When Does One Lose Fear?

The deeper question is this:   What causes fear?

And the answer is this:  Fear is the natural emotion of the unknown, which is the natural existence of Spirituality when in  its inexperienced form, which is the form in which it is normally active “Within” those who are not Enlightened.

If this sounds like a puzzle, it is a puzzle: In fact… it is the Puzzle of Life. A puzzle because Spirituality is perceived as Nothing by the brain, physical senses, and the MIND.  Therefore, Nothing is correctly  referred to as the “unknown” when it can only be perceived as nothing.  But Nothing is neither Nothing, nor is it the unknown, because it is the Energy of the Spirit that exists in the Soul of Man.

Mystics have many names for this ‘unknown,’ and Christ referred to it as the Word, Spirit, and the Holy Ghost.  I refer to it by the symbol NSgy, which stands for Neutral Spiritual Energy.  And the NSgy in Man can only be experienced by the faculty of Intuition, in the form of subtle bits of Truth, which are provided to one’s Conscious Awareness [or C-Awar]  as one is “ready” to awaken to a particular bit of Truth?

What we refer to as fear, is usually a form of anxiety regarding something we sense is about to occur, but we are unable to identity that something, which means it is unknown to us.   And most certainly we do not expect we are afraid of Nothing.

Although… in Truth, it is precisely Nothing that we fear.  And Nothing is NSgy, or the Energy of Spirituality, or God.  So, unknown to us, we are actually afraid of God, since we have not [as yet] awakened to the NSgy hidden Within ourselves.

Mystically, as one’s Soul begins to focus Within itself [rather than outside of oneself], the unknown aspect of Nothing begins to be “experienced” as NSgy, and this increases our experiential Knowledge of God, thus subtly removing the unknown aspects of Life… which means… reducing fear of the unknown.

This transformation is facilitated by increased prayer or Mediation.


When Does One Lose Fear?

What is Karma… Really?

The term “Karma” is the simple way to refer to one of the primary principles of Life laid down by  God,  when the Creation was first established.  And, no Mystic has ever attempted to state when the Creation first began?  But, we are told the Creation has been going on for ‘eons’  [an ‘eon’ refers to millions or billions of years].

So, when Archeologists discover ancient ruins that puzzle them as to how these ruins were created… [by what they “think” of as primitive people], these ‘scholars’ tend to not consider  that mankind has existed long before the dates proposed by various fields of science.

Would this common mistake of Egotism… still be made if modern science was to consider the Reality of Reincarnation?  Perhaps it would, but I can’t help but believe that if Man was more open to Eastern Mysticism, and the Reality that both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation exist,  ancient history might more easily be seen as a form of  “pre-history”… the evidence of which is simply so destroyed and erased by natural deterioration as to be almost invisible.

The Law of Karma is simply stated in this way:  As you sow, so shall you reap! And the term Karma is Sanskrit for “action”.  So, just like we find in physics, every action taken  by a Soul [via the MIND which is attached to that Soul], sets in motion an opposite and equal re-action.  The entire Creation is based on the duality of Yin and Yang, and the Law of Karma.

The Law of Karma applies to every living thing, which has a Soul… And, if it is living, it has a Soul?  So, the carrot has a Soul, as does the 1,000 year-old tree found in various places on Earth.  What science can discover of that which supports “life” amounts to elements of the physical plane, and nothing of that which sustains the “Life” of a thing.

The whole human being is composed of four simultaneously existing, and entirely separate vibrational planes, or dimensions.  Only one of these is physical, tangible, and capable of being perceived by the physical senses of Man.  This means that three-quarters are invisible!

Yang is the male out-going energy of Man, and Yin is the female in-going energy that is emotional in nature.  The energy of the MIND is emotional energy, by the way.  And MIND-level energy is invisible to the brain, and yet, the MIND is capable of feeding Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain  which the brain is unable to differentiate from its normal “thinking”.  I refer to this process as “DM=SI,” or Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity. Fritz Perls referred to this process by the name “Scotoma,” or “blind spot”.

The second prime principle and universal law of Life is that of Reincarnation.  And Reincarnation simply means the Soul [which is permanent, and immortal], does not die when the physical body dies. At death, the brain, body, personality, and psychology of a person dies, and the Soul [with MIND attached], and  in its Astral body, is “judged” regarding the Karma that person created or completed in that lifetime?  This is mentioned in the Bible in  Hebrews 9:27.

