Transvestite & Mental Illness

The penchant for the mentally  conflicted individual to try and avoid the proper descriptive title for his or her mental illness is a natural thing for such a MIND to do.  But Homosexuality and Transvestism are both perfectly accurate and proper terms to use to describe those suffering from these mental conditions.

What is also natural  for those in modern mental health who have no idea what they are doing… is for them to claim that what they do not understand [which is a conflicted condition of the MIND],  is a “natural biological condition”.  What else can they do… when they have no idea what causes the condition they are charging big bucks to correct?

Rather than admit to their ignorance, it is much easier to erroneously claim that a serious mental condition is a natural thing for a person to have.  Should this gross disinformation not be a crime?  I mean, intentionally exacerbating the delusional mental conditions of people is certainly not a proper thing to do… is it?

Well, no, it is not a “proper” thing to do, but it is a most lucrative thing to do, and as long as these people are not worried about being exposed… well, greed is quite OK, isn’t it?  At least a great many in Congress believe corruption, if not caught, is quite OK to do.

Who do you know that is trained in the Study of the MIND?  Because only someone trained in the Esoteric [which means invisible] MIND would know, or recognize, the scam modern mental health is running on America.

Modern Mental Health, or “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron ‘behavioral psychology”] teaches a curriculum based on what B.F. Skinner said in the early 1900s.  Let us consider this quote from B.F. Skinner: The Man and his Ideas, by Richard I Evans,  New York: E.P. Dutton & Co. 1968:

“A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.”  Underline is my emphasis.

Skinner is referring to the MIND, although  to mention the actual word MIND would have likely been  experienced as a threat to his own MIND [ of which he  was quite ignorant].  The quote clearly tells us that Skinner was an Intelack type individual, and thus, he was quite ignorant of his own MIND, or its operations.

BS&bp has spread widely and has pretty much dominated both the fields of mental health and that of  “psychology” today.  The reason is quite simple to explain.  To study the MIND, a person must be fairly Enlightened [that is, possess a substantial amount of Consciousness], and be  willing to undergo a thorough program of personal Gestalt Psychotherapy… designed to help that person explore, discover, and eliminate  a number of deeply repressed  emotions from the time of that person’s birth.

This process of personal exploration of his or her MIND is the ONLY way in which a person can “experience” the NON-PHYSICAL energy of the MIND. And the natural fear we human beings have to let go of thinking, and to dive deep into the abyss of the  MIND… is quite intense, and for the most part fully non-conscious to us.

It is therefore understandable that the tens of thousands of people who found Skinner’s promise that they would not have to explore their own MINDs in order to study his  Intellectualized  non-Psychology… a very attractive proposition for them.  As a consequence, there are thousands of fully licensed people in mental health today who have no idea what the MIND is, where it is, or how it operates?

I’m sorry to be the bearer of such bad news, but it is time for this old man to speak out, because the youth and Veteran suicides must be addressed, and if possible, stopped, by providing them at least the proper information regarding the source of their confusion,  anxiety and fear, is to be found in  the conflicted nature of their  own MINDs.

Peace, Brother James


Transvestite & Mental Illness

When Does One Lose Fear?

The deeper question is this:   What causes fear?

And the answer is this:  Fear is the natural emotion of the unknown, which is the natural existence of Spirituality when in  its inexperienced form, which is the form in which it is normally active “Within” those who are not Enlightened.

If this sounds like a puzzle, it is a puzzle: In fact… it is the Puzzle of Life. A puzzle because Spirituality is perceived as Nothing by the brain, physical senses, and the MIND.  Therefore, Nothing is correctly  referred to as the “unknown” when it can only be perceived as nothing.  But Nothing is neither Nothing, nor is it the unknown, because it is the Energy of the Spirit that exists in the Soul of Man.

Mystics have many names for this ‘unknown,’ and Christ referred to it as the Word, Spirit, and the Holy Ghost.  I refer to it by the symbol NSgy, which stands for Neutral Spiritual Energy.  And the NSgy in Man can only be experienced by the faculty of Intuition, in the form of subtle bits of Truth, which are provided to one’s Conscious Awareness [or C-Awar]  as one is “ready” to awaken to a particular bit of Truth?

What we refer to as fear, is usually a form of anxiety regarding something we sense is about to occur, but we are unable to identity that something, which means it is unknown to us.   And most certainly we do not expect we are afraid of Nothing.

Although… in Truth, it is precisely Nothing that we fear.  And Nothing is NSgy, or the Energy of Spirituality, or God.  So, unknown to us, we are actually afraid of God, since we have not [as yet] awakened to the NSgy hidden Within ourselves.

Mystically, as one’s Soul begins to focus Within itself [rather than outside of oneself], the unknown aspect of Nothing begins to be “experienced” as NSgy, and this increases our experiential Knowledge of God, thus subtly removing the unknown aspects of Life… which means… reducing fear of the unknown.

This transformation is facilitated by increased prayer or Mediation.


When Does One Lose Fear?


