Bit from new book on PTSD…

And the Purpose of Life is for ones Soul to grow and mature by engaging in, and ultimately COMPLETING… Kama.

So, why is the “fact” that there are two types of people not better known? Because the difference in people, and especially how this difference presents itself… is often quite subtle, and neither type [at least in the West] has ever been taught what the difference is, or how to discover which type is which?

The largest telltale of the Intelack type person is that he or she will always tend to be guided by the desires of the MIND, and will demonstrate both Greed and Envy. This means anyone who views Socialism, Communism, or Marxism as a good thing is an Intelack… always. That is, a person with a Soul that is new to the form of a human being, and cannot resist Greed, envy and a desire to control everything.

The fact that there are two basic types of people on Earth is a very important point… But it is also a point that ONLY impacts the Enlightened type person… That is, the Enlightened type person rarely realizes that he or she Knows things, and experiences things that other people simply cannot KNOW, and cannot experience… no matter how hard they try.

Why are so many people drawn to the evil of Sanders, Trump, and Hillary? Because in the End Time, the number of Intelack people on Earth has increased dramatically. Quite literally, Souls over many decades incarnating to engage in evil. Bizarre, but it’s also  true I believe. Likely coinciding with Angels cast down to Earth?  And according to Bible, heading for Armageddon and final judgement.

Peace, Brother James

Bit from new book on PTSD…

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