What is the difference between “why” and “reason”?

The essential difference between the terms “why” and that of “reason” is quite strange.  The term “why” is connected to the brain and thinking.  Whereas, the term “reason” subtly requests that which lies behind what the brain “thinks”?

The problem is… very few individuals “know” what lies behind what causes the brain  to think?  What lies behind the brain and its thinking is the MIND.  And the MIND is composed of two Esoteric [which means invisible]  parts, neither of which is physical.  Actually, the Lower MIND is composed of the energy of the Astral region of Creation, and the Higher MIND is composed of the energy of the Causal region of Creation.

And to comprehend the MIND, it is helpful to understand that the Whole of oneself is composed of four simultaneously existing, and yet entirely separate vibrational energy realms, each with its own unique range of resonance.

Or, put another way… Man, from inside out… consists of the Spiritual dimension, the MIND dimension, and the physical dimension.  The MIND actually consists of two aspects, and thus the Whole of Man is composed of four dimensions.

And when I use the term “reason,” I am asking about the operation of the MIND, not the brain.  And the operation of the MIND takes place in levels which are invisible to the brain and physical senses.

When I ask about the “why” of something, I am asking the brain to explain the physical attributes of something?  So, when I ask the “reason” a Homosexual is a Homosexual?   I am asking about the MIND of a person, not the brain of a person?

So, when I ask “why” a person is a Homosexual, I am asking the brain to explain that which it will never experience.  And this is the “reason” modern mental health [which is all about the brain and thinking] is unable to answer the question!

That is, those in modern mental health, or BS&bp , have no idea what the MIND is, where it is, or what to do about it?  And, to try to apply the term “why” to the illness of Homosexuality inquires of the brain things the brain will never know.

In closing… “why” asks the brain to answer.  And “reason” asks what is going on within a person’s MIND?

Peace, Brother James


What is the difference between “why” and “reason”?

DO WE LEARN FROM ONE ANOTHER… Or, do we simply agree with those who think as we do?

If one observes closely, it would seem as though we rarely “hear” corrective data from others which we then  use to correct what we previously believed.  More often than not, when we hear someone say something we don’t believe, we ignore what the person is saying and cast about to listen to someone with whom we readily agree.

My more pressing question is this:   Is information [data drawn from outside oneself] a reliable source upon which to predicate one’s life?  Or put another way… is that which one’s brain can normally  understand a reliable source for Truth [capital “T” Truth]?

I ask this because it seems to me that if what I am looking for is Truth… [capital “T” Truth], then my brain is the least useful thing I can use.  That is, my brain can process physical plane phenomenon just fine, however, my brain is quite useless when it comes to processing the Energy of Truth.  Indeed, my brain cannot perceive the Energy of Truth.

So, I have discovered that to “hear” or “see” [more precisely “experience”] Truth, I am confined to what I refer to as my faculty of  Intuition.  Or an aspect of my Soul which enables me to empathetically resonate with the subtle vibrational energy of Truth.  I can ‘experience’ the Energy of Truth as a form of Intuition, but I cannot KNOW Truth by any physical sense at all.  Isn’t that a peculiar thing?  Or, perhaps you have not noticed that the only way to KNOW Truth is to experience it from Within oneself? …. Almost like awakening to something you already KNEW… but did not previously realize that you KNEW this seemingly new bit of Intuition?


Brother James




DO WE LEARN FROM ONE ANOTHER… Or, do we simply agree with those who think as we do?


But first let us insure that we are talking about the same things!

Glossary of terms used in Esochology  , and the term Esochology is my term for the study of the Esoteric or invisible dimensions operating Within Man. I have coined numerous words, terms , and symbols  to refer to phenomena taking place Within the Whole Human Being that… have not been previously identified, or I am unaware of them being identified and labeled in  English.

And, it is not possible… due to the “DM=SI” of the MIND  [explained momentarily]… for a normal human  being to effectively ride two horses at the same time.  That is, since your brain is utterly unable to experience the Esoteric operations going on Within you… your brain uses Abstract words, terms, or symbols to mistakenly assume that since it [the brain] knows these abstract symbols, then  it must ‘know” what the symbols stand for as well.  I refer to this as Delusional Thinking, or D-Think, and it is both largely unknown, and also quite common.  It is a natural part of the DM=SI of the MIND [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity].

