Bit from new book…

The short definition of the Law of Karma is this: As you sow, so shall you reap. And, when you apply this to every living thing… emphasis on the term “thing,” you have a self-contained, self-operating, and self-fulfilling operation that is [almost] endless.
In physics, this same law is explained in this way: For every action, you have an equal and opposite reaction. So, both animate and inanimate phenomena are included in the Law of Karma.
So, you take an action [this the Yang aspect of Karma], and that same action will be returned to you [and this is the Yin aspect of Karma]. The Yang action is the male-outgoing force, and the Yin action is the female-ingoing force.
I suggested that the cycle of Karma, once begun, tends to be continual, and it is “almost” without end. The only thing that can end a cycle of Karma is “forgiveness”. And in this instance, forgiveness means fully accepting responsibility for ones experience of Karma. And this means, accepting that no part of this Karma would be happening to oneself, if oneself did not first initiate the Karma one is experiencing.
And… what could be more ‘fair’ than this? You do something, and then at some future time, that “something” is done to you? Sowing and Reaping is the Law of Karma.
I have said for a long time that the Purpose of Life is for we Souls to do Karma. I began saying this because it is true, and it seemed amusing at the time. It is still amusing, but also tragic in that so few people in the West are aware of the Purpose of Life?
And, unless one awakens to ones ignorance, the Law of Karma is not as amusing as it is tragic.
I mean… just think of the millions of incidents that take place daily in which people are harming, abusing, and even murdering each other… and in the West, hardly anyone stops to realize they are all REACTING to their own previous actions [now being reaped].
Like a giant one man stage performance where one is fighting oneself — envisioned in a mirror as a culprit who, unrecognized as oneself, is taking the exact same action against oneself as one took against another.
Is mankind blind to the truth? Until each person individually awakens to the “game” he or she is playing, then the game remains truly insane [quite brilliant in conception], but nonetheless, insane. And so precisely correct, how can it be held guilty of wrong-doing?
The Fact is, since God designed the Law of Karma, which is Perfect, it is not God that needs to forgive we Souls for doing what he designed… is it?
It is we Souls that must, using the Law of Karma, over an extended number of Ages… finally awaken to what we have been doing since the beginning of the Creation, and with utter humility, forgive ourselves.
Most essential Secret of Forgiveness is… Ones Soul must forgive itself for its massive use of freedom to act negatively. The difficulty of forgiving oneself for that which one believes oneself to be a victim… is quite a challenge. Perhaps the quintessential paradox of Life?


Brother James

Bit from new book…

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