Another bit about Common Core

You see, many people have a great deal more access to the faculty of Intuition Within themselves than they might realize. Our education in America does not teach, nor does it believe in the faculty of Intuition, because the faculty of Intuition is a part of ones Spiritual dimension. And since many teachers are Intelack type people, they naturally deny, avoid, and mock, criticize and punish children who possess high levels of Intuition. In other words, the primary purpose of Common Core is to “kill” the faculty of Intuition in children… so that the children will not be able to easily identify, and thus interfere in the propaganda the Intelack seeks to force on children.
The reason for the propaganda is CONTROL. The Intelack type personality fears the Spirituality Within themselves, and their MINDs convince them that if they can force Enlightened people into denying their own Intuition, this allows the Intelack to dominate all areas requiring use of the intellect.

The war with evil masquerading as intellectualism is endless.

Brother James

Another bit about Common Core

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