When this “Judgement” is completed, the Karma of that person literally designs the next lifetime of that Soul.  And a Soul can Reincarnate, or Transmigrate, depending upon what will serve the growth of that Soul best?  Transmigrate means incarnating into a lower life form than that of human being.  All “judgement” is for the “good” of the Soul, in terms of the growth and maturation of that Soul.  This, of course, takes place over countless lifetimes.

So, is there anything that Man can do that is not part of creating Karma? No, one is either creating positive, or negative Karma with every thought one entertains, or action one takes.

Peace, Brother James

What is Karma… Really?

The Secret of being Honest… If one can locate “honest” within oneself?

In watching a 1937 film this morning, I was pulled back in time to a nation that was less informed, and as a consequence, more humble. It almost seems that the more ‘intelligent’ people become, the more narrow, insecure and prejudiced they become.  Or, am I mistaken?

Perhaps the growth of intelligence within a group of people is necessitated to meet the demands of the environment the people must contend with?  And too,  the complexity of an environment may also demand an increase in the amount of ‘attention’ a person must give to ones external environment?

What is “Attention” by the way?  I mean, what is taking place within oneself  when one is obligated to make use of ones cerebral attention aspect of one’s brain?  And too, if a person has a set amount of “Attention,” what difference does it make what that Attention is focused upon?

I wonder how many readers realize that we have a Left-Hemisphere, and a Right-Hemisphere of the brain… although, this is not generally emphasized, is it?  The Left-Hemisphere = [L-H], and the Right-Hemisphere = [R-H]. These two Hemispheres serve very different purposes, and they also involve very different aspects of the whole of Man.

Each person has an ‘inside’ operation, and an ‘outside’ operation.  Although the terms inside and outside are often confusing.  When we make use of the Left-Hemisphere of the brain… [L-H], there is no emotion involved. When there is emotion involved [in what one is  experiencing], well then, it is the Right-Hemisphere, or [R-H] of the brain that becomes involved… and sometimes ones MIND allows one to experience emotion… but when that emotion is perceived as a threat [to what the MIND holds hidden within itself], then ones MIND blocks ones experience of that emotion.  The MIND does this by blocking use of the [R-H], by use of  its “DM=SI” or Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity.

Oddly enough, there does seem to be a correlation between how intelligent a person is… which means limited to use of the [L-H] of the brain,  and a lack of awareness of emotions by that person.  Could this mean that the more an environment demands use of the [L-H] of the brain… the less access to the Right-Hemisphere people develop and possess, simply because they have not exercised the [R-H] sufficiently?  Rudeness, disrespect, anxiety, cruelty, and violence are all actions that people lacking  emotional restraint engage in.  These negative emotional actions can be engaged in by a person using the [L-H] because the [L-H] is not concerned about  emotional energy related to certain actions.

Honesty, by the way, is an emotional state that would require a person to possess an elevated use of the [R-H].  And the absence of an active {R-H] would encourage lying, or dishonesty.  Just a point to consider.

The Secret of being Honest… If one can locate “honest” within oneself?


