To Imagine Psychology does not include Spirituality, is naive

The whole of Man comprises four simultaneously existing [operating] dimensions, and only one of these is physical.  However, the Intelack type individual [that is, the person whose Soul lacks “C’etc” [research C’etc  Here]… is unable to access the Esoteric, or invisible dimensions Within him/herself.  The term “Within” specifically refers to the three dimensions inside of Man that include the two dimensions of the MIND, and the Spiritual dimension, which we refer to as the Soul.

In other words… each of us is composed of these four simultaneously operating dimensions, and only one of these is crucial to Life.  As soon as the Spiritual dimension of Man is removed, Man dies.  It is not the heart stopping that causes a person to die.  It is the removal of the Spiritual dimension [or Soul] from one’s Whole body that causes death.

And attached to one’s Soul is a MIND, that was added to each Soul when we Souls first entered the Creation, eons past.  Perhaps the primary reason we in the West fail to appreciate the complexity of the whole of Man is that three-quarters of the whole are composed of vibrational energies that are not part of this physical universe.

In other words, Man has a Soul, but that Soul does not even exist as part of this physical dimension.  So, how does this Soul operate the physical body?   The Soul does not operate the body… the MIND does.  It is the Lower MIND that directs the brain, which in turn directs the physiology of Man.  And both the Soul and MIND [the two aspects thereof] exist as part of Man, but neither are actually part of this physical dimension.  If one is not aware of the mystical in Life, one is not capable of conceiving  what I am describing here.

And this brings us to the fact there are two very different types of people on Earth, and yet… we cannot “see” this difference.  Nor can we discern it by intellectual means.  The only way to “experience” these Esoteric dimensions [and the differences these dimensions subtly create Within us], is by Enlightenment.  And Enlightenment is the term we use to refer to Souls that have acquired substantial C’etc [or the Virtues of Life].

And…. the story of the Esoteric dimensions of the Reality of Life continues… but who in America has been educated to have an interest in the unknown of Life?


Brother James

To Imagine Psychology does not include Spirituality, is naive

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