A few words to the sexually conflicted individual…

Let us define or explain two things:

  1. First thing:  Who constitutes a “sexually conflicted” individual?  To explain who the sexually conflicted individuals are is, perhaps, explained by listing some of the labels that are attached to people whose behavior indicates they are driven by sexually conflicted MINDs. That is, a basic fact of life is this:  Ones brain is not ones MIND.  Ones brain is a muscle located in ones skull, and it is confined to experiencing physical phenomena. On the other hand, ones MIND constitutes two subtle energy bodies that operated Within oneself, and neither is capable of being perceived by ones brain. Finally, ones MIND easily directs and even ‘controls’ ones brain… especially in people whose behavior is unusual, erratic, unstable, self-damaging, and habitually harmful to self or others.

A Partial Listing of people who are controlled by sexually conflicted MINDs [which means their behavior is a way of “venting” negative energy being generated deep Within their MINDs [[and these ‘bits of traumata’ are contained in their MINDs as fully non-conscious, and deeply repressed misperceptions  taken-on by them at the time of birth, or shortly thereafter]].  The deeply repressed trauma or traumata, is/are fully non-conscious to these people, and it’s discovery must be facilitated by a specially trained, and fully competent Psychotherapist… who is familiar with his, or her, own MIND and its operations.

And thisfamiliarity‘ can ONLY be obtained by very special training that takes place within a person’s MIND, while that person is in a dissociated state of Consciousness [operating outside the domain of his or her brain].

___________A Partial LISTING of sexually confused individuals:

   2.   Second thing:  Sexually confused children; sexually confused adults; prostitutes, pedophiles, homosexuals, rapists, transvestites, “peeping toms,” the voyer, readers of pornographic books, viewers of pornographic films, people who need to expose themselves, and other forms of behavioral VENTING by ones MIND… as a means of retaining the deeply repressed trauma [being generated Within their MINDs, and thus,  hidden from their own Conscious Awareness. And, of course the “motivation” behind all of these behaviors does not lie outside the sexually conflicted individual… [such as those who are their victims]… but is, in fact,  a psychological need of the MIND of the sexually conflicted individual to convert internal negative energy [being created by some deeply repressed emotional trauma being actively stimulated Within his or her MIND] in such a way as to disguise the behavior by “blaming” the behavior on something outside the person  The entire process is part of the basic Defense Mechanism of the person’s MIND, or the “DM=SI,” whose operation is fully non-conscious to the person.

And thing #2.___________ Alas, the competence that is required to properly help the people who are suffering from these various forms of MIND-level sexual conflicts is possessed by perhaps one percent of those licensed in “psychology” today.   Believe it or not, what I am saying is true.  Hard to believe, but nonetheless true. And it will remain true, until… and unless… some really substantial changes are forced upon the completely inadequate fields of mental health and “psychology”. And this problem has plagued America since the early 1900s, so do not expect what’s wrong to heal itself.

Within Man is Peace… the trick is in helping a person find where it is hidden.

Brother James



A few words to the sexually conflicted individual…

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