Another bit from book…

God is the primordial Energy of existence, in other words. God is the Void, and the Word which is NSgy.
And the mystics tell us that God projected a stepped-down NSgy into the void, and Creation began. Does this mean that Creation is not Perfect? I believe it must suggest this, and quite likely explains the reason the entire Creation is in flux, all the time.
Near-perfection might appear to Man to be perfect, or as perfect as Man can perceive? But for me, Perfect means no change, ever. And so I imagine God to be Perfect, and thus, God never changes, while the Creation he projected changes as part of its very nature.
So, is the Soul destined to change? I say no, and I suggest that the Soul is the same NSgy as that of God, with one exception. That is, the Soul that is Pure is NSgy, and the MIND which God attached to each Soul is the key to whether a Soul achieves Perfection or not?
And by “key,” I mean how does a Soul use the MIND that is attached to it? It can do whatever it wants… but, with the Law of Karma as the primary principle of Creation, every action means a reaction equal to the action. And the Law of Karma is not sort of, or kind of, it is Absolute. And it is cumulative and the Karma collected is ONLY influenced by Acceptance.
The MIND is a part of Creation, and thus, not NSgy. The Soul, being NSgy, is Neutral, and thus as purely untouched as can be… until it begins to acquire the “C-Awar” [Conscious Awareness] of experience, which [in Creation] means the operation of the Law of Karma.
Might we suggest that NSgy, being Neutral, naturally takes-on the emotional energy of the MIND as its own identity? This has been my experience in over 30 years working as a Psychotherapist. The behavior of people directly plays out the conditions and beliefs of their MINDs. And, the only way to alter the behavior is to eliminate the deeply repressed misperceptions held ’Within’ the MIND of a person.
And every bit of misperception the MIND of a person takes-on at the time of birth is [in some way] a part of that person’s Fate Karma his or her Soul designed for this lifetime. So, as the amount of stored Karma builds ’Within’ the MIND of a person, it cannot help but influence the personality, psychology, and behavior of that person.
As stated above, would this not seem to condemn a person to a losing proposition? I mean, where does an equal influence of Spirituality enter into the mix?
Look around yourself, and ask yourself: “If I was a child, what influence would TV, videos, music, and even commercials have on my MIND regarding what is right, and what is wrong?
Disheartening, isn’t it?

But, all is not lost. Peace,

Brother James

Another bit from book…

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