About the Intelack Personality

And this leads us back to there being two basic types of people on Earth: The Intelack type and the Enlightened type. And there is no way to acquire C’etc by intellectual means. That is, by use of the brain and thinking. And while on this particular point, I should mention that the Intelack type person can be very intelligent regarding the things associated with the physical, tangible, or cognitive aspects of life. But the brain is unable to experience the vibrational energies of the Lower MIND, the Higher MIND, or the Spiritual dimension of Man. And this division between what exists ’Within’ Man, and what the brain can perceive, is an absolute division that cannot be bridged by the brain. There is no way for the physical brain, in other words, to perceive, comprehend, think about, or “know” the Esoteric three-quarters of the Whole of Man… essentially because these are not physical.
The single caveat to this is that the brain can hold “abstract designations” for what it cannot experience otherwise. Abstract means terms, words, symbols or concepts that stand for, or point to phenomena that do not exist on, nor are they available to the brain and physical senses. For example, words like Soul, God, Esoteric, invisible, MIND, Spiritual, Imagination, Intuition, Spirit, and other such terms are “Abstractions” in that they are believed to exist, but they cannot be proven to exist by physical or tangible means.
Remember therefore that the Intelack type person has little or no faculty of Intuition, and thus, the Intelack has little or no access to the Esoteric dimensions of the Whole of Man. So, to expect the Intelack type person to comprehend concepts which refer to, or include ideas or suggestions regarding the Esoteric dimensions of Man is an exercise in futility. Since the Intelack looks just like everyone else, this inability of the Intelack to conceive of the Esoteric dimensions of Man… is a constant problem for all aspects of life.
The Intelack is the person who constantly demands that all symbols of Spirituality [which the Intelack cannot experience] be removed. The Intelack is the person who demands that guns be confiscated because a gun is a symbol of power, and the Intelack fears all forms of power not under his/her personal CONTROL. The Intelack, having little or no Conscience is a proponet of abortion, and the killing old people.
The Intelack, lacking Conscience and Discretion is prone to taking advantage of any loophole in the law to engage in evil. Any attorney who is an Intelack will naturally seek to enrich him/herself at the expense of others. Should an Intelack ever get to head the IRS, the level and types of grueling regulations imposed upon the nation would be unbelievable. And finally, an Intelack has been elected President of the United States of America, and every Department, Bureau, and agency has become his personal experiment in sexual perversion.
The only counter to the mischief and debilitating harm an Intelack can do with power is to never place an Intelack in a position of power. In order to do this, the nation will have to [unless it is already too late] change its focus on what is good, and what is evil? No one should be given a position of power unless that person is an ENLIGHTENED INIVIDUAL.


Brother James

About the Intelack Personality

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