Are You a Gnostic, or a Christian?

And… more to the point… do you know what the difference is?  My point is this:  It is quite possible to be an “intellectual” Christian, and not possess an awakened Spirit Within yourself. And it is not possible to be a Gnostic until one’s Soul has awakened to the Gnostic Reality Within oneself. Let me try to illustrate my point.


The “Path of Christianity” is for a normal human being to awaken to the Spiritual dimension hidden Within oneself.  Now, this awakening is for the Soul and it is personal, and the awakening is not due to the sect, religion, or group to which one belongs.  A Soul is “ready” to begin awakening when that Soul has accumulated a sufficient amount of “C’etc” [or the Virtues of Life,or Consciousness].

And the person whose Soul is ready… may be of any race, ethnic background,  rich or poor, educated or illiterate, or young or old?   Again, to truly comprehend the workings of the Spirit and the Soul of Man, one must be open to more of what Man is?   Alas, this itself requires a certain level of Enlightenment that most people do not possess.  It also requires one to step outside of the fears and prejudices one has been taught.

The term “Consciousness” is thought to be known by many educated people.  But, what they believe they KNOW about Consciousness consists of Abstract ideas meant to fool a person into believing that he or she “knows” things that he or she has not actually experienced.   And I refer to this process… and the information this process provides as Delusional Thinking, or “D-Think”.  And D-Think are thoughts fed to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain by ones MIND.

But if you are not familiar with your MIND [which many are not] that is yet another area of the unknown that must be addressed before we can properly discuss any of what this blog is about.  And isn’t that a strange thing for me to write?  I mean, who do I imagine myself to be… that I would suggest those reading this might not be able to understanding what I am pointing to with my writing?    Well, since I KNOW what I am writing, and I also KNOW that what I am writing “about” cannot be conveyed by the words I am using…  does  what I just said make sense?

That is… the term “Esoteric” refers to phenomena which cannot be perceived by the brain and physical senses.  This means that there are physical phenomena and there are invisible phenomena.  The brain can experience the physical phenomena, but the brain cannot experience phenomena that is not physical.  And being non-physical, such Esoteric phenomena are invisible to the brain and physical senses.

Generally speaking, Man refers to the Esoteric phenomena of Life as either the “unknown,” or we coin or create words or labels to stand for,or point to that which we cannot perceive with our physical senses.  These terms, labels or symbols are called “Abstract words, terms, labels or symbols”.

One example of this is the word “Soul”.  No one on Earth has seen a Soul.  And yet, most people believe they “know” what the Soul is.  What causes us to “think” we know something we really do not know… is our MINDs.  And even the term MIND is an “Abstract Term”.  That is, many people confuse the term brain and the term MIND as being one in the same.  People do this because BS&bp [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’] has no idea what the difference between the brain and the MIND is.  And so, those people trained in “psychology” by those in change of BS&bp [at least since the early 1900s], receive no training  in the subject of  Psychology that was given to the world by the ancient Greeks, some 2,000 years ago.

The result of this is that Western civilization has received less and less education regarding the whole of Man for over a century.   And this denial of three-quarters of the whole of Man has had a deleterious impact on removing the West from the whole of Man.  This impact has been gradual, and thus subtle, but it has also been substantial.  With no training in either the MIND, or any  of the many   Esoteric phenomena that exist ‘Within’ Man, it would not be surprising that  today, in 2016, mankind knows less about the whole human being that we did a century ago.  Today, it is not uncommon to have many educated individuals completely unaware of the MIND, or how important it is in understanding Man?

But that is just an aspect of a giant problem Man has on this Earth.  At the Core of this problem is the term “Intelack” [defined Here].


Peace, Brother James

Are You a Gnostic, or a Christian?

Why Esochology instead of psychology?

The reason I developed the term “Esochology,” which combines the prefix “Eso” from Esoteric, and the “logy” [a study of] part of psychology, in the 1990s, was because the term “psychology” no longer means what the ancient Greeks, who discovered the Esoteric dimensions of Man, some 2,000 years ago, intended the term Psychology to mean.  How do we know this?  Psychology was formed by combining the term “psyche,” which is Greek, and it is defined as “Self, Soul, and Mind,” [which are all Esoteric or invisible] dimensions of Man],  and thus the term Psychology refers to the study of the invisible dimensions of Man.

In the early 1900’s, B.F. Skinner [a behavioral scientist -or someone who denies and ignores the “Self, Soul and MIND” of Man], and thus unable to perceive the Esoteric dimensions of Man [because he was an Intelack], declared that a focus of Man that includes ONLY the physical aspects of Man was a “better way” to study and treat Man.  Many in the field of Psychology at the time [apparently] had no idea that Skinner was an Intelack [since neither the concept nor the term Intelack  existed in the early 1900s], and so, they did not object to his [Delusional Thinking — explained momentarily],  and allowed he and his other behavioral scientists to call themselves “psychologists” [if interested, research Intelack Here].

