What Type Person “abuses” Children?

In the whole of life, I believe the person who abuses, takes advantage of,  harms, or sexually uses a child, deserves a special kind of Hell… and fortunately, that special kind of Hell awaits all who harm children.

Of course I believe this because I have steeped myself in the mystical study of life for a great many years.  And, although what I am about to share is not well known in the West, it is quite well known in the East.

The Law of Karma is not some theory, it is a principle Law of Life, as designed by and put in operation by God. Along with the Reality of Reincarnation, the Law of Karma is defined this way:  As you sow [engage in a Karmic action], that exact same action will come back to you to experience in precisely the same way in which you engaged in the act of Karma in the first place.  This is the essential Truth of Life, and it matters not at all how long a period intervenes between your  action, and the return of your action?  And this often means several lifetimes after your action, that specific action will take place…. and you WILL experience the same precise action that you engaged in originally.

In fact, a single act of Karma can necessitate a Soul having to reincarnate… just to go through some act of Karma that is due that Soul.  He who would scoff at this, may do so, but the fact remains … every act of Karma MUST BE EXPERIENCED BY THE PERSON INITIATING THAT ACT.

So. if you are an adult homosexual, and you seduce a child, convincing that child that he/she is a homosexual, then that same thing will occur to you in some future lifetime.  This is the Reality of Karma in action.  No one eludes the Law of Karma.  It is an Absolute fact of Life.  Actually, only a fool denies the Law of Karma.

I mention this, hoping to encourage some restraint upon those who would “test” the Law of Karma?  No one, and I mean, absolutely no one escapes the Law of Karma. Every action taken WILL result in that  exact same action occurring to oneself.  If not in this very lifetime, then in some future lifetime.

A word to the wise should be heeded, but it seldom is.

The type of person who would abuse a child? Well, oddly… Islam teaches such abuse, then all people who lack Conscience are prone to do so, and of course, all people who are godless, or lacking Consciousness, like the Intelack type individual.

Peace, Brother James

What Type Person “abuses” Children?

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