The Narrow Gate…

There is a narrow gate, not unlike a bridge… that every Soul that is “ready” to begin awakening to the Spirituality Within itself must cross.  And this crossing is very much like a decision a person must make… to consciously let go of all attachments to one’s family members [at least all family members that are not themselves “ready” to begin awakening to the Truth].  The term “Truth” is synonymous with the term Spirituality, by the way.

It is difficult, no, impossible to try and maintain “life as usual,” and at the same time cross the bridge of Spirituality leading through the “Narrow Gate” between the illusion of life, and the Reality of Life.  And every Soul that lacks Spiritual Consciousness must, before it can awaken to the existence of this bridge… which leads to the Narrow Gate… make a life-altering decision.

And that decision is this:   I choose my family above God, or I choose God above my family!

Matthew 10:37  Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

Built into the MIND of every person is an intense fear of Truth, God, and Spirituality that, unknown to those Within whom this fear is active, makes them fearful of any expression of Truth, and quite often… fearful of even symbols, images, or even words that stand for Truth, or Spirituality.

Spirituality is an “inside” thing, not something one develops as part of ones intellectualism, thinking, or thought processes.  And for the “normal” person who has no idea what Spiritual Truth is, any expression that points to such Truth is a very frightening thing.  The level of fear a person projects as resistance, criticism, hate, or in extreme cases… violence or even murder [like what the Islamists do when they find a Christian],  depends upon how much a person’s life is filled with his or her MIND?  And the MIND is quite often used by Satan.

Many Christians profess a love of Christ, or of God, but that love is an intellectual belief of faith… expressed by the person’s MIND as an attempt to satisfy the person’s ego, and quite often in order to “fit in” with ones family or friends… who profess a love of Christ or God.

The [almost insane fixation on God] that overwhelms a person being prepared to cross the bridge leading to the Narrow Gate… is such that anyone interested in being liked, or not being seen as “a right-wing Spiritual nut,” or who needs to please ones family, or adhere to family tradition… will naturally run away from the invitation to “cross the bridge”.

My wife recently visited her grand daughter, and shared a mystical  children’s book with her grand daughter [who took to the book like a fish to water], and today both parents called my wife and complained that their daughter keeps speaking of her experience of the book.  And what never occurs to them is that it is they who are complaining, not the child.  It is their fear of the Truth that blinds them to the Truth the child craves… and my wife is now forced to make a decision:  To pursue God, or deny God and enable the fear of her daughter, who, along with her husband… will crush the love of God in the grand daughter.

It is sad this reality exists, but it does.  And this Reality has always existed, and is even more prevalent today that it has been in the last three ages of Man.

May God render help to our grand daughter, and protect her from being abused for her love of God.  For me, I grieve for the ignorance of mankind, and I stand as solid with God as I became 44 years ago, when I was helped to enter that Narrow Gate.

Peace is ONLY found Within oneself… as one stands on the  bridge… facing the Narrow Gate.  Be not afraid of the “insanity” of Enlightenment.

Brother James

The Narrow Gate…

A few words to the sexually conflicted individual…

Let us define or explain two things:

  1. First thing:  Who constitutes a “sexually conflicted” individual?  To explain who the sexually conflicted individuals are is, perhaps, explained by listing some of the labels that are attached to people whose behavior indicates they are driven by sexually conflicted MINDs. That is, a basic fact of life is this:  Ones brain is not ones MIND.  Ones brain is a muscle located in ones skull, and it is confined to experiencing physical phenomena. On the other hand, ones MIND constitutes two subtle energy bodies that operated Within oneself, and neither is capable of being perceived by ones brain. Finally, ones MIND easily directs and even ‘controls’ ones brain… especially in people whose behavior is unusual, erratic, unstable, self-damaging, and habitually harmful to self or others.

A Partial Listing of people who are controlled by sexually conflicted MINDs [which means their behavior is a way of “venting” negative energy being generated deep Within their MINDs [[and these ‘bits of traumata’ are contained in their MINDs as fully non-conscious, and deeply repressed misperceptions  taken-on by them at the time of birth, or shortly thereafter]].  The deeply repressed trauma or traumata, is/are fully non-conscious to these people, and it’s discovery must be facilitated by a specially trained, and fully competent Psychotherapist… who is familiar with his, or her, own MIND and its operations.

And thisfamiliarity‘ can ONLY be obtained by very special training that takes place within a person’s MIND, while that person is in a dissociated state of Consciousness [operating outside the domain of his or her brain].