What the truly Conscious individual does, after correcting the natural tendency to wax hysterical all during one’s youth… is to reach Within oneself and awaken to the Truth.
And the Truth is this: Who one is, at the Core level of Reality… is a Soul. And what we call the Soul is, again, in Reality… [which is always invisible to the brain]… a bit of Spiritual Energy which God projected into the Creation, when God knew the time was right for Souls to be a part of Creation.
So, believe it or not, your Soul has been a part of the Creation ever since the time God projected we Souls into the Creation, and no mystic even hazards a guess as to how far back this might go?
We Souls are therefore millions of years old, at a minimum. And if you are reading this, your Soul has made a commitment to engage in the “cycle of birth and death,” and this means your Soul has made a commitment to be governed by both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation.
It also means you have ONLY one way to escape the cycle of birth and death. Your Soul must acquire a sufficient amount of C’etc [discussed here], which will enable it to climb the Ladder of Life, and to reach the top rung… where ones Soul begins to receive the Enlightenment required to rise above the MIND that was attached to your Soul when all Souls entered the Creation, ages ago.
Every Soul has a MIND, and the job of the MIND is to insure that no Soul can return HOME TO GOD, without fully exploring and experiencing the Creation. Without acquiring full KNOWLEDGE of the Creation, in other words [a certain level of Enlightenment is required]. And, without this… no Soul can return to God.
Now that we have clarified that, let us speak to the specific problem of “LGBT”.
There is only one reason for a person to have a conflicted MIND regarding his or her sexuality? And that reason is to satisfy a certain load of Karma… that a person must satisfy before he or she can move on.
Now the ways in which this conflicted MIND comes about can be quite varied. But in each instance, it has to do with a person’s MIND, and a certain amount of negative Karma that person needs to face, go through, or experience.
The more ignorant a person is of the Law of Karma, and the Reality of Life, the more difficult it will be for that person to “complete” the Karma of confusion he or she is experiencing?
And should a person actually act to have surgery to change his or her sex, then the suffering for that person will be great. Mainly because that person was so cut off from God, or his or her own Spirituality.
In other words, that person will have little tolerance, acceptance, or self-forgiveness, and instead, spite, bitterness, and resentment will cause that person to try to physically avoid the emotional “grief” that could easily resolve his or her conflicted MIND, if that person had more Spiritual Enlightenment available to him/herself? Certainly butchering one’s own body is just a combination of arrogance and ignorance, and the pain and suffering of such action will indeed be great.
The secret “key” to eliminating ones conflict is Grief at having given oneself over to ones MIND, and its self-torturing process to force one to make a choice: Either great grief and sadness due to the conflicted thoughts fed to ones brain by ones MIND, or engaging in resentment, bitterness, rage, or fear… which are the natural consequences of denying God. Or turning to Mammon for solace… rather than placing ones trust in God.
You see, the role of the MIND is to keep you in the cycle of birth and death, where your MIND mistakenly believes it is the top dog. From a higher perspective, the MIND is given this great power to insure that no Soul can rise on the Ladder of Life except by achieving Enlightenment… which is based on humility, surrender, and love of God.
Mistakenly identifying oneself by what one’s MIND causes one to believe one is… is not very smart.  But it plays into ego, fear , and arrogance quite well.
But then, there is no rush, hurry nor reason to avoid the pain and suffering of ego… is there?  We Souls will remain a part of the Creation forever, if that is ones choice?
Peace exists Within oneself, and cannot be found outside of oneself.
Brother James


Not Everyone KNOWS This…

The explanation for the term “INVISIBLE” is explained in the Bible, but even people who read the Bible might not be able to explain what this verse means?

1 Corinthians 2:14, But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God:  for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

Spiritually discerned… What does this mean?  And a “natural man” means what?

Does the “natural man” use the brain to think about things?  Yes, of course the “natural man” uses the brain, and what is wrong with that… you might wonder?

Well, the brain is PHYSICAL, and it can ONLY experience that which is physical, or ABSTRACT!  And the term Abstract refers to those terms Man has created and thus uses… to point to, or to stand for those elements of the Reality of Life that the brain and physical senses CANNOT perceive.

And this of course speaks to the two ways of Man, or the two types of Souls possessed by people on Earth.   One type is the Intelack type person, who is relatively new to the human form, and thus, the Intelack has very little “C’etc”  [my symbol for the Virtues of Life that all Souls are slowly accumulation over many, many lifetimes].  The second type of person [or Soul] is one who has intentionally set for itself a road leading back to God, and I refer to such a Soul as Enlightened.

So, 1 Corinthians 2:14, is speaking of the Intelack type person when it speaks to the “natural man”.  It is speaking to the individual who has not [as yet] acquired a level of Spirituality whereby it can “discern” the “things of the Spirit of God”.

So, for those intellectuals who pride themselves on knowing a great deal about the illusion of life [this physical plane], these are they whom the Bible refers to as the “NATURAL MAN”.  And the  Enlightened Soul Within a person allows that person to awaken to the “things of the Spirit of God,” which might also be said to be the way of Truth.

It is not, in other words, a matter of IQ, or education, or cleverness that allows a person to experience the Truth, it is the CONDITION OF HIS OR HER SOUL.  And this ‘condition’ is earned by lifetimes of effort choosing good over evil.

So, if you understand the difference between good and evil, then praise God, and thank your Soul for it having achieved the level of Enlightenment that enables you to discern the Spirituality of God.

