Interesting snippet from PTSD book

And contrary to what Skinner’s MIND caused him to believe, the deeply repressed misperceptions are taken on by the MIND of every single person, at and near the time of birth.
IMPORTANT POINT: It is not the trauma sustained in war that causes PTSD.
It is that the external trauma that was experienced has caused an emotional disturbance Within the deeply repressed misperceptions held Within the MIND of a person… and this momentary stimulation put the Conscious Awareness of that person in touch with the deeply repressed misperceptions… and now that person can’t get that exposure out of his or her thoughts.
This is a state of temporary insanity… sort of, and it can only be dealt with by exposing the person to the fact that what is disturbing the person are MISPERCEPTIONS… Within his or her MIND, and not reality. Even though they are treated as reality by that person’s MIND, and thus seem real to the person; and the emotional energy surrounding them is in fact real. So, this results in a condition in which the person is unable to distinguish between what seems real, and an illusion that most believe is real. And this condition is called PTSD.

Peace, Brother James

Interesting snippet from PTSD book

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