And, what scientist is humble enough to accept that some bit of ignorance of some obscure bit of Knowledge peculiar to another field … might,  and I say ‘might,’ prevent him/her from properly understanding some aspect of  his/her own field?  If a very intelligent scientist, for example, was unaware that his MIND has the capacity to cause him to unknowingly ignore something not intellectually [obviously or easily] discernible regarding what he thinks about something… how would he KNOW his thinking is being fed to him by his MIND [which is entirely invisible to his brain], and that what he sincerely thinks is true… is in fact not true?

EXAMPLE:  Take the term Soul, for example.  How many people believe they “know” what I mean when I use the term Soul?  And yet… how many of these people have seen a Soul?  Or experienced a Soul?  Or, for that matter, how many know where their own Soul is located?

You see, the term “Soul” is an Abstract Term, people in the  West use to stand for something they think  either  exists or does not exist?   The crucial aspect of the term Soul is not whether it exists or not, but more importantly… what part it plays in the Whole of ones thought processes?   And, if one can ignore and discount the Soul, why not the MIND as well?

What the Idiot-Savant proves… or would prove to a person who is open to the concept of Reincarnation… is that a person’s Consciousness is much more  involved and complex than science can begin to discover.

The difference between a person whose behavior is immature, or not well developed, and a person whose behavior indicates great skill, talent, and ability is… what?  Well, B.F. Skinner, who denied the MIND of Man, would say the brain of the idiot-savant is damaged, and the explanation of the ability would simply be a cross-circuit in the brain.  And to believe such Intellectualism requires us to do what?  We must suspend common sense, and we must allow the ignorance of Skinner to go unchallenged.

I for one bow to no one, unless that person convinces me he is Knowledgeable in all matters of Man.  Unless you KNOW all things, why should I suspend my own Consciousness and pay attention to your Delusional Thinking?

The idiot-savant displays unusual skill and talent in a particular thing… because he or she has KNOWLEDGE of that thing.  And the ONLY way to acquire such KNOWLEDGE is via experience.  And I am speaking of experiential Knowledge that can ONLY be acquired by personally engaging in the practice of a thing until one achieves a high level of expertise with that thing.

The explanation for the diminished ability of the idiot-savant in other things is entirely explainable by the Law of Karma… if one possesses an adequate Knowledge of the Law of Karma?  Again, much of mankind is so severely ignorant regarding the Reality of Life, and yet, our egos cause us to “think” we are just a step away from Knowing everything.  D-Think is a mass involvement, and it leads us into many dark avenues of the illusion.

My point?  My point is, it is time for lunch, and I have not even begun to scratch the topic of this blog.  But I hope it has given you a few things to ponder?

Peace, Brother James



To Imagine Psychology does not include Spirituality, is naive

The whole of Man comprises four simultaneously existing [operating] dimensions, and only one of these is physical.  However, the Intelack type individual [that is, the person whose Soul lacks “C’etc” [research C’etc  Here]… is unable to access the Esoteric, or invisible dimensions Within him/herself.  The term “Within” specifically refers to the three dimensions inside of Man that include the two dimensions of the MIND, and the Spiritual dimension, which we refer to as the Soul.

In other words… each of us is composed of these four simultaneously operating dimensions, and only one of these is crucial to Life.  As soon as the Spiritual dimension of Man is removed, Man dies.  It is not the heart stopping that causes a person to die.  It is the removal of the Spiritual dimension [or Soul] from one’s Whole body that causes death.

And attached to one’s Soul is a MIND, that was added to each Soul when we Souls first entered the Creation, eons past.  Perhaps the primary reason we in the West fail to appreciate the complexity of the whole of Man is that three-quarters of the whole are composed of vibrational energies that are not part of this physical universe.