Peace is found Within Man.  Brother James

Not Everyone KNOWS This…

What is Intuition?

This morning, an interesting way to view the concept of Intuition came to me, and I want to share it with others.

Let us say there is a cliff, and pouring over this cliff is a waterfall. Human nature is to look at the waterfall, think about it, and watch it fall into a pool, then the stream running out of the pool, and on… and on.  Because we can’t see the origin of the water [hidden by the height of the cliff], we first become aware of, and take notice the water, as it pours over the cliff… it is the strange and rare person who ignores the waterfall and, instead, is concerned with the origin of the water?

The above dialogue suggests ‘Intuition,’ but mostly speaks of information.  The only part of the dialogue that is Intuition is the part that suggest the ‘origin of the water’.  Everything else is information.  To acquire and experience Intuition, one must climb up the mountain, and having achieved the level of the cliff, one must then trace the flow of the water ‘back’  to its source:  And another name for this particular process is Enlightenment [or maturation of the Soul].

Intuition is Knowledge, coming from Within oneself, and Knowledge ONLY exists Within oneself; hidden from the brain and ones physical senses.  You see, Intuition is as aspect of Spiritual Truth, while information is part of the illusion of life, whose primary nature is that of change.  And change is the natural nature of the illusion, while Intuition is a part of Reality, which is permanent, unchanging, and Spiritual in nature.

Intuition is an aspect of ones Soul tapping into Truth, which is held as a ‘complete’ concept: That is, all the elements of something, including all the elements which support and describe some basic Truth, are held together in a bit of Intuition that comes to ones Conscious Awareness as a huge Ah-ha.

Finally, Intuition is a bit of insight that is quickly lost… just as soon as ones Attention shifts from ones ‘Consciousness’ to ones brain [which is physical, and incapable of perceiving the invisible three-quarters of ones whole]. And, this describes the difference between the Enlightened individual, and those who are not.  Intuition is a tool of the Enlightened individual, and is a rare experience of those who are not Enlightened [or not Spiritually Evolved].


Brother James

What is Intuition?

Neutral Spiritual Energy, a Concept to Consider

Some years ago, I “Intuited” the phrase “Neutral Spiritual Energy,” for which I quickly coined the label “NSgy”. I have two explanations for ‘why’ I received this particular intuition.

  1. I had been searching for a number of years for ‘something’ that would allow me to complete my attempt to build a theoretical model for the Psychological operations of the Whole Human Being. The phrase ‘Whole Human Being’ refers to the fact that the whole of Man is composed of a Spiritual dimension, A MIND dimension, and a physical dimension. And the only dimension that is easily discernible is the physical dimension.
  2. The second explanation is even more Esoteric that the first.  I believe that I  was “ready” to receive this Intuition… and this requires a bit of explanation.  I believe that we human beings are slowly and secretly acquiring what I refer to as “C’etc” [pronounced ‘C_etcetera’], and C’etc is my symbol for what I believe are the Virtues of Life: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.  Or, collectively, these Virtues are quite likely what the ancient Greeks referred to as ‘Consciousness’. And these Virtues are stored Within what I have labeled the ‘Apapsyche,’ or the Operational Energy of the Soul.  And these  ‘virtues’ would be composed of bits of Truth, which are created Within Man through a mystical process I refer to as Esotransmutation:  Which is what I have labeled the secret process by which the MIND converts stored Karma [when this Karma is completed] into bits of Truth, which are then stored Within ones Apspsyche [ as complete concepts], until it is time for one to awaken to a particular bit of Truth… which will help one better deal with the illusion of life [specifically resist the evil desires of ones MIND], and thereby further ones movement up the Ladder of Life.

And what I just wrote has taken about thirty years to discover via use of my Intuition, research into the mystical work of Eastern mystics [Saints and Masters], and working as an Esogist, which stands for Esochology, which is what the ancient Greeks studied, and gave to the world as “Psychology,” about 2,000 years ago.

I share this for those who are Enlightened, and thus [possess some level of Intuition], and thus, are perhaps able to Intuit something of what I am sharing from Within themselves?

By the way, the term Within [in bold and italic] indicates that the material it is referring to is invisible and incapable of being perceived by the brain.


Brother James



Neutral Spiritual Energy, a Concept to Consider