The oxymoron “Peer Review”

Yesterday, my wife took me to see the film “The Man Who Knew Infinity,” which is a film about the person Srinivasa Ramunujan, an Indian math genius.

I enjoyed the film, and I empathized with the concept being covered in the film… as I perceived the film.  I believe the film centered upon, and was principally about what the term “Intuition” points to, but is rarely comprehended as to what the term Intuition actually means?  And what I mean is this:  Truth cannot be “known” by the brain because Truth does not exist on the physical plane.

The title of this blog is “The Oxymoron ‘Peer Review‘”.  I use this title  because I believe the concept of “peer review” of phenomenon that special [Enlightened] individuals have access to via “Intuition” CANNOT BE REVIEWED BY OTHERS, UNLESS THE OTHERS ARE CAPABLE OF EXPERIENCING THE EXACT SAME TRUTH AS THE PERSON THEY ARE REVIEWING HAS EXPERIENCED.

And in the case of an original bit of Truth, the notion that it can be “reviewed” by others is an oxymoron.  That is… If the bit of Truth is original [being introduced to the Earth plane for the first time], the notion that others would be capable of PROVING the validity of that bit of Truth is nothing but Egotism, vanity, and great ignorance of Reality… which, unfortunately, is not uncommon among those people who are confined to the malady of Intellectualism.

Allow me to mention two individuals in history who “fit” precisely what I am talking about.  One is Albert Einstein, and the other is Fritz Perls.  And, of course, a third such person would be Srinivasa Ramunujan, the subject of the film.

Truth can be Known, and it can also be shared by human beings.  However, the Truth the three individuals I have mentioned shared with the world initially had no [physical plane] identifying criteria [no labels, or symbols] by which “peers” could even identify the new Truth [unless they did so “Intuitively” ].  And let me share with the reader my experience of the sharing of Truth by human beings.  But first, let us define the term “Intuition”.

Intuition is the act of an Enlightened individual momentarily experiencing an altered state of Consciousness, during which his attention leaves his brain, travels to his/her Apapsyche [Operational Energy of the Soul], and awakens to a bit of Truth, which is the result of having collected such Truth by way of completing Karma in one or more lifetimes.  In other words, think of Truth as being  the result of one’s own Soul and its experiential acquisition of Spiritual Knowledge… in a specific line of inquiry that person has pursued for lifetimes.

This begins to put the proper perspective  upon new bits of Truth, does it not?

At one point in my life, I taught an experimental class in which I told the students the class was going to be a pursuit into the “Origin of Creativity”.  What I usually taught was “Art for non-Art majors”.

For the class I acquired a bunch of books, covering the topics of mysticism, the occult, the Bible, The Only Dance There is, by Ram Dass, and Lao Tsu/Tau Te  Ching, by Feng, Gia-Fu and Jane English.  I would read a passage in the Book, and then I would explain what the author could not say… but meant to say by what was said…?  This was a most unusual year for me.

In a relatively short time, some of the students found that when one of them  began to tell another of some bit of Intuition he or she had experienced… the one being told would stop the one speaking, and say:  “I know exactly what you mean!”

What made this so unusual is that the one speaking barely said a word or two, when stopped.  And each KNEW that indeed, each did KNOW precisely what the other was trying to explain.

As more of the students began to experience this phenomenon, they began meeting before class in the Commons, and their friends and others began to gather to listen and watch what was taking place.  What became clear is that no one had a clue as to what was taking place?  Nor did I, until about five years later, following my own Gestalt Psychotherapy, and a two-year Masters program in Counseling/Psychotherapy.

Bottom line is this:  Truth exists, and it exists Within the Spiritual dimension, which Man can tap into under very special conditions. But no one can do this until he or she has personally acquired such Truth by completing Karma over many lifetimes.

So, Fritz Perls demonstrated his Gestalt process for others, and many of those watching Perls “thought” they knew what he was doing.  So they mimicked the physical phenomena they saw him do… and imagined they were replicating Perls.

What they failed to comprehend is that what Perls was doing was communicating with the MINDs of people via Empathetic Communication, which is a form of Truth.  And it is NOT POSSIBLE to convey this Esoteric and vibrational phenomenon to the brain.  It can be experienced [if one is Enlightened enough to do so], but it cannot be “learned” by ones brain.  It involves a subtle shift of ones attention from ones brain into an altered state of Consciousness, and in that state, Intuitively “reading” the emotions of another person.

Gestalt as a truly useful form of therapy has been taken over by Intelack type people who have no idea what they are doing, but the efficacy of the process itself works, despite people not knowing what they are doing.

“Peer Review”?  Pardon my skepticism…

Peace, Brother James

The oxymoron “Peer Review”

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