What people should know about degenerates

A brief passage from Book II of PTSD…

The energy of the MIND is emotional energy, and emotional energy is normally not something that we are aware of… until it becomes a feeling, and then we identify the feeling. A feeling is a stepped-down emotional energy. And ‘stepped-down’ means emotional energy converted into a form of physical energy we call a feeling.
Little is known about this [emotion to feeling process] because science has not figured out how to physically measure energy that is too subtle to be measured physically. Your MIND, in other words uses subtle vibrations of repressed trauma [bits of Karma] that has/have become activated [stimulated], that is then converted into feelings which the brain can identify. And the MIND creates ways in which it causes your brain to act out the energy of these feelings in thoughts and behaviors.
It is during this process that the MIND feeds D-Think to the Left-Hemisphere of your brain that causes your brain to think that people, places and things outside of you are responsible for causing you to ‘feel’ certain feelings. This process is then habituated by your MIND, and any time that same repressed emotion becomes stimulated… your MIND then activates this now programed response behavior.
In this sense ONLY were the behavioral scientists like Skinner correct. And the fact they blamed people, places and things outside of a person for “causing” that person’s behavior is ABSOLUTELY WRONG, and cannot help but destroy the concept of personal responsibility.
Skinner and his colleagues believed what they did because their own MINDs fed D-Think to the Left-Hemisphere of their brains, which caused them to project “responsibility” upon things outside of a person, just like they themselves did. And none of them knew they were doing this because none of them knew anything about the MIND and how it works?
So, today, America insanely creates all kinds of imaginative and delusional ideas regarding mentally conflicted individuals, desperately seeking to make everything in the world responsible… except for those people acting out the insanity of their own MINDs in various forms of perversion.

Peace, Brother James

What people should know about degenerates

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