The oxymoron “Peer Review”

Yesterday, my wife took me to see the film “The Man Who Knew Infinity,” which is a film about the person Srinivasa Ramunujan, an Indian math genius.

I enjoyed the film, and I empathized with the concept being covered in the film… as I perceived the film.  I believe the film centered upon, and was principally about what the term “Intuition” points to, but is rarely comprehended as to what the term Intuition actually means?  And what I mean is this:  Truth cannot be “known” by the brain because Truth does not exist on the physical plane.

The title of this blog is “The Oxymoron ‘Peer Review‘”.  I use this title  because I believe the concept of “peer review” of phenomenon that special [Enlightened] individuals have access to via “Intuition” CANNOT BE REVIEWED BY OTHERS, UNLESS THE OTHERS ARE CAPABLE OF EXPERIENCING THE EXACT SAME TRUTH AS THE PERSON THEY ARE REVIEWING HAS EXPERIENCED.

And in the case of an original bit of Truth, the notion that it can be “reviewed” by others is an oxymoron.  That is… If the bit of Truth is original [being introduced to the Earth plane for the first time], the notion that others would be capable of PROVING the validity of that bit of Truth is nothing but Egotism, vanity, and great ignorance of Reality… which, unfortunately, is not uncommon among those people who are confined to the malady of Intellectualism.

Allow me to mention two individuals in history who “fit” precisely what I am talking about.  One is Albert Einstein, and the other is Fritz Perls.  And, of course, a third such person would be Srinivasa Ramunujan, the subject of the film.

Truth can be Known, and it can also be shared by human beings.  However, the Truth the three individuals I have mentioned shared with the world initially had no [physical plane] identifying criteria [no labels, or symbols] by which “peers” could even identify the new Truth [unless they did so “Intuitively” ].  And let me share with the reader my experience of the sharing of Truth by human beings.  But first, let us define the term “Intuition”.

Intuition is the act of an Enlightened individual momentarily experiencing an altered state of Consciousness, during which his attention leaves his brain, travels to his/her Apapsyche [Operational Energy of the Soul], and awakens to a bit of Truth, which is the result of having collected such Truth by way of completing Karma in one or more lifetimes.  In other words, think of Truth as being  the result of one’s own Soul and its experiential acquisition of Spiritual Knowledge… in a specific line of inquiry that person has pursued for lifetimes.

This begins to put the proper perspective  upon new bits of Truth, does it not?

At one point in my life, I taught an experimental class in which I told the students the class was going to be a pursuit into the “Origin of Creativity”.  What I usually taught was “Art for non-Art majors”.

For the class I acquired a bunch of books, covering the topics of mysticism, the occult, the Bible, The Only Dance There is, by Ram Dass, and Lao Tsu/Tau Te  Ching, by Feng, Gia-Fu and Jane English.  I would read a passage in the Book, and then I would explain what the author could not say… but meant to say by what was said…?  This was a most unusual year for me.

In a relatively short time, some of the students found that when one of them  began to tell another of some bit of Intuition he or she had experienced… the one being told would stop the one speaking, and say:  “I know exactly what you mean!”

What made this so unusual is that the one speaking barely said a word or two, when stopped.  And each KNEW that indeed, each did KNOW precisely what the other was trying to explain.

As more of the students began to experience this phenomenon, they began meeting before class in the Commons, and their friends and others began to gather to listen and watch what was taking place.  What became clear is that no one had a clue as to what was taking place?  Nor did I, until about five years later, following my own Gestalt Psychotherapy, and a two-year Masters program in Counseling/Psychotherapy.

Bottom line is this:  Truth exists, and it exists Within the Spiritual dimension, which Man can tap into under very special conditions. But no one can do this until he or she has personally acquired such Truth by completing Karma over many lifetimes.

So, Fritz Perls demonstrated his Gestalt process for others, and many of those watching Perls “thought” they knew what he was doing.  So they mimicked the physical phenomena they saw him do… and imagined they were replicating Perls.

What they failed to comprehend is that what Perls was doing was communicating with the MINDs of people via Empathetic Communication, which is a form of Truth.  And it is NOT POSSIBLE to convey this Esoteric and vibrational phenomenon to the brain.  It can be experienced [if one is Enlightened enough to do so], but it cannot be “learned” by ones brain.  It involves a subtle shift of ones attention from ones brain into an altered state of Consciousness, and in that state, Intuitively “reading” the emotions of another person.

Gestalt as a truly useful form of therapy has been taken over by Intelack type people who have no idea what they are doing, but the efficacy of the process itself works, despite people not knowing what they are doing.

