Bits from my new book…

In other words, the Intelack, like Skinner, is like a wild animal, and whenever the MIND of such people sense they might be in danger of being exposed to the Truth, their MINDs engage the DM=SI and these people are “protected” from perceiving anything that might expose them to what they are not as yet ready to awaken to? Or put another way, the Intelack is protected from discovering the Truth, and their MINDs will cause them to “think” that the person conveying the Truth is an enemy that needs to be destroyed.

And no, I am not being melodramatic. The Intelack is very dangerous when pushed into a corner, and will become quite violent if his or her MIND feels threatened?
An excellent example of this would be Senator Ted Cruz, and how hated he is by certain members of Congress whose corrupt MINDs feel threatened by the Truth that Senator Cruz speaks. And a nation that is more asleep than awake, listens to the liars in Congress and join in the hate Cruz rhetoric of Congress.

Has America called down upon itself its own destruction? I fear that it has, and it may be too late to effect an adequate turn-around at this point? We will just have to wait and see, won’t we?

I believe the Great Tribulation is but 3.5 years ahead, but the pain and suffering has already begun for much of the world. The US is just a matter of months behind Europe. But, You Tube, and the social media generally is filled with warnings of the concentration [internment] camps that Obama and Johnson are getting ready for those Americans who might try and resist Obama handing the US over to the UN.

Not many Americans are aware that Obama has been working quite diligently [no doubt encouraged by Soros], to have himself voted into the position of the Head of the United Nations.  Look this up on You Tube, it is scary  how close Obama is to making this happen.

Peace, Brother James

Bits from my new book…

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