What is Karma… Really?

The term “Karma” is the simple way to refer to one of the primary principles of Life laid down by  God,  when the Creation was first established.  And, no Mystic has ever attempted to state when the Creation first began?  But, we are told the Creation has been going on for ‘eons’  [an ‘eon’ refers to millions or billions of years].

So, when Archeologists discover ancient ruins that puzzle them as to how these ruins were created… [by what they “think” of as primitive people], these ‘scholars’ tend to not consider  that mankind has existed long before the dates proposed by various fields of science.

Would this common mistake of Egotism… still be made if modern science was to consider the Reality of Reincarnation?  Perhaps it would, but I can’t help but believe that if Man was more open to Eastern Mysticism, and the Reality that both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation exist,  ancient history might more easily be seen as a form of  “pre-history”… the evidence of which is simply so destroyed and erased by natural deterioration as to be almost invisible.

The Law of Karma is simply stated in this way:  As you sow, so shall you reap! And the term Karma is Sanskrit for “action”.  So, just like we find in physics, every action taken  by a Soul [via the MIND which is attached to that Soul], sets in motion an opposite and equal re-action.  The entire Creation is based on the duality of Yin and Yang, and the Law of Karma.

The Law of Karma applies to every living thing, which has a Soul… And, if it is living, it has a Soul?  So, the carrot has a Soul, as does the 1,000 year-old tree found in various places on Earth.  What science can discover of that which supports “life” amounts to elements of the physical plane, and nothing of that which sustains the “Life” of a thing.

The whole human being is composed of four simultaneously existing, and entirely separate vibrational planes, or dimensions.  Only one of these is physical, tangible, and capable of being perceived by the physical senses of Man.  This means that three-quarters are invisible!

Yang is the male out-going energy of Man, and Yin is the female in-going energy that is emotional in nature.  The energy of the MIND is emotional energy, by the way.  And MIND-level energy is invisible to the brain, and yet, the MIND is capable of feeding Delusional Thinking to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain  which the brain is unable to differentiate from its normal “thinking”.  I refer to this process as “DM=SI,” or Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity. Fritz Perls referred to this process by the name “Scotoma,” or “blind spot”.

The second prime principle and universal law of Life is that of Reincarnation.  And Reincarnation simply means the Soul [which is permanent, and immortal], does not die when the physical body dies. At death, the brain, body, personality, and psychology of a person dies, and the Soul [with MIND attached], and  in its Astral body, is “judged” regarding the Karma that person created or completed in that lifetime?  This is mentioned in the Bible in  Hebrews 9:27.

When this “Judgement” is completed, the Karma of that person literally designs the next lifetime of that Soul.  And a Soul can Reincarnate, or Transmigrate, depending upon what will serve the growth of that Soul best?  Transmigrate means incarnating into a lower life form than that of human being.  All “judgement” is for the “good” of the Soul, in terms of the growth and maturation of that Soul.  This, of course, takes place over countless lifetimes.

So, is there anything that Man can do that is not part of creating Karma? No, one is either creating positive, or negative Karma with every thought one entertains, or action one takes.

Peace, Brother James

What is Karma… Really?

What Type Person “abuses” Children?

In the whole of life, I believe the person who abuses, takes advantage of,  harms, or sexually uses a child, deserves a special kind of Hell… and fortunately, that special kind of Hell awaits all who harm children.

Of course I believe this because I have steeped myself in the mystical study of life for a great many years.  And, although what I am about to share is not well known in the West, it is quite well known in the East.

The Law of Karma is not some theory, it is a principle Law of Life, as designed by and put in operation by God. Along with the Reality of Reincarnation, the Law of Karma is defined this way:  As you sow [engage in a Karmic action], that exact same action will come back to you to experience in precisely the same way in which you engaged in the act of Karma in the first place.  This is the essential Truth of Life, and it matters not at all how long a period intervenes between your  action, and the return of your action?  And this often means several lifetimes after your action, that specific action will take place…. and you WILL experience the same precise action that you engaged in originally.

In fact, a single act of Karma can necessitate a Soul having to reincarnate… just to go through some act of Karma that is due that Soul.  He who would scoff at this, may do so, but the fact remains … every act of Karma MUST BE EXPERIENCED BY THE PERSON INITIATING THAT ACT.