“Peer Review”?  Pardon my skepticism…

Peace, Brother James

The oxymoron “Peer Review”

An Important [but bizarre] bit about PTSD

And the story I’m about to tell you is truly bizarre.
When we are born, our MINDs reach out to the MINDs of our parents to try and get a sense of identity. What happens was explained in Book I, but in short… not being able to perceive the Energy of the Soul, our MINDs take-in whatever emotions are active Within the MIND of our parents. As you might imagine, these emotions are mostly composed of fear, worry, concern, and perhaps even the emotions taken-on at the time of birth of our parents?
And this is what our MINDs bring back to us as… either who we are, or that we are causing these emotions in our parents? And the assumption of our MINDs is that we must be some kind of monster to create such negative reactions in our parents.
And this then… is what we intensely fear being exposed. Because… if the monster inside of us was exposed… what would God do?
Now, before you chalk this all down to the ravings of a mad-man… realize that the MIND reasons not unlike a child. The MIND can use this threat of exposure against us to maintain its need to control us. The reasoning goes like this… if the MIND ever needs to force us to do our Karma, it can always threaten to expose who we really are to the world.
This sets up an intense anxiety [fear] Within us, and we tend to comply with what our MINDs want us to do in life.
To the Vet [and at a fully non-conscious level] his or her MIND threatens to expose who or what the Vet is to the world… if the Vet does not continue to suffer the symptoms of PTSD.
Now, if you were caught in this dilemma, what would you do?
Well, suicide, or killing yourself BEFORE being exposed as a monster [which would destroy your chance of returning to God]… just might seem like a reasonable choice to make… even though it is a decision make at a fully non-consious level of awareness.
This may seem like melodramatic nonsense to some readers, but do not discount it too rapidly. What I have just described is taking place daily for thousands of Vets, all across the nation.
Unless you have undergone a competent course of Psychotherapy provided by a fully trained Gestalt Psychotherapist, capable of facilitating deep emotional catharsis… do not discount what you fail to comprehend regarding the workings of the MIND.
PTSD is an insidiously lethal condition because it is taking place at the deepest levels of the MINDs of Vets. And BS&bp is dangerously incapable of dealing with this present NEED OF VETERANS. And BS&bp refuses to admit to not knowing what to do. So drugs are used to mask their ignorance of Psychology. And drugs only reinforce the fears in the MINDs of Veterans. And the only recourse of Vets is suicide.
This, in my opinion, is quite insane for a nation supposedly advanced in mental health.

Peace, Brother James

An Important [but bizarre] bit about PTSD

What people should know about degenerates

A brief passage from Book II of PTSD…

The energy of the MIND is emotional energy, and emotional energy is normally not something that we are aware of… until it becomes a feeling, and then we identify the feeling. A feeling is a stepped-down emotional energy. And ‘stepped-down’ means emotional energy converted into a form of physical energy we call a feeling.
Little is known about this [emotion to feeling process] because science has not figured out how to physically measure energy that is too subtle to be measured physically. Your MIND, in other words uses subtle vibrations of repressed trauma [bits of Karma] that has/have become activated [stimulated], that is then converted into feelings which the brain can identify. And the MIND creates ways in which it causes your brain to act out the energy of these feelings in thoughts and behaviors.
It is during this process that the MIND feeds D-Think to the Left-Hemisphere of your brain that causes your brain to think that people, places and things outside of you are responsible for causing you to ‘feel’ certain feelings. This process is then habituated by your MIND, and any time that same repressed emotion becomes stimulated… your MIND then activates this now programed response behavior.
In this sense ONLY were the behavioral scientists like Skinner correct. And the fact they blamed people, places and things outside of a person for “causing” that person’s behavior is ABSOLUTELY WRONG, and cannot help but destroy the concept of personal responsibility.
Skinner and his colleagues believed what they did because their own MINDs fed D-Think to the Left-Hemisphere of their brains, which caused them to project “responsibility” upon things outside of a person, just like they themselves did. And none of them knew they were doing this because none of them knew anything about the MIND and how it works?
So, today, America insanely creates all kinds of imaginative and delusional ideas regarding mentally conflicted individuals, desperately seeking to make everything in the world responsible… except for those people acting out the insanity of their own MINDs in various forms of perversion.

Peace, Brother James

What people should know about degenerates

Should not we all realize this…

From my writing this morning…
In the early 1900s, a very bright person, named B.F. Skinner, studied the behavior of animals, and he and his colleagues then speculated as to what in the physical environment of these animals might be causing the animals to behave as they did… because, not possessing any training in Psychology, these scientists discounted entirely the MINDs of the animals they studied. So, they concluded [their own MINDs caused them to think (Delusional Thinking) that the animals could only REACT to phenomena in the environment].
The Delusional Thinking, or D-Think of these scientists, plus years of written research, and discussions by them… has resulted in the entire nation acquiring the mistaken belief that animals do not have MINDs. This same D-Think causes Intelack type people who abort children to “THINK” that the children have no MINDs.
This denial of both the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of children make killing the children much easier for the Intelack people who now profit from doing so.
What people who eat the meat of slaughtered animals fail to realize is the chemicals produced by fear contained in the slaughtered animals.

Peace… Isn’t this a strange world?

Brother James

Should not we all realize this…

A Bit of new book…

Each Veteran has a story. Some are about bravery, and demand great respect. Others would be unacceptable… in most centuries of the world, but in the End Times, which is upon us… the numbers and kinds of immoral people in all walks of life are increasing rapidly. When, with the help of an ignorant field of “psychology,” deviant MINDs have been given a free-for-all in America, and laws to protect them from receiving proper help are passed by ignorant legislators…what else should we expect ?

Look around yourself, what is ‘normal’ or even ‘acceptable’ about much of what we see today?  To deny that there must be an unhappy end to what is taking place is quite naive.


A Bit of new book…