What is the difference between “why” and “reason”?

The essential difference between the terms “why” and that of “reason” is quite strange.  The term “why” is connected to the brain and thinking.  Whereas, the term “reason” subtly requests that which lies behind what the brain “thinks”?

The problem is… very few individuals “know” what lies behind what causes the brain  to think?  What lies behind the brain and its thinking is the MIND.  And the MIND is composed of two Esoteric [which means invisible]  parts, neither of which is physical.  Actually, the Lower MIND is composed of the energy of the Astral region of Creation, and the Higher MIND is composed of the energy of the Causal region of Creation.

And to comprehend the MIND, it is helpful to understand that the Whole of oneself is composed of four simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate vibrational energy realms, each with its own unique range of resonance.

Or, put another way… Man, from inside out… consists of the Spiritual dimension, the MIND dimension, and the physical dimension.  The MIND actually consists of two aspects, and thus the Whole of Man is composed of four dimensions.

And when I use the term “reason,” I am asking about the operation of the MIND, not the brain.  And the operation of the MIND takes place in levels which are invisible to the brain and physical senses.

When I ask about the “why” of something, I am asking the brain to explain the physical attributes of something?  So, when I ask the “reason” a Homosexual is a Homosexual?   I am asking about the MIND of a person, not the brain of a person?

So, when I ask “why” a person is a Homosexual, I am asking the brain to explain that which it will never experience.  And this is the “reason” modern mental health [which is all about the brain and thinking] is unable to answer the question!

That is, those in modern mental health, or BS&bp , have no idea what the MIND is, where it is, or what to do about it?  And, to try to apply the term “why” to the illness of Homosexuality inquires of the brain things the brain will never know.

In closing… “why” asks the brain to answer.  And “reason” asks what is going on within a person’s MIND?

Peace, Brother James


What is the difference between “why” and “reason”?

Memory Loss… and what can be done about it?

One of the problems with aging is that normally older people have not spent most of their lives studying about the MIND, and the brain.  And, unless you know how the MIND works [and what it’s Purpose is?], by the time you are in your later years… you have lost sufficient memory that you can’t remember what you wanted to try and not forget?

The MIND is not unlike a computer in that it keeps active that which is used, and shoves that which is not used into areas that are considered unimportant.  For instance, if you had a stroke, or you injured yourself so that you were laid up for some time… it would not be wise to jump into your car and head for the nearest on-ramp.

For most people, the MIND operates the brain, and again… like a computer, if you do not exercise the brain regarding a wide range of things, those things you do not exercise thought about… are pushed into bins labeled “unnecessary,” and they quickly become  very difficult to remember.

If you do not know what the difference between the physical brain, and the MIND  [which is essentially invisible] is… then you need to know, ASAP [as soon as possible].

Your brain is a physical muscle that resides within your skull.  It has some remarkable qualities to it, but it is also greatly overrated.  On the other hand, your MIND is a “other-worldly” wonder, without which a human being would die instantly. And  yet, modern mental health treats we human beings as thought our MINDs don’t even exist.  Imagine that! Your MIND is only slightly less important than your Soul, and yet modern mental health ignores your MIND entirely.

The reason for this is truly important [in many ways], and we will discuss this in the next blog.

Peace, Brother James


The Secret of being Honest… If one can locate “honest” within oneself?

In watching a 1937 film this morning, I was pulled back in time to a nation that was less informed, and as a consequence, more humble. It almost seems that the more ‘intelligent’ people become, the more narrow, insecure and prejudiced they become.  Or, am I mistaken?

Perhaps the growth of intelligence within a group of people is necessitated to meet the demands of the environment the people must contend with?  And too,  the complexity of an environment may also demand an increase in the amount of ‘attention’ a person must give to ones external environment?

What is “Attention” by the way?  I mean, what is taking place within oneself  when one is obligated to make use of ones cerebral attention aspect of one’s brain?  And too, if a person has a set amount of “Attention,” what difference does it make what that Attention is focused upon?

I wonder how many readers realize that we have a Left-Hemisphere, and a Right-Hemisphere of the brain… although, this is not generally emphasized, is it?  The Left-Hemisphere = [L-H], and the Right-Hemisphere = [R-H]. These two Hemispheres serve very different purposes, and they also involve very different aspects of the whole of Man.