In other words, Man has a Soul, but that Soul does not even exist as part of this physical dimension.  So, how does this Soul operate the physical body?   The Soul does not operate the body… the MIND does.  It is the Lower MIND that directs the brain, which in turn directs the physiology of Man.  And both the Soul and MIND [the two aspects thereof] exist as part of Man, but neither are actually part of this physical dimension.  If one is not aware of the mystical in Life, one is not capable of conceiving  what I am describing here.

And this brings us to the fact there are two very different types of people on Earth, and yet… we cannot “see” this difference.  Nor can we discern it by intellectual means.  The only way to “experience” these Esoteric dimensions [and the differences these dimensions subtly create Within us], is by Enlightenment.  And Enlightenment is the term we use to refer to Souls that have acquired substantial C’etc [or the Virtues of Life].

And…. the story of the Esoteric dimensions of the Reality of Life continues… but who in America has been educated to have an interest in the unknown of Life?


Brother James

To Imagine Psychology does not include Spirituality, is naive

Physical vs Spiritual in Man…

I just did this simple illustration with my  paintbrush program, and in it I have tried to illustrate in yellow, the Spiritual dimension in Man, and in grey, the physical dimension in Man.

phy vs Spirit

The little circle of yellow between the two eyes is what the Bible refers to as:  “If thine eye be single”. Eastern mystics refer to it as the “Tisra Til,” or “the third eye,” or the “eye center”.  And this is the location of one’s Soul when one has achieved a certain level of Enlightenment.

The fact is… [little known in the West], is that the whole human being consists of four simultaneously existing vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical;  while the other three are Esoteric, invisible, or unknown [which is just another name for those parts of Man that are invisible to the physical senses]. These Esoteric parts are the Spiritual dimension, and the Higher and Lower dimensions of the MIND.

Now, this ‘situation’ exists in every human being who is alive on Earth… regardless of who that person is… because, for a human being to operate [that is, remain alive], the Spiritual element must exist Within a person.  As soon as the Spiritual element is withdrawn from Man, Man dies.  We refer to this Spiritual element as the Soul.  And the ONLY part of Man that is Real, in an absolute sense, is the Soul operating the other three parts of a person.

Although absolutely necessary parts of Man, the MIND and Spiritual dimensions are entirely invisible to the physical structure of Man.  In terms of awareness, the situation goes like this:  The brain cannot perceive either the MIND or the Spiritual, and the MIND cannot perceive the Spiritual.

So, here we are as human beings, thinking we are quite something, all the while three-quarters of ourselves are invisible to us.  This is a form of arrogance in which Man excels.  And the MIND of Man provides the ‘malady of Intellectualism’ [or M-I], in compensation for our substantial ignorance.  And some human beings take great pride in thinking they are Atheists, or people existing without three fourths of themselves. I refer to such people as Intelack type people.

This great ignorance is quite common among the “new” people on Earth. That is, Souls that have just recently acquired the status of human being.  And as “new” to the human form, they are what I refer to as Intelack, or people without much Consciousness. And the M-I these people receive in compensation for Consciousness, makes them often quite “bright,” but quite intelligent without ‘common sense’.

The point of this blog being… three-quarters of who and what we are as human beings are quite invisible to us… via our brains and thinking.  One only begins to “Intuit” these Esoteric dimensions when one’s Soul has acquired substantial C’etc [which is another story].


Brother James

Physical vs Spiritual in Man…

Bible Verses & Deeper Meanings

First Corinthians 2:14

“The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are Spiritually discerned.”

_______ Like so much of the Bible, these words are easily read, and the brain of Man tends to “think” that it understands what the words mean. The problem is… the words in the Bible, not unlike the words we use everyday, mostly point to, and stand for the things of this Earth.  The things of Mammon, in other words.

And the Bible, as a whole, is continually referring to, and attempting to explain that which is Spiritual, which means Esoteric, which is a term that specifically was coined [or invented] to point to things which are NOT capable of being perceived by the brain.    For example, take the term ‘Soul’.  Although most people “think” they know what the term Soul means… the fact is, the only person who has ever seen a Soul would be a God-realized Soul [or in a strict sense, a Saint or Perfect Master, like Christ, the Son of God].  The only way to “see” one’s Soul is to actually go Within one’s “Self” [ones Spiritual dimension],  and, via deep meditation, arise to the level where one awakens to the  Energy of ones Soul. And, I am not talking about the bright light of the Astral region, which some people have seen during surgery.

