4 those suffering PTSD…

This portion of my new book is an important point that needs to be known by all touched by PTSD today.

In order to discover ones MIND, one must be Enlightened, and one must have a very keen desire to commit oneself to a most peculiar discovery process. And the fact that one must be Enlightened is not as strange as it might seem… since I believe the only people who experience PTSD are Enlightened individuals.

The proper process of treatment might initially seem to be quite frightening. And the reason is that the natural thing to do is to try and defend oneself against those whose fears exacerbate the paranoid nature of PTDS. Normal people [and the term “normal” fits those trained in BS&bp], since they have no idea that their MINDs harbor a great many fears, just like the MINDs of all people [who have not received proper Psychotherapy].

The key to proper treatment is a requirement that one let go of the habit of thinking, and that one voluntarily chooses to leap into an abyss of unknown darkness. Obviously, there are very few individuals who are eager to risk doing this… in order to achieve psychological clarity.

And the ONLY thing that will encourage someone to do this is ACCEPTANCE and a sense of Trust… that literally overcomes the resistance of ones MIND. And this sense of acceptance and trust can ONLY be provided by someone who has removed the fears from Within his or her own MIND. AND, the only person who has done this is someone who has undergone a successful course of personal Psychotherapy provided by a fully competent, and well-trained Psychotherapist.

Alas, this basic requirement of preparation of a competent Psychotherapist is no longer a part of the field of mental health. And the reason is that the Delusional Thinking of B.F. Skinner has been used by Intelack type individuals to remove this requirement from mental health… simply because the Intelack type personality fears what is hidden Within his/her own MIND.

This denial of the whole of Man by the field of “psychology” began in the early 1900s. It was around that time that the Delusional influence of Skinner was embraced by thousands of people who wanted to study “psychology” without having to subject themselves to their own MINDs. This meant a study of Man from a position of Intellectualism, or a complete denial of the emotionality of Man.
Skinner was quoted as saying this:

“A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.” [Evans, Richard I, Bibliography].

In this quote, “A child of our past” refers to the MIND, and Skinner couldn’t even bring himself to say the term MIND… essentially because he had absolutely no exposure to, nor training in the field of Psychology. Skinner was an Intelack type person.

Of course there is no actual danger of becoming lost in the darkness, since the properly trained therapist accompanies one every step of the way. Indeed, this is precisely the reason I am so insistent that anyone who would engage in the psychological needs of another person… be thoroughly awakened to the many channels of his or her own MIND. To do otherwise is to cheat oneself and others, and will likely harm those who need competent help.

Which is not “legally” the case today, although BS&bp pretends it is by “licensing” people who have no idea what the MIND is… to engage in the practice of Psychotherapy [originally meaning therapy of the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man].

The proper treatment of a person’s MIND is just as delicate as the work of a surgeon, and perhaps even more difficult, since one is working with multiple levels of Consciousness, involving the present, an actual past, and a past that is entirely composed of misperceptions.

Peace, Brother James

4 those suffering PTSD…

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