So. if you are an adult homosexual, and you seduce a child, convincing that child that he/she is a homosexual, then that same thing will occur to you in some future lifetime.  This is the Reality of Karma in action.  No one eludes the Law of Karma.  It is an Absolute fact of Life.  Actually, only a fool denies the Law of Karma.

I mention this, hoping to encourage some restraint upon those who would “test” the Law of Karma?  No one, and I mean, absolutely no one escapes the Law of Karma. Every action taken WILL result in that  exact same action occurring to oneself.  If not in this very lifetime, then in some future lifetime.

A word to the wise should be heeded, but it seldom is.

The type of person who would abuse a child? Well, oddly… Islam teaches such abuse, then all people who lack Conscience are prone to do so, and of course, all people who are godless, or lacking Consciousness, like the Intelack type individual.

Peace, Brother James

What Type Person “abuses” Children?

We Souls Change…

We Souls

This illustration depicts the older Soul that is Enlightened, not just a Soul that has lived a number of lifetimes as a human being.  Because… it is quite possible to have lived a number of lifetimes and NOT BE ENLIGHTENED, and not be a human being.  Do not be naive in thinking that all the animals you see have always been animals… or conversely, all the people you see will not ‘transmigrate’ into the forms of animals in future lives.

The Ladder of Life, in other words, goes up as well as it goes down!  The ‘key’ is for a Soul to continue to successfully convert negative Karma into Consciousness.  Rather than get too involved in negativity, attachment, or in things not ‘up-lifting’ of one’s Soul,  and thus lose ground, or move the wrong direction on the Ladder of Life.

Also, the label ‘New Human Being’ in the illustration refers to the Soul that is being born as a human being for the first time.

What the West tends to miss [ignore and deny] is the fact that a new born child is not necessarily a new human being!  Most human beings, in point of fact, have been a human being before, and this means these Soul was successful in their last lives as a human beings… because they “earned” another birth as a human being… This is not always the case with people… especially those who “act” like animals.

That is, every living thing has a Soul.  The Soul of a thing is what gives that thing life. All living things require Souls in order to operate. And the goal of every Soul [whether recognized or not] is to slowly climb the Ladder of Life as it matures [by completing Karma, and thus, creating C’etc, (or the Virtues of Life)… which is the Purpose of Life].

Life is therefore a “process,” and all Souls that have committed to the cycle of life and death, are part of that process.

Reference: The Path of the Masters, by Julian Johnson, available in most libraries.

Peace, Brother James

We Souls Change…

Mystical Insights…. #2

Before we continue, I feel obliged to point out something rather important about this series that is most difficult to convey in words alone.  So, Let us begin this series with our first quote, which just happens to relate to my point about the Esoteric [or invisible] in Life.

Source:  Light on Sant Mat, Written by Mararaj Charan Singh.

There is a difference between mind and the mental apparatus.  Mind is not to be judged quantitatively. Accumulated knowledge or tendencies in previous lives come to a head and make a man a genius. Those who have come up from lower lives and have accumulated lower tendencies inherit inferior mental apparatus and become idiots.  The background in both cases is that of karmas.

This quote, to begin with, speaks of the simultaneous operations of multiple and separate dimensions of Man.  The “mind” of course refers to the MIND realm of Man, which is composed of two energies the brain cannot perceive.  But the phrase “mental apparatus” speaks of a combination of the operations of the MIND realm, and that of the physical brain… and something more, which is the separate operation of ones karma — and the operation of ones karma’s overrides everything else… but the process is 90% invisible.

Mind is not to be judged quantitatively.  This refers to a subtle point, wherein the “Accumulated knowledge or tendencies in previous lives come to a head and make a man a genius.  And this can ONLY happen over lifetimes, and cannot occur in just one lifetime.

And, to comprehend the above, one must maintain an awareness that the author of the quote is referring to the Law of Karma and Reincarnation.  Which means that  Accumulated knowledge must be accumulated over lifetimes, not just in one lifetime. So the assumption of the author is that the reader is aware of the fact we Souls live multiple lifetimes.  And that by engaging in, and eventually completing Karma, one benefits from such activity by gaining knowledge.

Those who have come up from lower lives and have accumulated lower tendencies inherit inferior mental apparatus and become idiots.  In this sentence, the speaker is telling us the major determinant in deciding the personality and character of a person, is the nature of the Karma that person has engaged in… and has not as yet completed.  This suggests, of course, that when we encounter a person who is lacking in qualities we refer to as competent, capable,  responsible or honest… [or acting like an idiot].. this is a person who has not [as yet] acquired such virtues by completing the Karma he/she has accumulated.