Each person has an ‘inside’ operation, and an ‘outside’ operation.  Although the terms inside and outside are often confusing.  When we make use of the Left-Hemisphere of the brain… [L-H], there is no emotion involved. When there is emotion involved [in what one is  experiencing], well then, it is the Right-Hemisphere, or [R-H] of the brain that becomes involved… and sometimes ones MIND allows one to experience emotion… but when that emotion is perceived as a threat [to what the MIND holds hidden within itself], then ones MIND blocks ones experience of that emotion.  The MIND does this by blocking use of the [R-H], by use of  its “DM=SI” or Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity.

Oddly enough, there does seem to be a correlation between how intelligent a person is… which means limited to use of the [L-H] of the brain,  and a lack of awareness of emotions by that person.  Could this mean that the more an environment demands use of the [L-H] of the brain… the less access to the Right-Hemisphere people develop and possess, simply because they have not exercised the [R-H] sufficiently?  Rudeness, disrespect, anxiety, cruelty, and violence are all actions that people lacking  emotional restraint engage in.  These negative emotional actions can be engaged in by a person using the [L-H] because the [L-H] is not concerned about  emotional energy related to certain actions.

Honesty, by the way, is an emotional state that would require a person to possess an elevated use of the [R-H].  And the absence of an active {R-H] would encourage lying, or dishonesty.  Just a point to consider.

The Secret of being Honest… If one can locate “honest” within oneself?

Some more interesting bits from new book…

So, contrary to what most people believe… the person who acts out negatively is not doing so due to a deranged MIND, but rather, due to a lack of Consciousness [level of Enlightenment] of his or her Soul, which results in an inability to push back against and resist the naturally negative desires of the MIND.
On the Earth plane, everything is “relative,” and so, this plane gives the impression that the illusion of life is relative… which it is. However, Life [with a capital ”L”] is not relative, it is one-pointed and absolute. But the absolute nature of the Reality of Life consists of a vibration of Truth, and no Truth [which is absolute] can manifest itself on any plane other than the Spiritual dimension. So, on the physical plane the closest one can come to Reality is to tap into some relative reality that the physical brain “thinks” is the only reality there is.
So, the ‘information’ contained by your brain is either limited to phenomena of the physical plane, or to ‘abstract words, terms, or symbols that are created by Man to ‘point to’ and ‘stand for’ phenomena Man believes to exist, but whose existence Man cannot prove by physical means.
In other words, the relative truth of the Earth plane is all you can “know” via your brain and physical senses. And this situation properly describes the condition of Intellectualism and the Intelack personality.
It matters not a wit how high your IQ is, if you are confined to your brain and its thinking, you are not necessarily prepared to “experience” Truth.
Does the reader follow me in this? I am saying that it is not possible to convey or perceive Truth via any physical organ possessed by Man. The brain and physical senses simply CANNOT perceive the vibrational Energy of Truth. So, one can read every book ever printed, and can watch every TV show ever produced, or receive a dozen Ph.D. degrees, and that person will NOT ACQUIRE ANY TRUTH simply by those endeavors.
Truth must be “caught” because it cannot be “taught”. Although it can be conveyed via Empathetic communication which I refer to as “Intuition,” IF A PERSON’S SOUL IS READY TO AWAKEN TO A PARTICULAR BIT OF TRUTH.
So, the entire line of reasoning given to us by the field of education is based on a faulty premise. No one can “educate” himself to Truth. And the proof of this can be found in the small villages of India, where fully uneducated people KNOW Truth, and live their lives based on Truth, and yet the only language they possess is what they picked up by simply living among other people.
The acquisition of Truth depends entirely on whether or not ones Soul [with MIND attached] is “READY” to awaken to a bit of Truth from Within oneself [from Within ones Apapsyche via ones faculty of Intuition]. And the term ‘Apapsyche’ is my term for the Operational Energy of ones Soul.
And no, none of this is taught in education today, but it has been part of the Knowledge of mysticism for countless ages.


Brother James

Some more interesting bits from new book…