The mystics tell us that the light of the Soul is a thousand times brighter than the light of the Astral region [the first non-physical dimension Within Man].

We commonly think of that which is invisible, but our MINDs feed Delusional Thinking [or D-Think] to the Left-Hemisphere of our brains, that causes us to quickly shift to other thoughts about the things of this Earth — to divert our attention from that which  must be “Spiritually discerned.”  So, although many people think they “know” what the Bible is talking about… they are quite often mistaken.  Take for example, the words: “The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God…”

How does anyone, using the brain, “accept the things of the Spirit of God“? When, by definition, the Spirit of God is composed of Energy that is Spiritual in nature, and the term “Spiritual” means Esoteric [which means that it is  ‘invisible’ to our brains and physical senses]. The question we must ask ourselves is how does one, therefore, get in touch with that which is Spiritual?   If… it cannot be done via ones brain, intellect, or thinking?  And the answer is to use ones faculty of Intuition.

In the Bible, this is spoken of as “being carried away in the Spirit”.  Or by “going to some hill top,”  where some spectacular vision was seen.  In the days in which the Bible was written, it would be unlikely that the phrase “Astral travel” was known by the “natural person” or the common people listening to Christ.  And yet, the American Indian, at least the elders of several tribes, engaged in Astral travel frequently.  It is seldom mentioned, but these individuals were Spiritually advanced Souls, and this is what enabled them to fast, meditate, and take their Souls Within themselves to awaken to future events.

To me, this makes perfect sense.  But then, I have been studying the mystical nature of Man for the last 43 years.  I have also been meditating for the same period of time, and over time, I have learned a few things that are not taught in books.  We will speak more about this in the next blog.

Peace, Brother James

Bible Verses & Deeper Meanings

Neutral Spiritual Energy, a Concept to Consider

Some years ago, I “Intuited” the phrase “Neutral Spiritual Energy,” for which I quickly coined the label “NSgy”. I have two explanations for ‘why’ I received this particular intuition.

  1. I had been searching for a number of years for ‘something’ that would allow me to complete my attempt to build a theoretical model for the Psychological operations of the Whole Human Being. The phrase ‘Whole Human Being’ refers to the fact that the whole of Man is composed of a Spiritual dimension, A MIND dimension, and a physical dimension. And the only dimension that is easily discernible is the physical dimension.
  2. The second explanation is even more Esoteric that the first.  I believe that I  was “ready” to receive this Intuition… and this requires a bit of explanation.  I believe that we human beings are slowly and secretly acquiring what I refer to as “C’etc” [pronounced ‘C_etcetera’], and C’etc is my symbol for what I believe are the Virtues of Life: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.  Or, collectively, these Virtues are quite likely what the ancient Greeks referred to as ‘Consciousness’. And these Virtues are stored Within what I have labeled the ‘Apapsyche,’ or the Operational Energy of the Soul.  And these  ‘virtues’ would be composed of bits of Truth, which are created Within Man through a mystical process I refer to as Esotransmutation:  Which is what I have labeled the secret process by which the MIND converts stored Karma [when this Karma is completed] into bits of Truth, which are then stored Within ones Apspsyche [ as complete concepts], until it is time for one to awaken to a particular bit of Truth… which will help one better deal with the illusion of life [specifically resist the evil desires of ones MIND], and thereby further ones movement up the Ladder of Life.

And what I just wrote has taken about thirty years to discover via use of my Intuition, research into the mystical work of Eastern mystics [Saints and Masters], and working as an Esogist, which stands for Esochology, which is what the ancient Greeks studied, and gave to the world as “Psychology,” about 2,000 years ago.

I share this for those who are Enlightened, and thus [possess some level of Intuition], and thus, are perhaps able to Intuit something of what I am sharing from Within themselves?

By the way, the term Within [in bold and italic] indicates that the material it is referring to is invisible and incapable of being perceived by the brain.


Brother James



Neutral Spiritual Energy, a Concept to Consider