Bit from new book about Judgement

In all matters on this Earth plane, we face the question as to motivation for one’s actions? If they are loving and kind, they are often helpful to others. But then, if the others are prejudiced, or sensitive because they are afraid of what is hidden Within their own MINDs, then they will normally react with anger. They do not realize their anger is a way to make you responsible for the negative energy being stimulated inside their own MINDs. And this automatic denial and projecting of one’s own negative energy [that is converted into anger by one’s MIND] and then projected at the person whose statement stimulated what is held hidden Within your own MIND…is fairly common for people to engage in.
Currently, people protesting with BLM have no idea that they are using the BLM movement as a means of “venting” the negative energy they hold deeply repressed Within their own MINDs, as part of some level of prejudice and hatred they possess, but are not aware they possess these ugly beliefs.

This book is about the issue of Judgement, and there is a great deal to discover about the concept of Judgement.

Brother James

Bit from new book about Judgement

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