Blog # 1 Let us Begin at the Beginning…

We are told that God is “Within” Man.

What does that mean?   It is not surprising that this seemingly strange statement is not understood?  It is not understood because the statement is misleading.

The word “Within” refers to the fact that the Energy of God is accessible to oneself by transferring one’s Conscious Awareness [C-Awar], via Intuition, into the Higher MIND,  which is also the upper part of the Brahmanda Region of Creation.

Is that where God is?  No, but it is where Man can make contact with Truth, which is Knowledge of God.

The Whole of Man is composed of four simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate vibrational dimensions.  The reason people in the West do not know this is that mental health and education in the West ignores, denies, and refuses to deal with the Esoteric dimensions of Man.  The reason for this is fear of the unknown.

Unless a person is taught about the unknown of Life, a person naturally fears what is not known? With education failing to teach about the Reality of Life, we in the West are taught to ignore, deny, or pretend that three-quarters of who and what Man is, does not matter.  From inside out, Man is composed of a Spiritual dimension; a Lower MIND dimension; A Higher MIND dimension, and a Physical dimension.

The only dimension we can see with our physical senses is the physical dimension. This means three-quarters of who and what we are, are ignored. So, for further research on this, try THIS

Peace, Brother James.

Blog # 1 Let us Begin at the Beginning…

What is the difference between “why” and “reason”?

The essential difference between the terms “why” and that of “reason” is quite strange.  The term “why” is connected to the brain and thinking.  Whereas, the term “reason” subtly requests that which lies behind what the brain “thinks”?

The problem is… very few individuals “know” what lies behind what causes the brain  to think?  What lies behind the brain and its thinking is the MIND.  And the MIND is composed of two Esoteric [which means invisible]  parts, neither of which is physical.  Actually, the Lower MIND is composed of the energy of the Astral region of Creation, and the Higher MIND is composed of the energy of the Causal region of Creation.

And to comprehend the MIND, it is helpful to understand that the Whole of oneself is composed of four simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate vibrational energy realms, each with its own unique range of resonance.

Or, put another way… Man, from inside out… consists of the Spiritual dimension, the MIND dimension, and the physical dimension.  The MIND actually consists of two aspects, and thus the Whole of Man is composed of four dimensions.

And when I use the term “reason,” I am asking about the operation of the MIND, not the brain.  And the operation of the MIND takes place in levels which are invisible to the brain and physical senses.

When I ask about the “why” of something, I am asking the brain to explain the physical attributes of something?  So, when I ask the “reason” a Homosexual is a Homosexual?   I am asking about the MIND of a person, not the brain of a person?

So, when I ask “why” a person is a Homosexual, I am asking the brain to explain that which it will never experience.  And this is the “reason” modern mental health [which is all about the brain and thinking] is unable to answer the question!

That is, those in modern mental health, or BS&bp , have no idea what the MIND is, where it is, or what to do about it?  And, to try to apply the term “why” to the illness of Homosexuality inquires of the brain things the brain will never know.

In closing… “why” asks the brain to answer.  And “reason” asks what is going on within a person’s MIND?

Peace, Brother James


What is the difference between “why” and “reason”?

OPEN LETTER TO MENTAL HEALTH [especially those who were taught about the MIND of Man]…

I presume most people in America have heard about the attempted Coup many Democrats in Congress just attempted against President Trump…

The hand of the Homosexual, LGBT, and sexually conflicted Pedophile lobby in Congress shows itself in this most blatant  and appalling attempt to destroy America rather than face the fact sexually conflicted MINDs need treatment, not to play patty-cake in the military.

Modern Mental Health, with its denial of the MIND of Man, and its denial of the Esoteric dimensions operating “Within” Man… as part of the Psychology of the Whole Human Being,  is a most misguided situation… however,  this dangerous situation is  the natural outcome of a century of denial of the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of Man by modern mental health, or I  “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”].

This denial of three-quarters of the Whole of Man began in the early 1900s, and it was instigated by B.F. Skinner, and a groups of scientists, none of whom knew anything about Psychology, except how to spell the term.

For those interested in learning more about the actual Psychology of the Whole Human Being,  you might try this, and click on any item that might be of interest to you?

