People who Question me about PTSD

…And most people, including Veterans, have been told such a pack of lies by BS&bp therapists since the early 1900s, that when I tell Veterans the Truth, they or those who care for them, attack me because I do not repeat the lies they have been told.

How do I KNOW what I claim to KNOW about PTSD?
Good question, and the answer is I had my own Gestalt Psychotherapy, which put me in touch with an event that took place when I was three years of age; when, due to the fear and trauma of the event… I told my MIND to never put me in that position ever again. So, from age 3 to 43, I was completely blocked from accessing my own emotions. And thus, I was also blocked from experiencing my own emotionality. And I had no idea this was even taking place until I had my own Psychotherapeutic catharsis when I was 43 years of age, as a consequence of my own Gestalt Psychotherapy.

And this occurred during the second semester of my two-year Masters in Counseling/Psychotherapy program. And this catharsis greatly improved my experience [although my professors wanted nothing to do with the understanding that my catharsis provided me]. In fact, due to my comments over the next couple semesters, a couple of my professors attempted to fail me in the course. Fortunately they had to cheat to fail me, and I caught them, reported them, and the head of the Department had me copy an answer from one of the textbooks, and he handed that in to them, and demanded they pass me.
What was the question I answered that my professors failed me with? The question was: “In your own words, explain the origin of personality”.
I took that opportunity to actually explain where personality comes from. And that included the Law of Karma, Reincarnation, and a great deal more that they found entirely unacceptable. My exposition was like Greek to them… pun intended.

All my answers focused Within Man, on the Esoteric dimensions of Man, and what they wanted to read about were the external factors found in their own books about the behavior of Man.

That was my most important “lesson” about the nature of BS&bp Intelack people in the mental health field. Intolerance, [unknown fear], and dishonest behavior was quite OK with them, their MINDs rationalized, if it was to protect their own beliefs based on and allowed to them by their MINDs as their MINDs protected them from the Truth, and the Reality of Life.

The Malady of Intellectualism, or “M-I,” became a study of mine, and I learned a great deal about people like my professors over the next 30+ years. Such people are naturally drawn to science,  education [and politics], and they are convinced that there is nothing the brain cannot know about Man. This means, of course, the people in BS&bp today are taught to deny three-quarters of the whole of Man. They are taught to deny both the MIND of Man, and the Spiritual dimension of Man. And they insist that what Skinner said is true: There is nothing Within Man that can explain a person’s behavior.

They are quite unaware of the intense fear they have of what is deeply repressed Within their own MINDs [which they deny as even existing, as long as their MINDs keep them focused in the brain and thinking].  So…  anything about the brain is fair game.  You see… as long as ones attention is focused in one’s brain, one can’t be aware of any emotional energy.  Which is why they must insist that the “mind” must be located somewhere in the brain.  And that whatever the “mind” is, it can’t be very important.  MIND energy is emotional energy!

They are taught and believe that the term “MIND” is simply some unknown physical aspect of the brain. This is the reason they continue to use millions of tax dollars each year to cut the brain into smaller and smaller pieces, looking for the MIND they believe will be found among those pieces.

Just between you and me… the Lower MIND is composed of energy from the Astral region of Creation.  The Higher MIND is composed of the energy of the Causal region of Creation. And a mystic once said… speaking of the relative size of the Earth and the Astral region:  “If the Physical Creation was placed in the Astral region, it would be like the head of a pin”.  Who do you know that thinks in such terms?

Meanwhile, thousands of Veterans are continuing to be mistreated [improperly treated], and too often these Veterans end up committing suicide. Are we, as a nation, so removed that this no longer disturbs us?

Peace, Brother James []


People who Question me about PTSD

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