___________A Partial LISTING of sexually confused individuals:

   2.   Second thing:  Sexually confused children; sexually confused adults; prostitutes, pedophiles, homosexuals, rapists, transvestites, “peeping toms,” the voyer, readers of pornographic books, viewers of pornographic films, people who need to expose themselves, and other forms of behavioral VENTING by ones MIND… as a means of retaining the deeply repressed trauma [being generated Within their MINDs, and thus,  hidden from their own Conscious Awareness. And, of course the “motivation” behind all of these behaviors does not lie outside the sexually conflicted individual… [such as those who are their victims]… but is, in fact,  a psychological need of the MIND of the sexually conflicted individual to convert internal negative energy [being created by some deeply repressed emotional trauma being actively stimulated Within his or her MIND] in such a way as to disguise the behavior by “blaming” the behavior on something outside the person  The entire process is part of the basic Defense Mechanism of the person’s MIND, or the “DM=SI,” whose operation is fully non-conscious to the person.

And thing #2.___________ Alas, the competence that is required to properly help the people who are suffering from these various forms of MIND-level sexual conflicts is possessed by perhaps one percent of those licensed in “psychology” today.   Believe it or not, what I am saying is true.  Hard to believe, but nonetheless true. And it will remain true, until… and unless… some really substantial changes are forced upon the completely inadequate fields of mental health and “psychology”. And this problem has plagued America since the early 1900s, so do not expect what’s wrong to heal itself.

Within Man is Peace… the trick is in helping a person find where it is hidden.

Brother James



A few words to the sexually conflicted individual…

Not Everyone KNOWS This…

The explanation for the term “INVISIBLE” is explained in the Bible, but even people who read the Bible might not be able to explain what this verse means?

1 Corinthians 2:14, But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God:  for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

Spiritually discerned… What does this mean?  And a “natural man” means what?

Does the “natural man” use the brain to think about things?  Yes, of course the “natural man” uses the brain, and what is wrong with that… you might wonder?

Well, the brain is PHYSICAL, and it can ONLY experience that which is physical, or ABSTRACT!  And the term Abstract refers to those terms Man has created and thus uses… to point to, or to stand for those elements of the Reality of Life that the brain and physical senses CANNOT perceive.

And this of course speaks to the two ways of Man, or the two types of Souls possessed by people on Earth.   One type is the Intelack type person, who is relatively new to the human form, and thus, the Intelack has very little “C’etc”  [my symbol for the Virtues of Life that all Souls are slowly accumulation over many, many lifetimes].  The second type of person [or Soul] is one who has intentionally set for itself a road leading back to God, and I refer to such a Soul as Enlightened.

So, 1 Corinthians 2:14, is speaking of the Intelack type person when it speaks to the “natural man”.  It is speaking to the individual who has not [as yet] acquired a level of Spirituality whereby it can “discern” the “things of the Spirit of God”.

So, for those intellectuals who pride themselves on knowing a great deal about the illusion of life [this physical plane], these are they whom the Bible refers to as the “NATURAL MAN”.  And the  Enlightened Soul Within a person allows that person to awaken to the “things of the Spirit of God,” which might also be said to be the way of Truth.

It is not, in other words, a matter of IQ, or education, or cleverness that allows a person to experience the Truth, it is the CONDITION OF HIS OR HER SOUL.  And this ‘condition’ is earned by lifetimes of effort choosing good over evil.

So, if you understand the difference between good and evil, then praise God, and thank your Soul for it having achieved the level of Enlightenment that enables you to discern the Spirituality of God.

Peace is found Within Man.  Brother James

Not Everyone KNOWS This…

We Souls Change…

We Souls

This illustration depicts the older Soul that is Enlightened, not just a Soul that has lived a number of lifetimes as a human being.  Because… it is quite possible to have lived a number of lifetimes and NOT BE ENLIGHTENED, and not be a human being.  Do not be naive in thinking that all the animals you see have always been animals… or conversely, all the people you see will not ‘transmigrate’ into the forms of animals in future lives.

The Ladder of Life, in other words, goes up as well as it goes down!  The ‘key’ is for a Soul to continue to successfully convert negative Karma into Consciousness.  Rather than get too involved in negativity, attachment, or in things not ‘up-lifting’ of one’s Soul,  and thus lose ground, or move the wrong direction on the Ladder of Life.

Also, the label ‘New Human Being’ in the illustration refers to the Soul that is being born as a human being for the first time.

