of Life. And anyone whose Soul lacks C’etc is naturally prone to the negative desires of the MIND, and this person is the type of person I refer to as an Intelack. Simply put… a person whose Soul has not [as yet] acquired the Virtues of Life to enable that person to easily choose good over evil.

Peace, Brother James

Another passage…

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