A Snippet of New book… Answers to Life.

You see, many people have a great deal more access to the faculty of Intuition Within themselves than they might realize. Our education in America does not teach, nor does it believe in the faculty of Intuition, because the faculty of Intuition is a part of ones Spiritual dimension. And, since many teachers are Intelack type people… they naturally deny, avoid, mock, criticize and punish children who possess high levels of Intuition. In other words, the primary purpose of Common Core is to “kill” the faculty of Intuition in children… so that the children will not be able to easily identify, and thus interfere in the propaganda the Intelack seeks to force on people whose Souls are Enlightened. This is, in short, the battle of good vs evil on Earth played out in the day to day affairs of mankind.
The reason for the Intelack propaganda is CONTROL. And control provides such people a “sense” they are in control of life: Which masks a fear of the unknown… which is due to a “void” of Spirituality in such people. The Intelack type personality, lacking Consciousness [which means “Spirituality” Within themselves], are more easily controlled by the MIND, which helps them fulfill the Purpose of Life [which is the non-conscious purpose of being controlled by ones MIND].
The MIND’s job is to convince people that Spirituality is for the weak-minded people [just like Marx and Engels believed]. So, unknown to such people at a conscious level, the MIND-dominated individual will tend to resist the “surrender” necessary for ones Conscious Awareness [C-Awar for short], to shift out of thinking of the brain… and into the subtle energy of ones Lower MIND, where a higher level of Truth exists. People capable of doing this are often said to be Enlightened, or engaged in the raising of their consciousness.
But unknown to both the Enlightened people and the Intelack people is the fact that the Intelack people actually fear the Enlightened person because the Intelack has no idea what the Enlightened person is talking about?
So, the Intelack dismisses what the Enlightened person says, derides it, mocks it, and demands that the Enlightened individual PROVE the physical existence of what they claim in to KNOW.
Since the Enlightened material KNOWN by such people is non-physical [and is in fact quite Esoteric, or non-physical], the Intelack readily learns that demanding physical proof of that which is not physical is an excellent way to stop the Enlightened person in his/her tracks.
In this way the Intelack routinely wins most arguments on the Earth plane, where the inability of the Enlightened person to make physical that which cannot be known by physical means… is apologized for by the Enlightened person, and this sign of weakness is used against the Enlightened person who, unfortunately, lives up to the Golden Rule of Love they Neighbor.
So, by having a lower-level Conscience, the Intelack freely engages in lies, dishonest discourse, cheating, stealing, corruption, and many evil acts, none of which bother the Intelack in the least.
And no normal person who is not an Intelack, can begin to appreciate what an advantage the Intelack [person capable of lying with a straight face] has over the Enlightened individual. Given two politicians, always bet on the Intelack winning any contest between an Enlightened person and an Intelack person… and sadly, this is the tendency of life on this physical plane.
Apply this to what is going on in America today, in June of 2016, if you like. Does the insanity of what is going on begin to make more sense?

Screwy stuff that is also very real. Peace, Brother James

A Snippet of New book… Answers to Life.

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