Physical vs Spiritual in Man…

I just did this simple illustration with my  paintbrush program, and in it I have tried to illustrate in yellow, the Spiritual dimension in Man, and in grey, the physical dimension in Man.

phy vs Spirit

The little circle of yellow between the two eyes is what the Bible refers to as:  “If thine eye be single”. Eastern mystics refer to it as the “Tisra Til,” or “the third eye,” or the “eye center”.  And this is the location of one’s Soul when one has achieved a certain level of Enlightenment.

The fact is… [little known in the West], is that the whole human being consists of four simultaneously existing vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical;  while the other three are Esoteric, invisible, or unknown [which is just another name for those parts of Man that are invisible to the physical senses]. These Esoteric parts are the Spiritual dimension, and the Higher and Lower dimensions of the MIND.

Now, this ‘situation’ exists in every human being who is alive on Earth… regardless of who that person is… because, for a human being to operate [that is, remain alive], the Spiritual element must exist Within a person.  As soon as the Spiritual element is withdrawn from Man, Man dies.  We refer to this Spiritual element as the Soul.  And the ONLY part of Man that is Real, in an absolute sense, is the Soul operating the other three parts of a person.

Although absolutely necessary parts of Man, the MIND and Spiritual dimensions are entirely invisible to the physical structure of Man.  In terms of awareness, the situation goes like this:  The brain cannot perceive either the MIND or the Spiritual, and the MIND cannot perceive the Spiritual.

So, here we are as human beings, thinking we are quite something, all the while three-quarters of ourselves are invisible to us.  This is a form of arrogance in which Man excels.  And the MIND of Man provides the ‘malady of Intellectualism’ [or M-I], in compensation for our substantial ignorance.  And some human beings take great pride in thinking they are Atheists, or people existing without three fourths of themselves. I refer to such people as Intelack type people.

This great ignorance is quite common among the “new” people on Earth. That is, Souls that have just recently acquired the status of human being.  And as “new” to the human form, they are what I refer to as Intelack, or people without much Consciousness. And the M-I these people receive in compensation for Consciousness, makes them often quite “bright,” but quite intelligent without ‘common sense’.

The point of this blog being… three-quarters of who and what we are as human beings are quite invisible to us… via our brains and thinking.  One only begins to “Intuit” these Esoteric dimensions when one’s Soul has acquired substantial C’etc [which is another story].


Brother James

Physical vs Spiritual in Man…

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