A bit from new book…

Now… you may understand what I have written via your intellect? And this is a good thing. But… it is not the “best” thing possible. The best possible form of understanding is to Intuit bits of Truth in the form of a bit of Intuition, in which a bit of TRUTH is intuited by ones faculty Intuition in the form a concept… in which all the aspects and features of that particular concept are KNOWN Empathetically by ones Conscious Awareness, or one’s “C-Awar, “ which his my symbol for Conscious Awareness… which is what Rene Descartes was searching for when he settled for “I”.
So, the ultimate form of KNOWING is C’etc, or an elevated level of Consciousness, which is only available via a person’s Soul awakening to bits of TRUTH via its faculty of Intuition.
There is no SUBSTITUTE for this process of Enlightenment. It is the Purpose of Life, which was designed by, Created by, and operated by God. And three elements are involved in this Purpose of Life. These are: The Soul; Truth; and the Law of Karma.
God designed the Law of Karma to administer His Law, and Knowledge consists of bits of Truth, which are the results of Completed Karma, Intuited by ones faculty of Intuition, into ones “C-Awar” . And none of this has anything at all to do with ones brain, ones intellect, or Intellectualism.
The Intelack is as far from Enlightenment as a person can be… and yet, to look at the Intelack, no one would know how far that Soul has to go before it begins to awaken to C’etc?
And this is the reason mankind finds life so very difficult in the End of this Age of Man. The Iron Age of Man, or the End Time, has millions of Souls incarnating into the Earth plane to engage in and experience the most negative things human beings can do.

Brother James

A bit from new book…

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