What the West tends to miss [ignore and deny] is the fact that a new born child is not necessarily a new human being!  Most human beings, in point of fact, have been a human being before, and this means these Soul was successful in their last lives as a human beings… because they “earned” another birth as a human being… This is not always the case with people… especially those who “act” like animals.

That is, every living thing has a Soul.  The Soul of a thing is what gives that thing life. All living things require Souls in order to operate. And the goal of every Soul [whether recognized or not] is to slowly climb the Ladder of Life as it matures [by completing Karma, and thus, creating C’etc, (or the Virtues of Life)… which is the Purpose of Life].

Life is therefore a “process,” and all Souls that have committed to the cycle of life and death, are part of that process.

Reference: The Path of the Masters, by Julian Johnson, available in most libraries.

Peace, Brother James

We Souls Change…

About the term “Phobia”…

phobia [fo’be-(backward e) n. 1. A persistent, illogical fear of a specific thing or situation. 2. Any strong fear or aversion.[<Gk.phobas, fear, flight.].

Let us begin by attempting to explain that this definition [like most definitions] is a valid intellectual definition of the term phobia;  but it is only valid to the limitation of the intellect, and does not stand up to a thorough [complete] discussion based on the Reality of Life.  It is not valid, in other words, if one takes  a psychological or a Spiritual perspective in discussing the term ‘phobia’.

But, the likelihood of being involved in an actual discussion of Psychology [as opposed to the bastardization of “psychology,”  which is called today “behavioral psychology”… which is an oxymoron, is quite remote.  And, the reason for this is simply that “BS&bp,” or “modern psychology  and mental health,” are both based on the Delusional Thinking of B.F. Skinner [BS&bp], which is distinguished by the fact that BS&bp  denies both the actual Psychology of Man, and the Reality of Life. That is, the “whole” of Life.

And, this denial of the ‘whole of life’ means a denial of the Esoteric, or invisible dimensions of Man [which number three], and a pure intellectual fixation oh the Delusional notion that Man has no MIND — which is based on what Skinner believed, as found in a quote from him, in a book by Richard I Evans, entitled: B.F. Skinner: The Man and his Ideas. New York: E.P. Dutton & Co. 1968

A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.”

In this quote, Skinner gives us his natural impression of the thinking of the person confined to the Malady of Intellectualism, or use of the brain with little or no access to one’s faculty of Intuition [or put another way], a person lacking access to “C’etc,” which is a symbol standing for the Virtues of Life.  This describes a person I refer to as an Intelack type personality.

So, returning to the point of this blog [the term ‘phobia’], the term “illogical” is used in defining phobia.   The use of the term illogical indicates that the person writing this definition has no idea what the Psychology of Man means?  It also indicates the writer has no concept of the Law of Karma, or that of Reincarnation.

Or, alternatively… the writer calls a natural reaction of a person to something the person KNOWS quite well…[from a Psychological perspective],  “a persistent, illogical fear of a specific thing or situation”…  because a person’s reaction does not conform to what  the writer fails to comprehend, or KNOW ?

I notice this intellectual prejudice [based on ignorance] quite often, in virtually every dictionary [except perhaps for those dictionaries which are written by lay people]!

So, the question is this… Is it illogical for a person to fear Homosexuality, or to fear Islamic terrorists, both of whom are dedicated to doing great harm to mankind?   To suggest that a fear of Homosexuality, or a fear of Islamic extremists is a phobia… is, pardon the expression… NUTS.

It is much more likely that a person experiencing fear regarding either Homosexuality or Islamic-trained terrorism holds this fear because of some actual experience of one or the other of these horrors of the Earth Plane.  In any case, both the terms Homophobia and Islamophobia are not compatible with the terms “illogical,” “unfounded,” or “irrational”.

To suggest that these rational fears are “illogical” or in some way “phobic,” is to display one’s obvious ignorance of the Reality of these intensely insane situations present in the world today.

Peace, Brother James

About the term “Phobia”…

Physical vs Spiritual in Man…

I just did this simple illustration with my  paintbrush program, and in it I have tried to illustrate in yellow, the Spiritual dimension in Man, and in grey, the physical dimension in Man.

phy vs Spirit

The little circle of yellow between the two eyes is what the Bible refers to as:  “If thine eye be single”. Eastern mystics refer to it as the “Tisra Til,” or “the third eye,” or the “eye center”.  And this is the location of one’s Soul when one has achieved a certain level of Enlightenment.

