A bit about Knowledge from new book

So, what Christ said, and all Masters say, is true! The negativity of a person is simply an expression of ignorance and lack of Enlightenment, which one, if one is to be honest… must FORGIVE, and in a way that does not hurt the other person’s feelings.
It may not seem fair that an Enlightened person must assume responsibility for those less Enlightened, but that is what is required of one who is Enlightened. And on the Earth plane, where those who lack Enlightenment are taking advantage of their ignorance, the difficult task of the Enlightened person is to accept as far as possible the abuse of the less Enlightened. But on this Earth plane, the admonition of Christ to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s gives us a clue.
To not react to nor respond to the ignorance of a person in kind… may seem difficult! But isn’t that what your level of Enlightenment is for? The challenge exists precisely for the Enlightened person to practice his or her Enlightenment… and not drop into the pit of ignorance… which is more difficult to climb out of than to jump into.
Even using an advanced from of math, a person might symbolize a bit of Truth as a formula [like E=MC squared], but unless you possess the exact same bit of Truth ’Within’ your own Apapsyche… [Having acquired it via your own experiential awareness of Truth by completing the Karma necessary to acquire that bit of Truth] you will not “see” that Truth.
As you can hopefully recognize, the explanation of how Knowledge is awakened ’Within’ oneself is not an easy thing to explain!
There is no SUBSTITUTE for this process of Enlightenment. It is the Purpose of Life, which was designed by, Created by, and operated by God. And three elements are involved in this Purpose of Life. These are: The Soul; Truth; and the Law of Karma.
God designed the Law of Karma to administer His Law, and Knowledge consists of bits of Truth, which are the results of Completed Karma, Intuited by ones faculty of Intuition, into ones “C-Awar” [Conscience Awareness].  And none of this has anything at all to do with ones brain, ones intellect, or Intellectualism.

No doubt this is all quite frustrating to the Intelack type individual.

Peace, Brother James

A bit about Knowledge from new book

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