Three Reasons Acquiring Spirituality is so DIFFICULT…

Reasons in order of difficulty…

1, the most difficult reason:  Let me explain this reason in this way… Look in a mirror, and what you are looking for is your Spirituality, which is invisible, and thus, the ONLY part of you that can “see” your own Spirituality is a little-known aspect of your Apapsyche [Operational Energy of your Soul]… called “Intuition,” which is also invisible, and cannot be perceived by your brain, or your MIND.

2,  the second most difficult reason is this:  The vast majority of leaders in Christianity insist that the term “faith” can do the same thing that experiential Knowledge of your Spirituality can do.  This is like saying that if you ‘think’ about a new car hard enough, when you walk outside, a new car will be in your driveway.  Only  problem with this is that only you can “see” the car.  And good luck on getting it registered.

3. the third most difficult reason is this:  The third reason acquiring your Spirituality is difficult is your MIND [which is invisible], and it also has a little-known faculty I refer to as the “DM=SI,” Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity.  This fully invisible process of the MIND operates automatically, and it’s purpose is to prevent you from becoming aware of what your MIND holds hidden within itself… AND also, any part of your Spiritual dimension, which includes your Soul, and its Apapsyche… is also invisible to, and fearful to, your MIND.

So, other than these three difficult challenges, there is nothing preventing you from discovering your Spirituality… if your Soul has completed the necessary Karma to have  acquired the Knowledge of your Spirituality, which is, of course, invisible to both your brain and your MIND.


Brother James

Three Reasons Acquiring Spirituality is so DIFFICULT…

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