In other words, by assuming that the people we meet in life are living the [single lifetime Christians mistakenly believe that Man is limited to], they are are often confused by the lack of character and disturbed personality a person may possess… [since that person, like us, only has one life to live…what has that person done to be like he is]?

We then look at the parents of that person, or the environment of that person to try and comprehend what is causing that person’s personality or behavior?  It rarely occurs to most people that the person is simply working out the karma he or she has accumulated in one or more past lifetimes!

My point about the Esoteric [unseen and invisible] aspects of life is that LIFE must be studied as extending over many lifetimes, not just one lifetime. Both education and competent psychotherapy must take the Reality of Life into account if… they are to be useful and relevant to our lives?


Brother James

Mystical Insights…. #2

Important message from my new book Basic Psychology 101…

Everything in the Creation is in support of the on-going Spiritual Evolution of we Souls. And the illusion of life on this Earth plane depends upon the nature and inclination of each Soul as to how quickly a Soul “learns” the lessons of evil?
Every act of evil sets in motion a particular bit of Karma, and that bit of Karma draws down the amount of Spiritual Energy of ones Soul, which is used to support “all the Karmic activity involved in the exploration of that bit of Karma].
In other words, and quite literally, evil uses ones own Spiritual Energy [the only Energy capable of creating phenomena] in the thoughts, actions, and Karmic activity surrounding the exploration of evil.
No wonder then that Christ and all Saints, Masters, and Enlightened individuals warn us of the danger inherent in engaging in evil!!!
Quite literally, evil destroys ones Spiritual Energy. Unless ones Soul finds a way to take back its own Spiritual Energy.

Important message from my new book Basic Psychology 101…

Regarding Forgiveness…

The concept of forgiveness is a fairly strange concept in that “to forgive” someone has no impact upon that person [well, it depends upon the person], but forgiveness has a great impact upon oneself, if one is open to receiving it?

The habit of people is to ask someone to forgive them, and when the person says yes, they forgive them, then many people “hear” the forgiveness of another with their ears [which means they hear the forgiveness as part of their brain and hearing] but they fail to forgive themselves at an emotional level Within themselves.  And unless you take another’s forgiveness to heart [forgive oneself as part of an emotional process], then the whole process is an intellectual process, which has no real impact upon ones repressed ‘guilt’.

You see, guilt for doing something evil, is closely monitored by the Law of Karma, and it is not possible to do something to someone who does not deserve what one is doing… but what I just said is part of the Reality of Life, and not part of what any of us can know.  So, when we do something evil,  the only part of what we are doing that impacts us… is that one’s Soul is following the dictate of ones MIND, and in doing so… one is momentarily turning ones face from God.  And I venture to say you have not thought about your actions in this way before?

Quite literally, it is not possible to be focused on God, or ones own Spirituality, and engage in an evil act. This is an impossibility.  We have one Attn Aspect of Apapsyche, and it can only focus on one dimension of oneself at a time.

This is the either-or aspect of life, where each Soul has a constant choice between good and evil [if our Karma allows such choice, that is].  If we can actually make a choice, then the wise person chooses good,or God over evil. But since the reason one is on this Earth plane is to do Karma, much of the Karma we do is “destined,” and we do not have a choice in the matter.  And let me share a few words  about ones life being “destined”.

At the close of each lifetime, ones Soul goes to a ‘judge,’ on the Astral plane, and ones Soul and judge go over how well one did working though the Fate Karma ones Soul designed for ones just completed lifetime.  So, ones Soul and this judge evaluate how well one did, and decide what one needs:  Either to visit some Hell [where ones MIND is taught to avoid a certain Karmic activity as part of its re-education], or ones Soul goes to some Heaven for rest and relaxation?

And before leaving the evaluation, ones Soul designs a new Fate Karma for its next lifetime.  And about the time ones MIND is re-educated, or ones stay in Heaven is over, ones next lifetime is about ready for one to initiate.

On Earth, ones new mother and father are about to have sex, and that sex will result in your birth, and you must be on Earth in your Astral form at the time of sex, so that you can initiate your own birth by giving “life” to the union of egg and sperm. Then you return to the Astral region for a short stay while the fetus forms, and at a point, your Soul enters the fetus and remains until your actual birth.