Most sane individuals “know” that the sexual deviant has a mental disorder, or a MIND that is in conflict.  BS&bp has not taught about the MIND for over a century, so the fact so many in America are not up to speed about the MIND and how it works is quite understandable.  But this denial of mental illness, and thus, the proper treatment of those who suffer from a MIND in conflict, has resulted in a massive growth of sexual deviance in America, and in much of the world today.

The primary symptom of a sexually deviant MIND is “denial of the illness”.  And a secondary symptom is a driving need to make others view one’s illness as normal, natural… and that nothing can be done about this illness.  The fact is, all sexually conflicted or Delusional thoughts regarding deviant sexuality are CAUSED by deeply repressed trauma occurring “Within” a person’s MIND  at or near the time of that person’s birth.  And of course none of this is part of a person’s conscious awareness.

But my point is this:   If you are approached by anyone in government about President’ Trumps BAN ON FORCING healthy and normal people in the military to put up with mentally ill individuals who are sexual deviants … please attempt to explain to such people that sexual deviancy is not like brown hair, or green eyes.

Sexual deviancy is a mental illness, and it is often so bad that it seriously interferes with the thought patterns, and Discretion of those who are mentally ill.  Their MINDs of course are in denial of their illness.

Please do what you can to fight back against this sexual deviancy lobby in government.  It must not be allowed, since it represents a serious interference in the combat readiness of the entire military.

Peace, Brother James

James W. Patterson, Ph.D.


OPEN LETTER TO MENTAL HEALTH [especially those who were taught about the MIND of Man]…


From what I have seen thus far, and heard from Sean Hannity,  Newt Gingrich, and others… Is that the 1-worlder [ basically Marxist] mentality in government in DC, has used Mueller to use his position as Special Prosecutor, to use Trump-hater citizens of DC [the Grand Jury], as a means of prosecuting Trump for any kind of crime they can find, reaching back as far as they want to go.

Now, my question is this:   Has the Democrats, Marxists, and career bureaucrats in DC, painted Trump and the American citizens into a corner that the only way out is to actually eliminate Muller and the Democrat lawyers he has hired [like the Clinton’s eliminate those who might expose them?], and is this what good people are now forced to do in order to have any justice at all?

I mean, has the Congress become so corrupt that it is now completely useless?

If this is the case,  then who is able to defend we the people?  And how do we go about arranging such protection?

Brother James…


Transvestite & Mental Illness

The penchant for the mentally  conflicted individual to try and avoid the proper descriptive title for his or her mental illness is a natural thing for such a MIND to do.  But Homosexuality and Transvestism are both perfectly accurate and proper terms to use to describe those suffering from these mental conditions.

What is also natural  for those in modern mental health who have no idea what they are doing… is for them to claim that what they do not understand [which is a conflicted condition of the MIND],  is a “natural biological condition”.  What else can they do… when they have no idea what causes the condition they are charging big bucks to correct?

Rather than admit to their ignorance, it is much easier to erroneously claim that a serious mental condition is a natural thing for a person to have.  Should this gross disinformation not be a crime?  I mean, intentionally exacerbating the delusional mental conditions of people is certainly not a proper thing to do… is it?

Well, no, it is not a “proper” thing to do, but it is a most lucrative thing to do, and as long as these people are not worried about being exposed… well, greed is quite OK, isn’t it?  At least a great many in Congress believe corruption, if not caught, is quite OK to do.

Who do you know that is trained in the Study of the MIND?  Because only someone trained in the Esoteric [which means invisible] MIND would know, or recognize, the scam modern mental health is running on America.

Modern Mental Health, or “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology”] teaches a curriculum based on what B.F. Skinner said in the early 1900s.  Let us consider this quote from B.F. Skinner: The Man and his Ideas, by Richard I Evans,  New York: E.P. Dutton & Co. 1968:

“A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.”  Underline is my emphasis.

Skinner is referring to the MIND, although  to mention the actual word MIND would have likely been  experienced as a threat to his own MIND [ of which he  was quite ignorant].  The quote clearly tells us that Skinner was an Intelack type individual, and thus, he was quite ignorant of his own MIND, or its operations.

BS&bp has spread widely and has pretty much dominated both the fields of mental health and that of  “psychology” today.  The reason is quite simple to explain.  To study the MIND, a person must be fairly Enlightened [that is, possess a substantial amount of Consciousness], and be  willing to undergo a thorough program of personal Gestalt Psychotherapy… designed to help that person explore, discover, and eliminate  a number of deeply repressed  emotions from the time of that person’s birth.