The fact is… [little known in the West], is that the whole human being consists of four simultaneously existing vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical;  while the other three are Esoteric, invisible, or unknown [which is just another name for those parts of Man that are invisible to the physical senses]. These Esoteric parts are the Spiritual dimension, and the Higher and Lower dimensions of the MIND.

Now, this ‘situation’ exists in every human being who is alive on Earth… regardless of who that person is… because, for a human being to operate [that is, remain alive], the Spiritual element must exist Within a person.  As soon as the Spiritual element is withdrawn from Man, Man dies.  We refer to this Spiritual element as the Soul.  And the ONLY part of Man that is Real, in an absolute sense, is the Soul operating the other three parts of a person.

Although absolutely necessary parts of Man, the MIND and Spiritual dimensions are entirely invisible to the physical structure of Man.  In terms of awareness, the situation goes like this:  The brain cannot perceive either the MIND or the Spiritual, and the MIND cannot perceive the Spiritual.

So, here we are as human beings, thinking we are quite something, all the while three-quarters of ourselves are invisible to us.  This is a form of arrogance in which Man excels.  And the MIND of Man provides the ‘malady of Intellectualism’ [or M-I], in compensation for our substantial ignorance.  And some human beings take great pride in thinking they are Atheists, or people existing without three fourths of themselves. I refer to such people as Intelack type people.

This great ignorance is quite common among the “new” people on Earth. That is, Souls that have just recently acquired the status of human being.  And as “new” to the human form, they are what I refer to as Intelack, or people without much Consciousness. And the M-I these people receive in compensation for Consciousness, makes them often quite “bright,” but quite intelligent without ‘common sense’.

The point of this blog being… three-quarters of who and what we are as human beings are quite invisible to us… via our brains and thinking.  One only begins to “Intuit” these Esoteric dimensions when one’s Soul has acquired substantial C’etc [which is another story].


Brother James

Physical vs Spiritual in Man…

The Elevator & the High Rise

The Energy of the Spiritual realm is also Truth, and the other dimensions of Creation, and of Man, are relative truths… except for the physical dimension which we, due to familiarity, tend to focus on as the only truth there is… And allow me to illustrate this point with the following brief story.

In the building in which I am writing this, there are several levels.  And, although I am familiar with the accommodations and views from the first floor, I would be mistaken to imagine that I know all the various levels because I KNOW the first floor.  Likewise, for me to imagine that since I live on the first floor, I KNOW what those living on the higher floors know… about this building, their unique views, and of course the higher one goes, the higher the price goes.  So, there are many factors that serve to differentiate the people living on the various floors of this building.

Well, this is Life, is it not?  That is, each of us is different; and even those living on the same level of this building are all different from one another.  The physical factors are merely what we can readily focus upon to try and explain the differences.  But the actual differences between people are not explained by just environmental factors, or just physical factors.  Deep Within each of us are the REAL factors that cause us to be different from one another.  And there ‘inner’ factors are part of ones Consciousness, or what I refer to as Enlightenment.

In other words, Within each human being is a ‘Spiritual elevator’ that operates on the fuel of C’etc, [pronounced “C_etcetera”], and C’etc refers to the Virtues of Life. My labels for these are Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.

Now, the peculiar thing is this… this elevator is invisible, and it operates with a precision that cannot be duplicated on this physical plane.  And the purpose of this elevator is to secretly expand ones Conscious Awareness, or “C_Awar”.  So, secretly operating Within each human being is the exact same elevator,  and this elevator is the great leveler of mankind.  That is, despite what floor of what building you may live, this elevator awakens you to bits of Truth that only you [and people who have awakened to the exact same bits of Truth], can KNOW.

But, because this Spiritual elevator is invisible… we tend to make certain assumptions in common. One of which is that people who are smart, intelligent, wealthy, or are positioned in an important role, or live on the higher floors of the buildings… are also Enlightened individuals.   This is a very costly mistake far too many people make today.

The Enlightened individual conveys no external evidence of his or her being Enlightened, and so, we can’t really tell who is Enlightened, and who is not by simply looking at people. But, we can listen very carefully to people, and we can  “hear” the difference between them.  Anyone who thinks that life is unfair is likely an Intelack type person.  Or the person who believes that a much bigger government is a good idea is not Enlightened.

And finally, those people who believe that the rich should have their wealth taken and given to the poor… are Intelack type individuals, and that means they are simply not Enlightened.  That is, their Souls lack C’etc.

Peace, Brother James

The Elevator & the High Rise