The Homosexual and the Child…

In the paragraphs to follow, I will describe what happens to a child [in psychological terms], when that child is groomed, and finally seduced by a Homosexual.  What I am about to convey has not likely been conveyed before, essentially because not many psychotherapists are familiar with the operations of the MIND, and the Spiritual dimensions of a child.

Let me warn the reader that what I am about to convey is true, and unfortunately lasting for most children, throughout this lifetime for the child who experiences what I will describe.  I am taking the time to do this because it weighs so heavily upon my own psyche [or my Conscious Awareness].  And by awakening others to these normally invisible dimensions of children, perhaps I can encourage others to open their own hearts to the sacrificial scars being inflicted upon children… at levels that are too easily ignored by the public.

The child I will be describing will be one for whom his or her MIND holds some very negative [and conflicted] self-views… at a fully non-conscious level Within him or herself.  And the term Within [in bold and italic] refers to traumata that is held deeply repressed at non-conscious levels inside of one’s MIND.  And the phrase “non-conscious” means this traumata [plural of trauma] are not such that a child is aware of possessing these traumata at all.

But like a homing beacon, this deeply repressed traumata Within the MIND of a child automatically draws the MIND of the Homosexual like a lighthouse to a ship lost at sea.  Or like a hyaena to a wounded animal. This is step one in the grooming process of the Homosexual who seeks to use a child as a sexual object to satisfy the sexual appetite of the Homosexual.

_____ This sexual appetite Within the Homosexual is driven by forces which take-over the Consciousness of the Homosexual, and involve what I refer to as the DM=SI of the MIND of the Homosexual.  “Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity” refers to an aspect of the MIND which has the power to take-over the thinking of a person, and which causes that person to think thoughts which serve the psychological needs of that person.  In the case of the Homosexual, the inner-most psychological “need” of the Homosexual is to combat the deeply conflicted misperceptions that there is something wrong with his or her Soul, and that somehow or other during the birth process something awful happened, and  he or she was born as some kind of monster;  and in the case of children who are prone to sexually perverse thoughts… it is their MINDs that misconstrued sexual conflicts in the MINDs of their parents as either reflecting who and what the child is, or who and what the child is… has caused the parent to be afraid?

This common misperception of being some kind of monster… is more or less held Within the MINDs of most children… since it is part of the way in which our MINDs construct our personalities and psychology for this lifetime.  However, the deeply repressed sexual conflict taken-on by some children makes them especially vulnerable to the grooming process of the Homosexual.

_____ If the training of people in the fields of psychology and mental health was properly conducted, and dealt with the MIND of Man, the misperceptions Within the MINDs of children who are vulnerable to the grooming of adult Homosexuals could be easily corrected, before these children became victims of such grooming.  Alas, this is not the case today.

A portion of the psychological need of the vulnerable child is a strong need to be accepted.  Such children sense themselves as ‘lacking’ something, and they tend to find it difficult to share themselves with other children.  They are unknowingly fearful that being a monster will be revealed if they are too open with others.

So, the grooming of the Homosexual includes just being nice, and caring, and undemanding of such children.  The Homosexual pedophile is very patient, and very skillful in winning the confidence of such vulnerable children.  Just being nice moves into sharing little gifts with the child.  Then a secret meeting is arranged, to discuss how unfair children and parents are. When the Homosexual pedophile has  won over the confidence of the child, touching begins, and the child, fearful of offending his/her new adult friend… allows such touching and now the grooming moves to a different level.

What is taking place Within the MIND and psyche of the child is a literal war between good and evil for the child.  The physical attention, and acceptance feels good, but the Spirit of the child “KNOWS” that there is something wrong with what is taking place?  The deceptive and sinister sexual need of the Homosexual lurks constantly, and the energy of the need to satisfy his or her own sexual appetite seeks satisfaction.  So, the tension between the child and the Homosexual increases until the Homosexual feels the child is ‘hooked’ sufficiently, and then the Homosexual seduces the child, using the child to satisfy his or her lust, and to “prove” to the Homosexual that he or she is lovable.

With this seduction, the MIND of the child reinforces the belief that he or she is, in fact a monster, and that his or her only value is as a sexual object.  To allow an adult to use one as a sexual object destroys the innocence of the child, and what had only been psychological fears of being bad, worthless, or some kind of monster… are suddenly confirmed.  And when the adult Homosexual tells the child that he or she IS A HOMOSEXUAL, and this is what he or she was meant to be… the horror of voluntarily engaging in Homosexual sex [experienced at the level of the child’s psyche], is overwhelming to the child.  At a fully non-conscious level Within the child [is an awareness that exists, but cannot be converted into  words] that the child has engaged in an  act specifically identified as sinful by the principles of God.

And when such children are used in this manner, the tenuous hold they had to being “normal” is set aside by their MINDs, and their MINDs literally create a new Homosexual personality.  And once this is created by their MINDs, their MINDs then begin to adopt the mannerisms, habits, and behaviors of the new personality.

And… since the seduction is based on intense self-loathing, and a fear that one must truly be a monster, the job of dislodging this new personality becomes very difficult to do… especially when the vast majority of  those trained in mental health today have no idea what the MIND is, or how it operates?

It is crucial that more parents and people of good will recognize that Homosexuality is a mental disorder, and that all children are in danger… not just those children who possess conflicted MINDs which make them particularly vulnerable.

The greatest danger Homosexuality holds for the nation is that once the Delusional notion that one is a Homosexual is established Within a person’s MIND, this false personality begins to take over that person’s Consciousness.  And the person who mistakenly believes him/herself to be a Homosexual looses Conscience, Discretion, ability to judge right from wrong, and such people are high security risks… for many reasons, not the least of which is a diminished Conscience.

So, now you know what causes Homosexuality, and hopefully you will not be suckered into enabling it, or supporting it, since doing so is sinful.


Brother James

The Homosexual and the Child…

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