Illustration of [current]PTSD therapy

___________Do you get my point here? I do hope so, because the point is important. No one can be of much help to a Vet caught up in the conflict of PTSD, unless that person has dealt with the natural fears hidden Within his or her own MIND.
Let me share an illustration of the current treatment Vets are receiving in the VA.

Current Treat

This is the reality taking place today, regardless of what Skinner said in the early 1900s !  It is of course quite natural for a person licensed in psychology today to THINK that he/she is qualified to provide therapy to Vets.  Modern “psychology” is governed by, operated by, and controlled by… Intelack type people.  And the Intelack can be very intellectual, but proper Psychology has virtually nothing to do with the brain, or thinking, or one’s IQ.  Proper Psychology has to do with the MIND, and the MIND is composed of emotional energies, and the operation of the emotions are invisible to the  physical brain.

Were you aware that the disease of Homosexuality was once listed as a mental disorder?  Well, it was. Then a number of years ago, homosexuals in the fields of mental health, psychology, and psychiatry  got together and had the listing removed.

This is a primary reason the disease has spread so widely in America.  My point is simply this:   Unless and Until a person undergoes and COMPLETES a thorough course of Gestalt Psychotherapy, provided by a fully competent Psychotherapist, that person will possess NO understanding of his or her MIND, and thus, no understanding of the MIND of anyone else.

The fact is… B.F. Skinner was completely mistaken in his beliefs, and America suffers needlessly because BS&bp is in control of mental health.

Peace, Brother James

Illustration of [current]PTSD therapy

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