What the truly Conscious individual does, after correcting the natural tendency to wax hysterical all during one’s youth… is to reach Within oneself and awaken to the Truth.
And the Truth is this: Who one is, at the Core level of Reality… is a Soul. And what we call the Soul is, again, in Reality… [which is always invisible to the brain]… a bit of Spiritual Energy which God projected into the Creation, when God knew the time was right for Souls to be a part of Creation.
So, believe it or not, your Soul has been a part of the Creation ever since the time God projected we Souls into the Creation, and no mystic even hazards a guess as to how far back this might go?
We Souls are therefore millions of years old, at a minimum. And if you are reading this, your Soul has made a commitment to engage in the “cycle of birth and death,” and this means your Soul has made a commitment to be governed by both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation.
It also means you have ONLY one way to escape the cycle of birth and death. Your Soul must acquire a sufficient amount of C’etc [discussed here], which will enable it to climb the Ladder of Life, and to reach the top rung… where ones Soul begins to receive the Enlightenment required to rise above the MIND that was attached to your Soul when all Souls entered the Creation, ages ago.
Every Soul has a MIND, and the job of the MIND is to insure that no Soul can return HOME TO GOD, without fully exploring and experiencing the Creation. Without acquiring full KNOWLEDGE of the Creation, in other words [a certain level of Enlightenment is required]. And, without this… no Soul can return to God.
Now that we have clarified that, let us speak to the specific problem of “LGBT”.
There is only one reason for a person to have a conflicted MIND regarding his or her sexuality? And that reason is to satisfy a certain load of Karma… that a person must satisfy before he or she can move on.
Now the ways in which this conflicted MIND comes about can be quite varied. But in each instance, it has to do with a person’s MIND, and a certain amount of negative Karma that person needs to face, go through, or experience.
The more ignorant a person is of the Law of Karma, and the Reality of Life, the more difficult it will be for that person to “complete” the Karma of confusion he or she is experiencing?
And should a person actually act to have surgery to change his or her sex, then the suffering for that person will be great. Mainly because that person was so cut off from God, or his or her own Spirituality.
In other words, that person will have little tolerance, acceptance, or self-forgiveness, and instead, spite, bitterness, and resentment will cause that person to try to physically avoid the emotional “grief” that could easily resolve his or her conflicted MIND, if that person had more Spiritual Enlightenment available to him/herself? Certainly butchering one’s own body is just a combination of arrogance and ignorance, and the pain and suffering of such action will indeed be great.
The secret “key” to eliminating ones conflict is Grief at having given oneself over to ones MIND, and its self-torturing process to force one to make a choice: Either great grief and sadness due to the conflicted thoughts fed to ones brain by ones MIND, or engaging in resentment, bitterness, rage, or fear… which are the natural consequences of denying God. Or turning to Mammon for solace… rather than placing ones trust in God.
You see, the role of the MIND is to keep you in the cycle of birth and death, where your MIND mistakenly believes it is the top dog. From a higher perspective, the MIND is given this great power to insure that no Soul can rise on the Ladder of Life except by achieving Enlightenment… which is based on humility, surrender, and love of God.
Mistakenly identifying oneself by what one’s MIND causes one to believe one is… is not very smart.  But it plays into ego, fear , and arrogance quite well.
But then, there is no rush, hurry nor reason to avoid the pain and suffering of ego… is there?  We Souls will remain a part of the Creation forever, if that is ones choice?
Peace exists Within oneself, and cannot be found outside of oneself.
Brother James


Mystical Insights…. #2

Before we continue, I feel obliged to point out something rather important about this series that is most difficult to convey in words alone.  So, Let us begin this series with our first quote, which just happens to relate to my point about the Esoteric [or invisible] in Life.

Source:  Light on Sant Mat, Written by Mararaj Charan Singh.

There is a difference between mind and the mental apparatus.  Mind is not to be judged quantitatively. Accumulated knowledge or tendencies in previous lives come to a head and make a man a genius. Those who have come up from lower lives and have accumulated lower tendencies inherit inferior mental apparatus and become idiots.  The background in both cases is that of karmas.

This quote, to begin with, speaks of the simultaneous operations of multiple and separate dimensions of Man.  The “mind” of course refers to the MIND realm of Man, which is composed of two energies the brain cannot perceive.  But the phrase “mental apparatus” speaks of a combination of the operations of the MIND realm, and that of the physical brain… and something more, which is the separate operation of ones karma — and the operation of ones karma’s overrides everything else… but the process is 90% invisible.

Mind is not to be judged quantitatively.  This refers to a subtle point, wherein the “Accumulated knowledge or tendencies in previous lives come to a head and make a man a genius.  And this can ONLY happen over lifetimes, and cannot occur in just one lifetime.

And, to comprehend the above, one must maintain an awareness that the author of the quote is referring to the Law of Karma and Reincarnation.  Which means that  Accumulated knowledge must be accumulated over lifetimes, not just in one lifetime. So the assumption of the author is that the reader is aware of the fact we Souls live multiple lifetimes.  And that by engaging in, and eventually completing Karma, one benefits from such activity by gaining knowledge.

Those who have come up from lower lives and have accumulated lower tendencies inherit inferior mental apparatus and become idiots.  In this sentence, the speaker is telling us the major determinant in deciding the personality and character of a person, is the nature of the Karma that person has engaged in… and has not as yet completed.  This suggests, of course, that when we encounter a person who is lacking in qualities we refer to as competent, capable,  responsible or honest… [or acting like an idiot].. this is a person who has not [as yet] acquired such virtues by completing the Karma he/she has accumulated.

In other words, by assuming that the people we meet in life are living the [single lifetime Christians mistakenly believe that Man is limited to], they are are often confused by the lack of character and disturbed personality a person may possess… [since that person, like us, only has one life to live…what has that person done to be like he is]?

We then look at the parents of that person, or the environment of that person to try and comprehend what is causing that person’s personality or behavior?  It rarely occurs to most people that the person is simply working out the karma he or she has accumulated in one or more past lifetimes!

My point about the Esoteric [unseen and invisible] aspects of life is that LIFE must be studied as extending over many lifetimes, not just one lifetime. Both education and competent psychotherapy must take the Reality of Life into account if… they are to be useful and relevant to our lives?


Brother James

Mystical Insights…. #2