What Christ Could Not Convey in Words

On the physical plane, in the time of Christ, not unlike what is true today…the brain of Man cannot perceive nor experience  Spiritual Truth… except in the abstract.  That is, the terms Spiritual and Truth stand for, or point to elements that are quite Real, but the actual elements these abstract terms point to, or stand for… exist as vibrational dimension  we are unable to “see” with our physical eyes, nor  experience with our physical senses.  In other words, our physical brains can perceive that which is physical, however, our brains cannot perceive the “energies” of elements that are not physical.

To point to those energies which our brains cannot perceive, nor experience… we use the words abstract, unknown, subtle, invisible, Esoteric, Spiritual, unseen, Soul, MIND, and the phrase “Astral body”.  We tend to speak of these terms as though we “knew” what these terms mean.  That is, we tend to “think” that we actually know what these “abstract terms” mean?   We think this, or assume this… but do we really know what the Soul is?

Or, when Christ said: “My Father,” do we truly KNOW what he was referring to? Or do we assume we know what he was referring to?  At least for those who remember who their father was?  And do we therefore assume the Father of Christ was not unlike our own father?  Who do you know that has seen God, or a Soul?  Or the Energy of the Spirit?  Or the Astral body of Man?  Do we not assume we “know” these things,  because we know the abstract words we use to point to these things?

The name for this assuming to know that which one does not actually know… is the phrase “Delusional Thinking,” or D-Think, and D-Think are thoughts that are fed to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain by ones MIND.  And one’s brain cannot differentiate between its normal sorting of words [thinking]  and the processing of D-Think, because a part of oneself [ones Apapsyche (Operational Energy of one’s Soul) converts MIND-level D-Think into brain-level thinking], so that the brain cannot tell the difference in what it is processing?

In other words, built into each of us is an automatic process of thinking that kicks in whenever the MIND wants the brain to “think” certain thoughts.  And how often, or how much ones MIND does this… depends upon how “Enlightened” one is?  Or how much Consciousness one’s Soul has acquired?

In other words, the level of a person’s own Enlightenment will determine how much, or how little “in-sight” one will have regarding ones own body of Spirituality?  Or put another way, how much Consciousness or Enlightenment one  possesses is determined not intellectually, but it is based on ones level of Enlightenment?  And, of course, one’s level of Enlightenment is not capable of being seen by just looking at a person?

Christ picked his disciples because he “saw” something of their level of Consciousness — which is strictly Spiritual, and had nothing to do with what each was doing by way of the Karma each was engaged in?  Again, the separation between that which is Spiritual [of God], and that which is of Mammon, or this Earth plane.

But even those Christ picked were of less Enlightenment than what was [at times] needed for them to comprehend the concepts Christ needed them to comprehend.   In other words, what Christ could not convey was what each disciple needed to awaken to from WITHIN himself. As it turned out, each disciple awakened to different levels of understanding, and each KNEW the TRUTH of Spirituality to the degree he was able to awaken from Within himself… aided by the Spiritual stimulation of the Spirit of each… provided by the Soul of Christ.

Today, many Christians “think” that they are quite enlightened.  But, the MIND has a way of feeding D-Think to us to cause us to think we “know” much more than we really do? The Love of God calls we Souls, constantly, but only some of us can even “hear” the call.  Many are called, few are Enlightened enough to “hear” what the physical ears cannot “hear”.  And, alas, not all who think they hear will be chosen.

Peace, Brother James




What Christ Could Not Convey in Words

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