The Elevator & the High Rise

The Energy of the Spiritual realm is also Truth, and the other dimensions of Creation, and of Man, are relative truths… except for the physical dimension which we, due to familiarity, tend to focus on as the only truth there is… And allow me to illustrate this point with the following brief story.

In the building in which I am writing this, there are several levels.  And, although I am familiar with the accommodations and views from the first floor, I would be mistaken to imagine that I know all the various levels because I KNOW the first floor.  Likewise, for me to imagine that since I live on the first floor, I KNOW what those living on the higher floors know… about this building, their unique views, and of course the higher one goes, the higher the price goes.  So, there are many factors that serve to differentiate the people living on the various floors of this building.

Well, this is Life, is it not?  That is, each of us is different; and even those living on the same level of this building are all different from one another.  The physical factors are merely what we can readily focus upon to try and explain the differences.  But the actual differences between people are not explained by just environmental factors, or just physical factors.  Deep Within each of us are the REAL factors that cause us to be different from one another.  And there ‘inner’ factors are part of ones Consciousness, or what I refer to as Enlightenment.

In other words, Within each human being is a ‘Spiritual elevator’ that operates on the fuel of C’etc, [pronounced “C_etcetera”], and C’etc refers to the Virtues of Life. My labels for these are Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.

Now, the peculiar thing is this… this elevator is invisible, and it operates with a precision that cannot be duplicated on this physical plane.  And the purpose of this elevator is to secretly expand ones Conscious Awareness, or “C_Awar”.  So, secretly operating Within each human being is the exact same elevator,  and this elevator is the great leveler of mankind.  That is, despite what floor of what building you may live, this elevator awakens you to bits of Truth that only you [and people who have awakened to the exact same bits of Truth], can KNOW.

But, because this Spiritual elevator is invisible… we tend to make certain assumptions in common. One of which is that people who are smart, intelligent, wealthy, or are positioned in an important role, or live on the higher floors of the buildings… are also Enlightened individuals.   This is a very costly mistake far too many people make today.

The Enlightened individual conveys no external evidence of his or her being Enlightened, and so, we can’t really tell who is Enlightened, and who is not by simply looking at people. But, we can listen very carefully to people, and we can  “hear” the difference between them.  Anyone who thinks that life is unfair is likely an Intelack type person.  Or the person who believes that a much bigger government is a good idea is not Enlightened.

And finally, those people who believe that the rich should have their wealth taken and given to the poor… are Intelack type individuals, and that means they are simply not Enlightened.  That is, their Souls lack C’etc.

Peace, Brother James

The Elevator & the High Rise

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