Memory Loss… and what can be done about it?

One of the problems with aging is that normally older people have not spent most of their lives studying about the MIND, and the brain.  And, unless you know how the MIND works [and what it’s Purpose is?], by the time you are in your later years… you have lost sufficient memory that you can’t remember what you wanted to try and not forget?

The MIND is not unlike a computer in that it keeps active that which is used, and shoves that which is not used into areas that are considered unimportant.  For instance, if you had a stroke, or you injured yourself so that you were laid up for some time… it would not be wise to jump into your car and head for the nearest on-ramp.

For most people, the MIND operates the brain, and again… like a computer, if you do not exercise the brain regarding a wide range of things, those things you do not exercise thought about… are pushed into bins labeled “unnecessary,” and they quickly become  very difficult to remember.

If you do not know what the difference between the physical brain, and the MIND  [which is essentially invisible] is… then you need to know, ASAP [as soon as possible].

Your brain is a physical muscle that resides within your skull.  It has some remarkable qualities to it, but it is also greatly overrated.  On the other hand, your MIND is a “other-worldly” wonder, without which a human being would die instantly. And  yet, modern mental health treats we human beings as thought our MINDs don’t even exist.  Imagine that! Your MIND is only slightly less important than your Soul, and yet modern mental health ignores your MIND entirely.

The reason for this is truly important [in many ways], and we will discuss this in the next blog.

Peace, Brother James


What is Intuition?

This morning, an interesting way to view the concept of Intuition came to me, and I want to share it with others.

Let us say there is a cliff, and pouring over this cliff is a waterfall. Human nature is to look at the waterfall, think about it, and watch it fall into a pool, then the stream running out of the pool, and on… and on.  Because we can’t see the origin of the water [hidden by the height of the cliff], we first become aware of, and take notice the water, as it pours over the cliff… it is the strange and rare person who ignores the waterfall and, instead, is concerned with the origin of the water?

The above dialogue suggests ‘Intuition,’ but mostly speaks of information.  The only part of the dialogue that is Intuition is the part that suggest the ‘origin of the water’.  Everything else is information.  To acquire and experience Intuition, one must climb up the mountain, and having achieved the level of the cliff, one must then trace the flow of the water ‘back’  to its source:  And another name for this particular process is Enlightenment [or maturation of the Soul].

Intuition is Knowledge, coming from Within oneself, and Knowledge ONLY exists Within oneself; hidden from the brain and ones physical senses.  You see, Intuition is as aspect of Spiritual Truth, while information is part of the illusion of life, whose primary nature is that of change.  And change is the natural nature of the illusion, while Intuition is a part of Reality, which is permanent, unchanging, and Spiritual in nature.

Intuition is an aspect of ones Soul tapping into Truth, which is held as a ‘complete’ concept: That is, all the elements of something, including all the elements which support and describe some basic Truth, are held together in a bit of Intuition that comes to ones Conscious Awareness as a huge Ah-ha.

Finally, Intuition is a bit of insight that is quickly lost… just as soon as ones Attention shifts from ones ‘Consciousness’ to ones brain [which is physical, and incapable of perceiving the invisible three-quarters of ones whole]. And, this describes the difference between the Enlightened individual, and those who are not.  Intuition is a tool of the Enlightened individual, and is a rare experience of those who are not Enlightened [or not Spiritually Evolved].


Brother James

What is Intuition?