Last passage from new book…

Can you begin to appreciate the difficulty so many people have with trying to control life, when they are not aware of both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation? And how frustrating life must be for such people? And this, no doubt, is the reason we are told that Man proposes… and God disposes?
How disappointing life must be for those who hold the delusional notion that they are in CONTROL of Life. And how frustrating for those who believe that all Man needs is more information about the illusion of life [taken-in intellectually by the brain], and Life will be ‘equal’ in all respects!
This is the goal of those whose immature Souls are ruled over by their MINDs, who really believe in the Utopian fantasy held by all godless people throughout history. This Delusional Thinking is the exact same D-Think fed to the brains of people who lack C’etc, or lack a sufficient level of Enlightenment… with which to fend off the insane ideas of the Lower MIND.

The title of this new book is:  Why Intellectuals Love Common Core… Strange than Fiction.  It should be published in a couple days.


Brother James

Last passage from new book…

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