So, the primary challenge of forgiveness is for you to forgive yourself… not for some evil action, but for turning your face from God, and thus denying God for the time you were engaged in an evil action.  And in terms of Karma, in doing the evil action, you obligate yourself for that exact same action to be taken against yourself in either this lifetime, or in some subsequent lifetime.  And of course, the Law of Karma is an Absolute Law.  And, no one mocks or avoids the Law of Karma.

So, forgiveness is actually you acknowledging the fact that you chose to do some evil act, and in doing so, you denied God. And anytime one denies God, that creates great pain within ones ‘heart’.  So deep grief is the natural way of erasing the residue of ones Karma, held as intense emotional pain within ones MIND.  This is the forgiveness we desperately seek. Each bit of Karma is a dissociated bit of ones own Spirituality… held in the form of that Karma. It is Grace when one is enabled to convert repressed Karma into some bit of Truth, that is then stored Within ones Apapsyche [as Knowledge].

If you do not experience an intense and painful grief Within yourself, you can assume your forgiveness of yourself is an intellectual exercise… helpful, but it has not erased the intense guilt from Within your MIND.

I hope this was helpful.


Brother James

P.S.  If you are a therapist, you might have an interest in reading about “the secret of competent Psychotherapy,” here.

Regarding Forgiveness…

What lies behind “desire”?

Have you ever thought about what causes ‘desire’ ?

Or, have you ever considered the paradoxical problem of once a desire is fulfilled, another almost always finds its way to our thoughts?  Is it not peculiar that until we can identify a desire, it can’t be found by use of our known senses?  Could this phenomenon be the reason so many have concluded [like B.F. Skinner] that there are no desires Within us… only bone and tissue? And that desires are therefore simply stimulated within our brains  by what we see outside ourselves?

Sort of like we are zombie dongs absent creativity, desire, achievement, etc., until we develop a craving to do, be, or have what someone outside of us has, is doing, eating, or being?  To imagine such a thing is what a particular type of person does.  A person whose life is spent in his or her brain, thinking about things.  This type of person is also lacking in emotion, imagination, playfulness, and very often the ability to see the absurdity of life…

One of the most difficult challenges faced by parents is teaching young children not to laugh at things that are very amusing… but by laughing, those who are experiencing these amusing things are embarrassed.  And about the time a child learns not to laugh at that which is amusing, puberty has set in, and suddenly there is nothing  the youth experiences that is funny. Isn’t this peculiar, and at the same time sad?

The bottom-line source of desire is the Soul’s great desire to return to God.  This force is converted by the MIND [which actually fears Spiritual Energy] and thus interprets this Energy as having to do with something outside of Man.  So, the habit of casting about outside of oneself to find something to desire… comes from a need of ones MIND to prevent one from becoming aware of the Spiritual dimension hidden Within oneself.  And this habit becomes a way of life for almost everyone.  We view ourselves based on what we see outside of ourselves, and how close to, or different from what we see is how we evaluate [judge] ourselves.

The healthy person doesn’t really care what others are wearing or doing, but how do we differentiate the healthy person from the very insecure person who dresses differently from others to be recognized?  Perhaps it’s a matter of degree of difference, and how dedicated one is to being different?

But back to desire.  At the stage just above the Spiritual stage, there is the Law of Karma stage, and this is where ones MIND operates in fulfilling the Fate Karma ones Soul designed for this lifetime.  So, along with urges to seek God [which ones MIND interprets as a need to experience sex, or go fishing, or buy a new hat],  one also has urges that are intended to drive one toward fulfilling the Karma one has designed for this lifetime.  And unknown to most in the West, at the same time your Fate Karma is driving you toward someone with whom you have Karma, that person’s Fate Karma is driving them towards you.

And, believe it or not, this is true for everyone you will exchange energy with throughout the day.  Even you and I have some Karma.  I am writing this for those who read it, and each reader will take from this writing exactly what he or she needs to complete what Karma lies between us.  And I thank you for this, as reducing Karma is the primary way to advance ones Consciousness, or Spiritual Evolution.

To “see” desire as merely a nudge toward completing ones Karma is not very exciting, perhaps?  But the nearer one comes to viewing life as this, the easier life becomes.  And the less hold ones desire has upon oneself.


Brother James

What lies behind “desire”?