An Important [but bizarre] bit about PTSD

And the story I’m about to tell you is truly bizarre.
When we are born, our MINDs reach out to the MINDs of our parents to try and get a sense of identity. What happens was explained in Book I, but in short… not being able to perceive the Energy of the Soul, our MINDs take-in whatever emotions are active Within the MIND of our parents. As you might imagine, these emotions are mostly composed of fear, worry, concern, and perhaps even the emotions taken-on at the time of birth of our parents?
And this is what our MINDs bring back to us as… either who we are, or that we are causing these emotions in our parents? And the assumption of our MINDs is that we must be some kind of monster to create such negative reactions in our parents.
And this then… is what we intensely fear being exposed. Because… if the monster inside of us was exposed… what would God do?
Now, before you chalk this all down to the ravings of a mad-man… realize that the MIND reasons not unlike a child. The MIND can use this threat of exposure against us to maintain its need to control us. The reasoning goes like this… if the MIND ever needs to force us to do our Karma, it can always threaten to expose who we really are to the world.
This sets up an intense anxiety [fear] Within us, and we tend to comply with what our MINDs want us to do in life.
To the Vet [and at a fully non-conscious level] his or her MIND threatens to expose who or what the Vet is to the world… if the Vet does not continue to suffer the symptoms of PTSD.
Now, if you were caught in this dilemma, what would you do?
Well, suicide, or killing yourself BEFORE being exposed as a monster [which would destroy your chance of returning to God]… just might seem like a reasonable choice to make… even though it is a decision make at a fully non-consious level of awareness.
This may seem like melodramatic nonsense to some readers, but do not discount it too rapidly. What I have just described is taking place daily for thousands of Vets, all across the nation.
Unless you have undergone a competent course of Psychotherapy provided by a fully trained Gestalt Psychotherapist, capable of facilitating deep emotional catharsis… do not discount what you fail to comprehend regarding the workings of the MIND.
PTSD is an insidiously lethal condition because it is taking place at the deepest levels of the MINDs of Vets. And BS&bp is dangerously incapable of dealing with this present NEED OF VETERANS. And BS&bp refuses to admit to not knowing what to do. So drugs are used to mask their ignorance of Psychology. And drugs only reinforce the fears in the MINDs of Veterans. And the only recourse of Vets is suicide.
This, in my opinion, is quite insane for a nation supposedly advanced in mental health.

Peace, Brother James

An Important [but bizarre] bit about PTSD

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