Why a person who denies God should be labeled dumb.

It is, of course, unkind to call anyone derogatory names. However, if we can make Atheism so distasteful, crass, and well…dumb, then perhaps we might encourage those people who are less than Enlightened to at least not take pride in being dumb.

You see, anyone who advertises him or herself  an Atheist [which means someone who does not believe in God], is telling us he or she has a Soul that is not Enlightened.  In other words, the person who proudly states “I am an Atheist,” is announcing he or she has a Soul that has not [as yet] accumulated much “C’etc” [pronounced ‘C_etcetera’}, and C’etc stands for  the Virtues of Life: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding].

The Purpose of Life [or the Reality of Life] is for we Souls to explore and experience everything NSgy can be?  And the reason for this is that we Souls are aspects of God,  projected into the Creation eons ago.  But, the point is this:   God is Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy, and we Souls,  as aspects of God, are composed of the same Energy as that of God.  And yes, this is a new concept for most people.

To try and convey what NSgy means… let me ask you what you know that is “Neutral”?  And let me save you time, it is most unlikely you will think of something that is Neutral. And the reason is NSgy is invisible to everything other than NSgy itself.  So, your Soul can see God, but your physical eyes cannot.

This helps to explain the reason we, using our physical senses, cannot perceive our own Souls. So, until you are Enlightened enough that you can Intuit your Spiritual Energy, you remain blind to the only part of you that is Real, in an absolute sense.  Now, isn’t that interesting?

So, back to dumb [or more precisely, unenlightened], the Atheist is simply someone whose Soul is unenlightened.   So, feel sorry for the Atheist, but do not for a moment allow the Atheist to get away with the delusional notion that being confined to Intellectualism is a good thing.  There is nothing about being unenlightened that is positive.


Brother James


Why a person who denies God should be labeled dumb.

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