Let us continue… after I quickly explain what the phrase “Delusional Thinking” means?  The MIND of Man has a primary process I refer to as the “DM=SI” of the MIND. And the symbol ‘DM=SI’ refers to Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity.  In other words,  the MIND has the ability to feed the Left-Hemisphere [L-H] of the brain Delusional Thoughts [D-Think], and the brain is unable to differentiate this D-Think from its regular thinking… [if interested, research Here].  To make a long story short, the Intelack type individual has a very active DM=SI, and because the Intelack “lacks” so much Consciousness… he or she has a highly active DM=SI.  This results in the Intelack being unable [depending how much denial of the Esoteric dimensions of Life the particular Intelack is subject to]… which prevents the Intelack from experiencing the Esoteric dimensions of Man.  And the Intelack is fully unaware of this inability, and is often compensated with an abundance of Intellectualism [which means high intellect and little or no access to emotionality].  Emotional energy is the energy of the MIND, by the way.

a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g., faith unfaithful kept him falsely true )….

Therefore… to call oneself a “psychologist” [a person who studies the Esoteric dimensions of Man… [based on what the ancient Greeks intended the term Psychology to mean]…and “know” nothing about the MIND, one is being untruthful, dishonest, or simply ignorant.  I believe the case today is just ignorance.  Those people who are licensed today have no idea they have been grossly misinformed by teachers who are themselves grossly misinformed… by Intelack instructors who have no idea they are Intelack type individuals?

the net result of this denial of the whole of Man has resulted in  many [perhaps even most] licensed psychologists in America today having absolutely no idea what the MIND is, where it is, or how one goes about dealing with the MIND when the MIND is in conflict?  I refer to those in mental health who are trained in denial of the whole of Man as students of “BS&bp”[ Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology’].


What do I mean?  Well, today the word ‘psychology’ has been badly misinterpreted  by individuals lacking in sufficient Consciousness to realize what they are doing? That is, there is a type person… I refer to such a person as an ‘Intelack type person, and an Intelack type person is someone whose Soul has not [as yet] acquired a sufficient amount of “C’etc” [research Here]


Why Esochology instead of psychology?

Philosophy vs Psychology & “conditionals”

There are those in philosophy who argue about everything because they lack Knowledge of the Truth.  And yet, they have no idea that they lack the ability to experience Truth.

Although they would maintain that ones view of the truth is at best theoretical, or subject to proof.  What a convenient way for an Intelack individual [ a person who lacks the ability to KNOW Truth] to rationalize his inability… by projecting his inability to others, he presumes share in his inability.

The long admired ritual of “Conditionals” [If A, then B] of Plato, Aristotle, etc, is all about using the intellect to avoid acknowledging that one is incapable of experiencing Truth.  The simple fact is… Truth is an Absolute, and thus, it is not conditional at all.

The historical way the intellectual avoids having to admit ignorance is by demanding that Enlightened people [physically prove that which is not physical].  Again, Truth is not tangible, nor is it capable of change.  Truth is an Absolute in that it cannot change, nor can it be other than it is, ever.  God is Truth. Reality is Truth.  That some people are incapable of experiencing Truth is also True.

What is unfortunate is that Enlightened people on Earth allow the fear of Intelack type people to force them to not demand that Truth is Real, and that it is the ignorance of the Intelack type person who is unable to experience Truth or Spiritual Reality that is the problem in the World.

Until the Enlightened individuals demand the Intelack PROVE THERE IS NO GOD,  the Enlightened will be held up to ridicule by the fear of the Intelack type people.  It is well past time to reverse this trend.  The Intelack is a natural class of human being that  “lacks” sufficient Spiritual Evolution to enable his or her Soul to resist the ideas and demands of his/her MIND.  It it time for the Enlightened of Earth to push back against the hysterical fear of the Intelack type people… is it not?

Peace, Brother James

Philosophy vs Psychology & “conditionals”

Bits from my new book…

In other words, the Intelack, like Skinner, is like a wild animal, and whenever the MIND of such people sense they might be in danger of being exposed to the Truth, their MINDs engage the DM=SI and these people are “protected” from perceiving anything that might expose them to what they are not as yet ready to awaken to? Or put another way, the Intelack is protected from discovering the Truth, and their MINDs will cause them to “think” that the person conveying the Truth is an enemy that needs to be destroyed.

And no, I am not being melodramatic. The Intelack is very dangerous when pushed into a corner, and will become quite violent if his or her MIND feels threatened?
An excellent example of this would be Senator Ted Cruz, and how hated he is by certain members of Congress whose corrupt MINDs feel threatened by the Truth that Senator Cruz speaks. And a nation that is more asleep than awake, listens to the liars in Congress and join in the hate Cruz rhetoric of Congress.

Has America called down upon itself its own destruction? I fear that it has, and it may be too late to effect an adequate turn-around at this point? We will just have to wait and see, won’t we?

I believe the Great Tribulation is but 3.5 years ahead, but the pain and suffering has already begun for much of the world. The US is just a matter of months behind Europe. But, You Tube, and the social media generally is filled with warnings of the concentration [internment] camps that Obama and Johnson are getting ready for those Americans who might try and resist Obama handing the US over to the UN.

Not many Americans are aware that Obama has been working quite diligently [no doubt encouraged by Soros], to have himself voted into the position of the Head of the United Nations.  Look this up on You Tube, it is scary  how close Obama is to making this happen.

Peace, Brother James

Bits from my new book…