From what I have seen thus far, and heard from Sean Hannity,  Newt Gingrich, and others… Is that the 1-worlder [ basically Marxist] mentality in government in DC, has used Mueller to use his position as Special Prosecutor, to use Trump-hater citizens of DC [the Grand Jury], as a means of prosecuting Trump for any kind of crime they can find, reaching back as far as they want to go.

Now, my question is this:   Has the Democrats, Marxists, and career bureaucrats in DC, painted Trump and the American citizens into a corner that the only way out is to actually eliminate Muller and the Democrat lawyers he has hired [like the Clinton’s eliminate those who might expose them?], and is this what good people are now forced to do in order to have any justice at all?

I mean, has the Congress become so corrupt that it is now completely useless?

If this is the case,  then who is able to defend we the people?  And how do we go about arranging such protection?

Brother James…


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