This process of personal exploration of his or her MIND is the ONLY way in which a person can “experience” the NON-PHYSICAL energy of the MIND. And the natural fear we human beings have to let go of thinking, and to dive deep into the abyss of the  MIND… is quite intense, and for the most part fully non-conscious to us.

It is therefore understandable that the tens of thousands of people who found Skinner’s promise that they would not have to explore their own MINDs in order to study his  Intellectualized  non-Psychology… a very attractive proposition for them.  As a consequence, there are thousands of fully licensed people in mental health today who have no idea what the MIND is, where it is, or how it operates?

I’m sorry to be the bearer of such bad news, but it is time for this old man to speak out, because the youth and Veteran suicides must be addressed, and if possible, stopped, by providing them at least the proper information regarding the source of their confusion,  anxiety and fear, is to be found in  the conflicted nature of their  own MINDs.

Peace, Brother James


Transvestite & Mental Illness

Memory Loss… and what can be done about it?

One of the problems with aging is that normally older people have not spent most of their lives studying about the MIND, and the brain.  And, unless you know how the MIND works [and what it’s Purpose is?], by the time you are in your later years… you have lost sufficient memory that you can’t remember what you wanted to try and not forget?

The MIND is not unlike a computer in that it keeps active that which is used, and shoves that which is not used into areas that are considered unimportant.  For instance, if you had a stroke, or you injured yourself so that you were laid up for some time… it would not be wise to jump into your car and head for the nearest on-ramp.

For most people, the MIND operates the brain, and again… like a computer, if you do not exercise the brain regarding a wide range of things, those things you do not exercise thought about… are pushed into bins labeled “unnecessary,” and they quickly become  very difficult to remember.

If you do not know what the difference between the physical brain, and the MIND  [which is essentially invisible] is… then you need to know, ASAP [as soon as possible].

Your brain is a physical muscle that resides within your skull.  It has some remarkable qualities to it, but it is also greatly overrated.  On the other hand, your MIND is a “other-worldly” wonder, without which a human being would die instantly. And  yet, modern mental health treats we human beings as thought our MINDs don’t even exist.  Imagine that! Your MIND is only slightly less important than your Soul, and yet modern mental health ignores your MIND entirely.

The reason for this is truly important [in many ways], and we will discuss this in the next blog.

Peace, Brother James


When Does One Lose Fear?

The deeper question is this:   What causes fear?

And the answer is this:  Fear is the natural emotion of the unknown, which is the natural existence of Spirituality when in  its inexperienced form, which is the form in which it is normally active “Within” those who are not Enlightened.

If this sounds like a puzzle, it is a puzzle: In fact… it is the Puzzle of Life. A puzzle because Spirituality is perceived as Nothing by the brain, physical senses, and the MIND.  Therefore, Nothing is correctly  referred to as the “unknown” when it can only be perceived as nothing.  But Nothing is neither Nothing, nor is it the unknown, because it is the Energy of the Spirit that exists in the Soul of Man.

Mystics have many names for this ‘unknown,’ and Christ referred to it as the Word, Spirit, and the Holy Ghost.  I refer to it by the symbol NSgy, which stands for Neutral Spiritual Energy.  And the NSgy in Man can only be experienced by the faculty of Intuition, in the form of subtle bits of Truth, which are provided to one’s Conscious Awareness [or C-Awar]  as one is “ready” to awaken to a particular bit of Truth?

What we refer to as fear, is usually a form of anxiety regarding something we sense is about to occur, but we are unable to identity that something, which means it is unknown to us.   And most certainly we do not expect we are afraid of Nothing.

Although… in Truth, it is precisely Nothing that we fear.  And Nothing is NSgy, or the Energy of Spirituality, or God.  So, unknown to us, we are actually afraid of God, since we have not [as yet] awakened to the NSgy hidden Within ourselves.

Mystically, as one’s Soul begins to focus Within itself [rather than outside of oneself], the unknown aspect of Nothing begins to be “experienced” as NSgy, and this increases our experiential Knowledge of God, thus subtly removing the unknown aspects of Life… which means… reducing fear of the unknown.

This transformation is facilitated by increased prayer or Mediation.


When Does One Lose Fear?