The Physical and Esoteric REASONS for there being two types of people on Earth?

In the beginning, it is said [by mystics] that there was a void.  And into that void, God projected a stepped-down energy, and that energy  became the Creation.

Now, there is a great deal of controversy regarding what those mystics meant, essentially because there is no satisfactory, that is definitive, explanation that can be gleaned from the words they spoke.  And this blog begins at that very point of controversy, because what is responsible for the controversy is the fact that there are two very different types of people on Earth.

You see, or more likely you do not [as yet] see… we human beings differ in ways that are invisible to us, and thus, we cannot, by simply looking at one another, see the difference I am talking about.  And the reason is because what makes us different is the level of Spiritual Evolution a person’s Soul has acquired — and each Soul is unique in how much, what kind, and to what extent it has acquired what results in this Spiritual Evolution.

The questions that are before the reader are these:  What is it that produces this Spiritual Evolution?  And, how does ones Soul go about acquiring whatever it is that results in this Spiritual Evolution?  An additional question that might occur to the reader is this:  How is it we fail to realize what I am about to explain?

There is the term “Enlightenment,” and this term refers to a person whose Soul has acquired a certain level of whatever it is that produces Spiritual Evolution… which one might imagine would suggest that an expanse in Spiritual Evolution might indicate  growth, maturation, or an increase in Consciousness.  And, it does.

However, and here is where we begin to separate as human beings.  The following terms might be familiar to you, but how many of these terms can you point to as something with which you have “experiential Knowledge”?

Knowledge, MIND, Soul, Consciousness, Spirit, Truth, or God?

Now, since these [and even more such “things” exist], and yet no once seems able to convey [experiential Knowledge] of these things … one to another… how do we deal with these things amongst ourselves?

The sad fact is, we don’t.   And would you believe that on Earth, in 2016, three-quarters of the whole of Man is ignored, denied, and thought by a portion of mankind to be a part of the “unknown” of Life that Man is not intended to KNOW?

I refer to those people who believe that the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man are not meant to be known as Intelack type people.  And the people who are more open to [and in fact, many are able to do what the Intelack say cannot be done], and I refer to these individuals as the Enlightened type people.

So, two types of people on Earth.  Those who fear the unknown, and are convinced that Man is not meant to Know certain things, and the Enlightened people who are abused when they try to share what they KNOW. The physical reason is simply that the Esoteric can’t be seen via physical means.  The Esoteric reason there are two types of people on Earth is that it is the natural result of a slow march of Souls up the Ladder of Life, and those who can “see” are more Enlightened.


Brother James

The Physical and Esoteric REASONS for there being two types of people on Earth?

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