New Psychology…A New Series


Introduction by

In this series I will present the reader [student] with a foundation in the study of “Esochology” [which is the Psychology of the ancient Greeks], which has largely been denied, ignored, and forgotten over the last century, or since the early 1900s.
As a consequence of this, the student can [perhaps should], but that would likely be thought to be egotistic on my part… be pleased to gently reach back some 2,000 years to awaken to the same universal principles of the whole of Man that the ancient Greek Gnostics awakened to.
And I will, to the best of my ability, try to help each student comprehend that which cannot be written, nor communicated by any written language. And, if you comprehended what I just wrote… you should be quite confused, because I just wrote that what this book is about… cannot be conveyed in written words.
So, am I being silly, or am I just insane? Neither is the answer. I am being super candid, and sharing a level of Reality that is just not referred to… because it is not KNOWN by a type of person I refer to as Intelack.
The fact is, the whole of Man is composed of four simultaneously existing, and yet vibrationally separate dimensions, each with its own specific range of energy.

In my little illustration, the four simultaneously existing dimensions of the Whole of Man are shown.
However, what we in the West are taught is that there is only one dimension of Man that we need to pay any attention to, and that one part is the physical part, which includes ones brain, and ones physical senses.
Aside from being wrong, misleading, and disabling to us as human beings. the idea that all we need to pay attention to is the physical aspects of Man gives each of us an opportunity to deny Reality, or resist those who do?
This choice we have is nothing less than being given the choice of being on the side of Truth, or being on the side of Evil. The age old battle between good and evil, in other words.
The problem is…we are not told that many of our choices that “seem” good, are in fact evil. On the physical plane [which is a plane of relative truths] we are told to chose the lesser of two evils. And we are taught this by people who have been taught to teach this, and many of these people have no idea they have an alternative, and thus, they teach what they fail to know.
Ignorance is not only common on the Earth plane, it tends to be the prevalent condition of Man on the Earth plane. And the reason for this will surprise you! We are taught to expand the use and memory of the brain as a very good thing to do. And for the Intelack type person, it is a good thing for such people to do… since it is the natural way for them to increase their intellect and brain function [depending upon the nature of the IQ]? But is ones IQ a primary measure of ones capacity to acquire understanding? Or is it the only factor in learning? Or, are external factors of equal or perhaps even more importance than a person’s IQ?
A person with a limited IQ might be a very nice person, but will the limitation of that person’s IQ limit that person’s level of Enlightenment? And, before you answer, do you know what the term Enlightenment means? I ask this because very few people actually comprehend what the term Enlightenment means?
Enlightenment specifically refers to awakening to bits of “Truth” from Within oneself. And please note that I have suggested that Truth exists Within oneself… now that raises the question… how did that Truth get inside of oneself? And… consider this question from the standpoint that great numbers of philosophers have sought the Truth without finding it. Is the answer as simple as saying these philosophers have been looking in the wrong place? That is, looking for it outside of themselves?
And this reminds me of three somewhat related questions? 1. “What is the difference between information and knowledge? 2. “Does Knowledge exist on this Physical plane… except Within human beings? 3. “Why is Truth so difficult to find”?
Is the answer to #3 the fact that Truth is an absolute? What do you know that is Absolute?
Now, given what I have been sharing with you, have you noted something peculiar in what I have been focusing upon? Where does psychology end and philosophy begin? How effective is use of the brain and thinking when searching for the unknown, Esoteric or invisible? If Truth is an Absolute, and Spirituality is an Absolute, are we likely to find them in the same place?
To close out this Introduction, let us ask one last question. What field of study does not apply to the whole human being? So, why would anyone suggest that the Esoteric dimensions of LIFE do not apply to the study of Man as a whole human being?
______________ End of Introduction

New Psychology…A New Series

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