The Narrow Gate…

There is a narrow gate, not unlike a bridge… that every Soul that is “ready” to begin awakening to the Spirituality Within itself must cross.  And this crossing is very much like a decision a person must make… to consciously let go of all attachments to one’s family members [at least all family members that are not themselves “ready” to begin awakening to the Truth].  The term “Truth” is synonymous with the term Spirituality, by the way.

It is difficult, no, impossible to try and maintain “life as usual,” and at the same time cross the bridge of Spirituality leading through the “Narrow Gate” between the illusion of life, and the Reality of Life.  And every Soul that lacks Spiritual Consciousness must, before it can awaken to the existence of this bridge… which leads to the Narrow Gate… make a life-altering decision.

And that decision is this:   I choose my family above God, or I choose God above my family!

Matthew 10:37  Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

Built into the MIND of every person is an intense fear of Truth, God, and Spirituality that, unknown to those Within whom this fear is active, makes them fearful of any expression of Truth, and quite often… fearful of even symbols, images, or even words that stand for Truth, or Spirituality.

Spirituality is an “inside” thing, not something one develops as part of ones intellectualism, thinking, or thought processes.  And for the “normal” person who has no idea what Spiritual Truth is, any expression that points to such Truth is a very frightening thing.  The level of fear a person projects as resistance, criticism, hate, or in extreme cases… violence or even murder [like what the Islamists do when they find a Christian],  depends upon how much a person’s life is filled with his or her MIND?  And the MIND is quite often used by Satan.

Many Christians profess a love of Christ, or of God, but that love is an intellectual belief of faith… expressed by the person’s MIND as an attempt to satisfy the person’s ego, and quite often in order to “fit in” with ones family or friends… who profess a love of Christ or God.

The [almost insane fixation on God] that overwhelms a person being prepared to cross the bridge leading to the Narrow Gate… is such that anyone interested in being liked, or not being seen as “a right-wing Spiritual nut,” or who needs to please ones family, or adhere to family tradition… will naturally run away from the invitation to “cross the bridge”.

My wife recently visited her grand daughter, and shared a mystical  children’s book with her grand daughter [who took to the book like a fish to water], and today both parents called my wife and complained that their daughter keeps speaking of her experience of the book.  And what never occurs to them is that it is they who are complaining, not the child.  It is their fear of the Truth that blinds them to the Truth the child craves… and my wife is now forced to make a decision:  To pursue God, or deny God and enable the fear of her daughter, who, along with her husband… will crush the love of God in the grand daughter.

It is sad this reality exists, but it does.  And this Reality has always existed, and is even more prevalent today that it has been in the last three ages of Man.

May God render help to our grand daughter, and protect her from being abused for her love of God.  For me, I grieve for the ignorance of mankind, and I stand as solid with God as I became 44 years ago, when I was helped to enter that Narrow Gate.

Peace is ONLY found Within oneself… as one stands on the  bridge… facing the Narrow Gate.  Be not afraid of the “insanity” of Enlightenment.

Brother James

The Narrow Gate…

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