Philosophy vs Psychology & “conditionals”

There are those in philosophy who argue about everything because they lack Knowledge of the Truth.  And yet, they have no idea that they lack the ability to experience Truth.

Although they would maintain that ones view of the truth is at best theoretical, or subject to proof.  What a convenient way for an Intelack individual [ a person who lacks the ability to KNOW Truth] to rationalize his inability… by projecting his inability to others, he presumes share in his inability.

The long admired ritual of “Conditionals” [If A, then B] of Plato, Aristotle, etc, is all about using the intellect to avoid acknowledging that one is incapable of experiencing Truth.  The simple fact is… Truth is an Absolute, and thus, it is not conditional at all.

The historical way the intellectual avoids having to admit ignorance is by demanding that Enlightened people [physically prove that which is not physical].  Again, Truth is not tangible, nor is it capable of change.  Truth is an Absolute in that it cannot change, nor can it be other than it is, ever.  God is Truth. Reality is Truth.  That some people are incapable of experiencing Truth is also True.

What is unfortunate is that Enlightened people on Earth allow the fear of Intelack type people to force them to not demand that Truth is Real, and that it is the ignorance of the Intelack type person who is unable to experience Truth or Spiritual Reality that is the problem in the World.

Until the Enlightened individuals demand the Intelack PROVE THERE IS NO GOD,  the Enlightened will be held up to ridicule by the fear of the Intelack type people.  It is well past time to reverse this trend.  The Intelack is a natural class of human being that  “lacks” sufficient Spiritual Evolution to enable his or her Soul to resist the ideas and demands of his/her MIND.  It it time for the Enlightened of Earth to push back against the hysterical fear of the Intelack type people… is it not?

Peace, Brother James

Philosophy vs Psychology & “conditionals”

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