Should not we all realize this…

From my writing this morning…
In the early 1900s, a very bright person, named B.F. Skinner, studied the behavior of animals, and he and his colleagues then speculated as to what in the physical environment of these animals might be causing the animals to behave as they did… because, not possessing any training in Psychology, these scientists discounted entirely the MINDs of the animals they studied. So, they concluded [their own MINDs caused them to think (Delusional Thinking) that the animals could only REACT to phenomena in the environment].
The Delusional Thinking, or D-Think of these scientists, plus years of written research, and discussions by them… has resulted in the entire nation acquiring the mistaken belief that animals do not have MINDs. This same D-Think causes Intelack type people who abort children to “THINK” that the children have no MINDs.
This denial of both the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of children make killing the children much easier for the Intelack people who now profit from doing so.
What people who eat the meat of slaughtered animals fail to realize is the chemicals produced by fear contained in the slaughtered animals.

Peace… Isn’t this a strange world?

Brother James

Should not we all realize this…

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